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  1. Tapatalk problem ?

    Is there a know problem why I can’t sign in through tapatalk. When I go to sign in it gives this huge list of problems. But I can sign in to FISD no problem.
  2. Weathering the pack

    So I’ll be going for the police officer after I weather my back pack. Anyone with a #5 have some good pictures they can share with me on theirs ?
  3. Posting pictures

    So I’ve tried Flickr and just uploading pictures from my library but keep getting file not allowed or it’s too big. I have a iPhone so any advise on how to make pictures be able to fit. Would really love to put a profile picture on here now I’m approved TD. Thanks in advance
  4. BAck pack shoulder straps.

    I attached mine with D rings like so. Haven’t trooped yet but will see soon enough.
  5. BAck pack shoulder straps.

    Ok so I have plenty of 3/4 and 1” nylon. But does anyone know where you can get come straps with some padding or what ever is used by the majority.
  6. Posting pictures

    Never mind. I found how you resize iPhones photos by emailing them to yourself.
  7. Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Robert Heck -10596 requesting 501st access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22544
  8. Air Brush Weathering ?

    has anyone seen a air brush used to get the weathering desired on a sandy ?
  9. Some minor problems.

    first Off I put my 501st I’d number in my profile and it still says I’m just a member not a 501st member. Is this due to I’m not TD approved yet but I do have my TK/Tb. Second I still am not receiving any email notification when I get a response. Thanks for any light on these situations.
  10. New AM Armor too white ?

    ok So for future people who buy a AM kit do the following. Get some 1500 grit wet sand paper. Go crazy and remove the shine! This removes the high gloss to the armor and leave it scratch free. I haven’t started to figure if I’m doing fullers earth or the acrylic paint method yet. Removing the high gloss was the first to do so the armor will look “weathered “ and not clean/Old. I credit my brother Charles with this one. Cheers mate !!
  11. New AM Armor too white ?

    Ok so I’ve been told the new AM armor is too white for the sandy. You have to alter it somehow. Anyone have experience with dulling the white down any or was it not a problem.
  12. Grout colors to use.

    Thank you. But after going to homedepot and seeing what grout costs, and then seeing on trooperbay enough to do a set of armor in fullers earth is 8$ I think I’m gonna go with TB lol.
  13. Grout colors to use.

    So I see people using grout like the fullers earth for weathering. Does anyone have a good colors to use I get one like sand and a darker for crevasses but if I’m missing anything please lend me your knowledge. I’m not liking the acrylic paint at all for my armor is AM and it’s very bright. So I’m thinking the grout or earth way might be worth trying.
  14. BAck pack shoulder straps.

    I am handy but those are nice ordered !!! Mepd you are on point today !!! Now let’s move along lol.
  15. BAck pack shoulder straps.

    I was just curious on width of the strap and such but knowing what you just said that helps thank you.
  16. Battleship grey

    Anyone have a good site or place to buy battleship grey I need for my #5 pack build ? Tough to find it for plastic.
  17. Battleship grey

    Whoop +1 for NaPa !!
  18. Battleship grey

    Yes this does help thanks a lot. My Home Depot has a lot of greys but not battleship grey.
  19. Trimming MH/SB/Charlie Seed Trays

    Charlie is the Mann !!!
  20. How to: make a "Screen Accurate" Pack #5 filter

    I know this is Old and I’m hoping I can get a response, but what lids did you use ? I have flat black plastic. Although I much rather use the lids used here. I have the same 3” pvc pipe.
  21. Air Brush Weathering ?

    i figured it would look to uniform.
  22. New AM Armor too white ?

    so forgive me for asking but is the dirty wash where you smear the brownish paint like the burnt umber all over and remove like panda trooper did in his video ?
  23. New AM Armor too white ?

    good info guys thanks. since im shooting for a swat level and i see what they go through ill wait on the clear coat lol.
  24. New AM Armor too white ?

    did you do a base layer of a duller white before you did the weathering ? Or just the matte clear coat after the fact ?
  25. New AM Armor too white ?

    so i guess after i build the armor ill give it a shot of some off white spray paint. Then ill do my weathering like pandatrooper did in his 4 part video. Unless anyone who did a newer AM kit has a better idea, my comlink is open.