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  1. Backpack build by Storm56

    The third is different, tow hole on eah side and a belt is sewn on it. Size 53 cm long and 9cm for the third part and 53 cm/ 10 cm for the others . In each side a metal part ... and a karrimor buckle part.
  2. Backpack build by Storm56

    A chance i not cut it!
  3. Backpack build by Storm56

    I am not english, difficult for me to maintain a conversation at the telephone, the seller will think "who is this guice?" xD If someone of Uk want to contact im to see if like seed trays are the original, we could all of us have original seed trays parts, and cheap I will make photo of the red parts, with dimension and type of fabric , not difficult to reproduced it
  4. Backpack build by Storm56

    Everything can be found , with time and patience
  5. Backpack build by Storm56

    Hello, i have start to collect part in order to build my back pack Got: -karrimor backpack -Safari 600 canteen - 2 mushroom caps (on the way) - tupperware radar dish (on the way) - Brexton tool / food box (on the way) Still looking for: - Original Shires Syphon - Original seed trays - Original Radio 75 Sonix ...