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  1. Plainsrunner

    Nagging FRUSTRATING problems with audio and Helmet

    Trying out a iX throat mic. It seems to drastically reduce the feedback, but it makes my voice sound muddy. I believe that's tolerable though since it kinda gives me the sandtrooper sound even before the TKTalkie changes it. More tests to come.
  2. Plainsrunner

    trooperbay v trooper1

    I love my trooper1. I also love my RS, which is trooper1....so I double love trooper1.
  3. Plainsrunner

    Merch Runs- MEPD still waiting?

    It's ok! I'm TOTALLY elitist!
  4. Plainsrunner

    Thanks RS Propmasters!

    After my field pack frame cracked last month I contacted RS since I’d only had the pack for about 60 days. They had me send it to Woodman, repaired it, and I just got it back in. Looks fantastic! I cant recommend RS Propmasters enough! They have been fantastic start to finish and afterwards!
  5. OMG that’s fantastic. Don’t make me want to try the impossible having just finished my other blaster. Lol
  6. Plainsrunner

    TD-92698 "Plainsrunner" Tour of Duty

    I’m aggravated enough to try a throat mic. Bought a used one. Waiting for it to arrive now.
  7. Plainsrunner

    TD-92698 "Plainsrunner" Tour of Duty

    Dixie Derby Girls Star Wars Night, Huntsville Alabama on 7/21/2018 I'm still struggling with the audio when it need it to be loud enough to hear in crowds. The McWane center was quiet enough that people could hear me. So I still have some work to do on this end. I'm going to work on this in earnest for the next several weeks when I have no troops on the radar screen. Pics! (my favorite is when they let us into the security room/surveillance center to oversee things) My wife is also in these -- she's working on her Iden Versio and hopes to get approved within a few weeks. Also: Field Pack is still undergoing repairs so is not pictured.
  8. Plainsrunner

    Out of helmet head cover/hat

    Still need a small patch for a boonie hat. I'm seriously needing one of these.
  9. Plainsrunner

    Merch Runs- MEPD still waiting?

    I have to agree with Badbatch. We are even doing new merch runs on the garrison level in Alabama. MEPD seems to be bringing up the rear right now. Let's get the merch runs going again.
  10. Plainsrunner

    Bapty from a real Sterling project

    Thanks brother! The only salve that healed my soul after losing that auction was an exceptional 4 hour troop Sunday where my audio was working and we got to wander all over a science museum interacting with people. That helped! I'm still upset though. It's the fact that they are never for sale that hurts. I mean if I just moved on to another auction it wouldn't be bad -- but there are none to move on to!
  11. Plainsrunner

    Nagging FRUSTRATING problems with audio and Helmet

    I used Velcro to secure a foam strip on my chest piece to buffer the sound waves from travelling back down to the speaker. It seemed to work better that way. I also moved the mic a little bit away from my mouth in the helmet because it seemed like my voice was bouncing around in the helmet back into my mic (not sure if that also causes feedback or not). Im going to explore the an plate solution now. I wish they would advance amp tech to be smaller/thinner. That would solve a bunch of problems.
  12. Plainsrunner

    Bapty from a real Sterling project

    On a lighter note -- I did one other finishing touch to the blaster: And I trooped with it. It was fantastic.
  13. Plainsrunner

    Bapty from a real Sterling project

    I got up at 4 am and tried for that one. Missed it by 5 bucks. My hangup was trying to do currency conversion in my head. I bid what I thought was my max bid with 15 seconds left and someone popped me by $5. I scrambled to convert and enter and lost it. I've literally been mourning the loss of that auction since it ended.
  14. Plainsrunner

    TD-92698 "Plainsrunner" Tour of Duty

    McWane Science Center Birthday Bash 7/15/2018 The first thing you will notice is that I don't have my field pack! It's being repaired at the moment by Imperial engineers. Secondly, this was the first troop where I was asked to sign an autograph. Not easy in the helmet! Lastly -- this was my first troop with my Bapty blaster made from a real Sterling. It's heavy but not unbearable. I was able to do about 4 hours with 1 break. This was the most fun I've had on a troop. People were excited to see us, the temperature inside was comfortable, there was a lot of stuff to play around with in the museum (it's a hands on interactive museum), and my communications were finally working right!
  15. Plainsrunner

    TD-92698 "Plainsrunner" Tour of Duty

    Magic City Con in Birmingham Alabama. I FOUND THE DROID! Second pic: Wife and daughter posing with me.