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  1. Agreed! Also I think if there is a Level 3 for this, it will definitely be the two guys that toss Han into the pit. That would mean a lit up E-10 and trying to replicate the weathering patterns.
  2. Ok so upon more viewings this weekend, observations for the command: 1. Looks like some use E-10s, some use R1 E-11s 2. The E-10s all appear with lit electronics 3. The E-11s do not appear lit 4. I still maintain that the predominant configuration is without backpack. There are just two or three troopers with them - likely communication officers 5. The two predominant featured troopers have E-10s, no pack, and the E-10s have lit electronics on their blasters side note for trooping realism: They do NOT have static bursts when they talk.
  3. Ok I watched it through again in slow motion. My findings: 1. I see numerous Mimban troopers carrying what APPEAR* to be E-11 blasters, and you can infer that they are R1 versions even though you don't see a good look at them. 2. The two main Mimban troopers that take Han to the beast are carrying E-10 blasters -- the same that the mudtroopers carry. Additionally -- these blasters have visible electronics (lights) 3. There IS a DLT, but it's being carried by a Mudtrooper, NOT a Mimban TK. He is walking toward the camera and spins it flipping the barrel down and the stock up. I need another set of eyes on the background Mimban TKs to verify that they are actually carrying E-11s. There is ZERO doubt that the main two featured guys are carrying E-10s though.
  4. I thought I saw a DLT. I’ll go back and watch this evening and take a close look.
  5. Oh right! I didn't even think about the blaster because it's not required for approval (as all weapons aren't). Probably needs to be a standard E-11 with the R1 E-11 code cylinders, or a DLT-19 with an attached flashlight and sling. Correct? Or an E-10? Actually I'm unsure about the sling and flashlight requirement for the DLT. I think I saw one or two without those. Thoughts?
  6. So I found one thing I can correct: The ammo pouch came with stitching on the bottom for different sized magazines. I"m going to remove this stitching so that the inserted foam fills out the entire pouch. I'll post before and after photos once it's done.
  7. I found a photo indoors. My previous ones were taken in the glaring sunlight. lol Oh! and I have the ammo pouch. I need to separately take a picture of it (you can see it below):
  8. As for weathering — I can easily add more if the deployment officers believe I should. However, not all the troopers on screen are as dirty. The clearest shot is the promo shot above, but I poured over screen freezes of the movie trying to strike a balance. I hate over weathered costumes no matter which ones they are. The plash looks cleaner in these stupid iPhone pictures than in person. There are mud splatters all over it in person. I honestly think they intentionally make the iPhone camera to clean up that sort of thing on people in auto processing for some reason.
  9. I get that about the OT troopers requiring a pack — but the question comes down to reasons for requiring the pack on the OT. Do we require it just to make it more difficult, or do we require it because it’s the predominant configuration in the movies? In the OT you very rarely see a Sandtrooper without a pack. In Solo you only catch glimpses of troopers with packs. In the OT the most famous scene (roadblock) features all troopers with packs. In Solo the predominant scene on top of Chewbacca’s cage features the more common TKs without packs. *shrug*
  10. The tricky thing about weathering is that it doesn’t show up as much on camera. If it’s showing up on camera it can be overpowering in person. It’s a tricky business. The picture you posted above is actually the guide I worked from for the build and weathering. Any reason why you support the need for a pack? There are so few examples of them in the movie that we wouldn’t even know what they should look like if not for having insider info that they were the same packs as they used in R1. And we have enough photos of them there. Swat will be difficult with them because the packs are just in so few shots and usually only partially seen.
  11. Looks like the ones with packs are the Mimban equivalent to radio operators embedded Inn WW2 units.
  12. That is an excellent question about the backpack. I just went and watched the Mimban scenes in slow mo. I counted about 20 Mimban Tks without backpacks to around 3 with. The backpacks look to be a very small percentage of the troopers. The two main featured Mimban Tks that take custody of Solo and "feed him to the beast" are without backpacks. However, I do understand that all the Sandies do have backpacks from the original movies -- but I think that's because it was more common for them to be wearing them than not. There were only a couple original Sandtroopers without packs -- and they seemed to be ranking officers. Interesting note: Upon watching in slow motion I caught a glimpse of one TK without a Plash! He walks briefly behind the main characters and he looked cleaner than everyone else.
  13. Couple side notes: A. The iphone camera perspective makes me look super short. B. The weathering makes it hard for details to show on pics. Like the buttons on the ab plate are some of my best detailed painting work. The weathering makes it look like a kindergartner painted them. Rest assured they are *perfectly* round on the buttons. C. I don't even know what pictures might be missing for consideration because there are so few of us Mimban TKs........
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