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  1. How is the status of the CRL right now? Can we see the design again?
  2. Today is a realy warm day, nearly a summer day with 25°C in southwest Germany. Perfect conditions to take pictures outside. So at last some pictures of my helmet and the respiratory filters :
  3. Really cool Shawn! Now it looks like the colour of my backpack!
  4. My pack is maybe a littlebit to much green, but i can adjust this!
  5. Yes man, no one was talking about a gras green! And it is definetliy not the same grey as the shins habve!
  6. Never ever! I have played it on two different screens and it is always green! And on all pictures in the internet you can see it also! And i use for browsing another screen as for playing. Let us say in the CRL it can be variations from grey to green! Were is the problem?
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