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  1. You are welcome!
  2. How is the status of the CRL right now? Can we see the design again?
  3. Today is a realy warm day, nearly a summer day with 25°C in southwest Germany. Perfect conditions to take pictures outside. So at last some pictures of my helmet and the respiratory filters :
  4. And here are some more closer of my backpack:
  5. Hey Guys, here are some pictures from me
  6. Really cool Shawn! Now it looks like the colour of my backpack!
  7. OK, cool!
  8. My pack is maybe a littlebit to much green, but i can adjust this!
  9. Yes man, no one was talking about a gras green! And it is definetliy not the same grey as the shins habve!
  10. Right! that's what i was talking about! tank you!
  11. Never ever! I have played it on two different screens and it is always green! And on all pictures in the internet you can see it also! And i use for browsing another screen as for playing. Let us say in the CRL it can be variations from grey to green! Were is the problem?
  12. My shins are grey. But why should the backpack be grey? In the game has the pack a green colour! You can see it also on pictures in the internet! If you want a gray pack, we should definitely make additionally a green variant in the CRL!
  13. I have two different pictures. But i have a problem to laod the pictures from photobucket. They want to have 399$ per year. But i dont want to pay for that! Thats also the reason why all my pictures in the FISD are not longer available. Is there any other platform for free? Pictures in daylight i could make first on weekend, because after work its not bright enough.
  14. Hey guys, I have a picture from my armor. Maybe you can use it for the CRL