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  1. So... I know Original Stormtrooper has had mixed reviews on here, but has anyone considered their mannequin for display and storage of your armor? Mannequin Or do you have other alternatives, or do you just put yours in a bag or closet and don't display it? The attractive thing about the Original Stormtrooper option to me is the fact that it's in the standard trooper pose holding the blaster.
  2. Sandtrooper Loop mp3 moved to here

    So I'm using TKTalkie. I think I've read in the tutorials that the sound files for it need to be WAV, is that correct?
  3. Gattaca, who is on the 501st forums I think? PM me for his email address. I'll message him to see if he's ok with me posting it publicly here.
  4. I thought there was a plugin you can download and see photobucket? It worked for me.
  5. Received my Electrobinoculars kit. Any tips for drilling the lens parts out or more importantly installing glass lenses into said sockets once I'm done drilling?
  6. RS Propmasters Sandtrooper

    That totally makes sense because this past week has been 'snowtrooper week'. So now I understand what they meant by that. Thanks for the insight! Does the big brown box require a signature for delivery?
  7. Electrobinoculars

    Flat white and weathered afterwards is what I would think. It's hard to tell the difference between flat white/egg shell and light warm grey in pictures online (especially when many people have weathered theirs too).
  8. RS Propmasters Sandtrooper

    Is the Fullers something you apply once (so get it right), or is it something you apply periodically before troops?
  9. RS Propmasters Sandtrooper

    Thanks! I'll do it. If I'm reading correctly, if I ever want to go SWAT don't I have to approximate the weathering pattern on a specific screen Sandtrooper character?
  10. Electrobinoculars

    Are the electrobinoculars flat white in color? I have a kit on the way and I'm prepping for a build. It's keeping me busy while I wait for my armor.
  11. RS Propmasters Sandtrooper

    Waiting *impatiently* on my armor. Not many here have done a full commission, so I'm unsure of how the process works. In other words, am I in a queue for most of the 6 to 8 weeks and then they build towards the end? Is it being built now and it takes them time to do it as they get time from their other projects? Will they post a status update to my 'Processing' order status when they actually start building? Will I receive some photos of the build in progress? I haven't emailed them since my measurements. I don't want to wear them out. lol
  12. RS Propmasters Sandtrooper

    I think that's what I'll do for sure. The RS pack will get me approved and busy Trooping. I can work on the SWAT pack as a hobby going forward.
  13. RS Propmasters Sandtrooper

    Thank you! That is very helpful. I think I'll start slowly assembling the parts to build one. The smart thing to do (I think) is to build a different pack variant as listed in the approved packs. I can use the RS Propmasters pack when I want that style, and I can use the one I build for advancement and sometimes when I want to change up packs.
  14. RS Propmasters Sandtrooper

    Would the woodman radio fit on the backpack I've commissioned from them? Since it's bigger would it look out of scale for the rest of the backpack they build for my commission? I can certainly ask via email. They've been pretty responsive and was willing to add on an additional pauldron for me.