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  1. A Sandtrooper in the making...my WIP.

    I am currently making a new 3 button plate as well. I took a nice piece of scrap ABS for the plate itself, then traced circles the size I wanted. Stacked up 5 of them and sanded them as one. Glue the buttons on with ABS paste. Your method is probably much quicker. Good job
  2. A Sandtrooper in the making...my WIP.

    Looking good.
  3. Surprise wedding build

    She was unable to make it over today, so we will work on sizing the armor next week. I will most likely trim the arms between now and then. I had 20 minutes this morning, so I started on her bucket. The 1/4" tape is my best friend.
  4. Surprise wedding build

    I most likely will. I am waiting to get her opinion when she comes to help Monday. I think it looks better as one piece, it is more comfortable when it is seperated
  5. Surprise wedding build

    Thank you sir. Looking at differences for basic approval vs the higher tiers. Easier to buikd for it now, instead of doing it later
  6. Surprise wedding build

    Shins sanded, bottom trimmed, inner cover strip in place Ab and the butt/kidney trimmed and sanded I have not cut the butt/kidney plate. It is stillone piece at the moment, it may stay that way. Chest and back trimmed and sanded. I am hoping to have the thighs done by monday as well so we can start fitting the core and legs. I am off to look at the 3 buttons that fo on the ab. I cut And sanded them down the same way I did my 4 button plate for my TK armor.
  7. Surprise wedding build

    I got the shins trimmed and and inner strip glued last night. I will save the outer cover strips until Monday when she is there to help.
  8. Surprise wedding build

    Right now it's easy. Thickness of the knee plate is my first search
  9. Surprise wedding build

    Thank you sir. He is a TK, she wants to be a sandy. Ì'll help as much as I can. Troopers helping troopers, and they are good people.
  10. Surprise wedding build

    Hello. One of our garrison members is getting married. His fiance has trooped with us a lot and is wanting to surprise him at their reception with her own armor as an approved member. We have the kit,boots are ordered. I have the neck seal and belt taken care of. A couple garrison members went in and bought her pauldron as a gift since this is going to be a cool surprise. I will have to check the forums here because we still need pouches. I have helped 2 others with their armor builds, and currently have a TK with centurian award. We started off by marking the left and right parts for shoulder, bicep, forum, thighs, and calf. Then moved on to marking the return edge. I use 1/4" masking tape so we have a nice edge and dont have to eyevall anything or measure with a ruler. For trimming I always start at the bottom. Especially if you're new, mistakes are harder to notice and peopel normally dont stare at your feet