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  1. Plainsrunner

    Greetings from Mimban

    Thanks man! Did you first paint the kit in gloss white to be shiny as if you were building a TK instead of a Mimban?
  2. Plainsrunner

    Greetings from Mimban

    Hey Thomas! I have a kit inbound from Jim! What did you use for your weathering? I'm a bit surprised we don't have more Mimbans, but it seems they are few and far between.
  3. Plainsrunner

    Where did the reference photos go?

    No you have it correct Fraulein
  4. Plainsrunner

    Where did the reference photos go?

    There was a whole series of photos of different troopers with their pouch and backpack combinations (and weapon combos). It was useful in a pinch.
  5. Plainsrunner

    Nagging FRUSTRATING problems with audio and Helmet

    Holy cow! Sorry about your helmet! I'm not sure about good prices on replacements... I do know that Troopermaster and RS Propmasters make really good helmets. Have you solved the feedback issues? That was the main problem I had with mine. Constant feedback.
  6. Plainsrunner

    Where did the reference photos go?

    I was looking on the main front page where we used to have all of our reference photos, but I don't see them anymore. Were they moved?
  7. Plainsrunner

    Repair advice

    Ordered. Looking forward to getting this armor back in shape for troops next month. I also need to finish my other costumes, so while I'm waiting on that to come in I'll work on those. lol
  8. Plainsrunner

    Repair advice

    Thanks for the help guys! I've ordered some devcon. For the scrap ABS -- I don't have any. Do you think just buying a couple extension strips from trooper bay would work both for the splints and the paste? https://trooperbay.com/abs-plastic-extension-strips
  9. Plainsrunner

    Repair advice

    So I've had my first major wear damage to my armor. It's worse than a crack unfortunately. It occurred on the lip under my top breast plate (between top and bottom front torso pieces). Anyone have any suggestions on how to address this? Can it be addressed? Do I instead need a replacement piece?
  10. Plainsrunner

    Merch Runs- MEPD still waiting?

    This has partially quenched my thirst for more MEPD. Still waiting on that badge though......
  11. Plainsrunner

    Merch Runs- MEPD still waiting?

    Holy crap that looks really nice. ORDERING!
  12. Plainsrunner

    Merch Runs- MEPD still waiting?

    Wait a sec....WHAT??? A new PO coin?? How did I miss this?
  13. Plainsrunner

    Merch Runs- MEPD still waiting?

    So we've had a fairly long drought in merchandise runs here of late. I check every day but it's been dead silent over in the Merch sub forums.
  14. Plainsrunner

    Greetings from Mimban

    Looks fantastic!
  15. Plainsrunner

    TD-71112 Tour of Duty Log

    Ah ok! Nevermind then. You are well acquainted with wearing these things. I love the TD. I've got other costumes in the works but this will remain my favorite I'm sure!