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  1. Tapatalk problem ?

    Is there a know problem why I can’t sign in through tapatalk. When I go to sign in it gives this huge list of problems. But I can sign in to FISD no problem.
  2. Battleship grey

    Anyone have a good site or place to buy battleship grey I need for my #5 pack build ? Tough to find it for plastic.
  3. Battleship grey

    Yes this does help thanks a lot. My Home Depot has a lot of greys but not battleship grey.
  4. Trimming MH/SB/Charlie Seed Trays

    Charlie is the Mann !!!
  5. How to: make a "Screen Accurate" Pack #5 filter

    I know this is Old and I’m hoping I can get a response, but what lids did you use ? I have flat black plastic. Although I much rather use the lids used here. I have the same 3” pvc pipe.
  6. Air Brush Weathering ?

    i figured it would look to uniform.
  7. Air Brush Weathering ?

    has anyone seen a air brush used to get the weathering desired on a sandy ?
  8. New AM Armor too white ?

    Ok so I’ve been told the new AM armor is too white for the sandy. You have to alter it somehow. Anyone have experience with dulling the white down any or was it not a problem.
  9. New AM Armor too white ?

    so forgive me for asking but is the dirty wash where you smear the brownish paint like the burnt umber all over and remove like panda trooper did in his video ?
  10. New AM Armor too white ?

    good info guys thanks. since im shooting for a swat level and i see what they go through ill wait on the clear coat lol.
  11. New AM Armor too white ?

    did you do a base layer of a duller white before you did the weathering ? Or just the matte clear coat after the fact ?
  12. New AM Armor too white ?

    so i guess after i build the armor ill give it a shot of some off white spray paint. Then ill do my weathering like pandatrooper did in his 4 part video. Unless anyone who did a newer AM kit has a better idea, my comlink is open.
  13. hello brother i am wondering was your helmet teeth cut out to 6 not 8 because of this builds requirements or was it a preference of yours ? having a hard time finding which helmets need 6 or 8 teeth cut out.
  14. Docking bay 94 captain

    So this is the swat build I am going for. I can’t find anywhere if it’s 6 or 8 teeth cut out. If anyone can direct me where I can find any details for this build I would appreciate it.
  15. Tapatalk problem ?

    Great thanks for the heads up brother. Further more are the emails for a response to a feed I started having problems also? I haven’t received any emails from my post.
  16. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Hello, well I’ve mastered the TK now on to the TD. Ordering my BBB this week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk