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  1. Acrylic paint is certainly good for some purposes, but being water based, it doesn't bond with the surface it's painted on. If you scrape your fingernail across any acrylic paint, it'll start to come right off. For the buttons and tube stripes, I would certainly use enamel paints. Much more durable.
  2. Curious to hear your thoughts and critique of the 850AW R1TK kit. Looking forward to seeing more of the build.
  3. Something similar happened with one of strider's threads on the pathfinders forums. He was able to re-link them to his new hosting address after we reached out to him.
  4. Troop #4 Date: 2019/6/01 Event: Bowie Baysox Baseball Team Star Wars Night Location: Bowie, MD
  5. That's going to be a tough one. Zap A Gap is cyanoacrylate and can be removed with acetone. Of course, acetone will also weaken and destroy ABS In the process, and that's not good. You might be forced to snap them off, then sand down the CA residue with increasingly fine sandpaper grits until it's smooth again.
  6. That's what I ended up using for my pack build. Really nice stuff.
  7. Expensive, but the listing has some great reference photos. https://propstore.com/product/star-wars-ep-iv-a-new-hope/stormtrooper-blaster/?fbclid=IwAR0Lff6saj_fy0KQXdRqVcssJ0OzwVTRAbofx9EuTYyq8SzI3IpYyx-srsU
  8. In addition to what was said above, I recommend you use devcon plastic weld to affix the plastic "splint" behind the crack. You want to chemically bond the splint for strength and gorilla glue or superglue won't do that.
  9. Thanks everyone and thanks for the review and feedback, MEPD team!
  10. Alright, here we go... Name: Corey DiPietro 501st ID: TD-48104 501st Profile: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=25443&costumeID=2 MEPD Forum Name: Chopper48104 Garrison: Old Line Garrison
  11. Ok, so I lied. One small final tweak...look what a friend sent me from the UK! (Being a non-501st member, he was very confused as to why I wanted a set of plungers from the UK, but he humored my request)
  12. Well, after killing my vision looking at dim and blurry screenshots, here's my final pack build. The overhead light glare unfortunately washed out the weathering, but it's there. Up next -- working through the Police Officer checklist and get things ready for submission.
  13. Found both size tupperware radar dishes for pretty cheap. Which one is generally considered "correct"? The larger one measures 5.25 inches/13.33 cm the smaller measures 4.5 inches/11.43 cm. I'm guessing the smaller one based off of the screencaps?
  14. I found these bottles at Target. They measure *almost* 4 inches in diameter, which corresponds with what Strider stated in his "found part pack build" thread. Seems like a better match, yes? I'll work on painting and fitting them as weather permits.
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