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  1. Cool thank you for the reply and recommendation. I'll definitely check it out.
  2. Thanks guys So I saw that I am missing a piece of my pack which is this part here. I'm guessing that will disqualify me from deployment.
  3. Anyone know we're I can find the particular part? My pack is missing this and not sure we're I can get one.
  4. Gotcha I do have a pack, want me to just attach a photo of it on my original post or make a new post with more additional pics?
  5. Joshua Scott requesting Sandtrooper access. I have Sandtrooper as a approved mepd costume. TK ID 48107 501st profile https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=24433&costumeID=2
  6. Joshua Scott User name Artinscott ID TK48107 Cloud City Garrison
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