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  1. Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    TD-48104 requesting sandtrooper access! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=25443&costumeID=2
  2. Chopper's TD Build Thread

    And officially approved! Thanks everyone for their help on this build. (Also, time to change my profile picture ) https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=25443&costumeID=2
  3. Chopper's TD Build Thread

    Submitting to my GML today. Wish me luck!
  4. Chopper's TD Build Thread

    Thanks for taking a look, Hausi! Of the two adjustments you mentioned, adjusting the chest armor is a lot easier, so I'll get working on that first. Shouldn't be too bad, might need to punch some new button holes in the elastic though.
  5. Chopper's TD Build Thread

    Weekend progress. Any notes before I start weathering? (I know I still have to put the cover pieces on the belt and the ab armor )
  6. Chopper's TD Build Thread

    And here's some proposed trimming highlights...um excuse the crotch photo hah. Looks like my butt plate is riding up b/c the back of the thighs are too tall
  7. Chopper's TD Build Thread

    Alright some updated photos. Sorry about the selfie style shots. No one else is home right now. Took the tops of the legs down about an inch. Tried to stay along the original molded edge, but that may not be needed after I trim more so that I can actually walk. Didn't like the annoying fraying on my belt, so I swapped in a new one. Thoughts and feedback?
  8. Chopper's TD Build Thread

    Thanks Charlie. Yeah I saw that thread from the other week. I'm still trimming and adjusting things. Working on the tops of the thighs right now. I will probably have a progress photo later today.
  9. Chopper's TD Build Thread

    Sooo yeah. It's been a while putting this thing together. I've been dormant, but not entirely asleep. Here's where I'm at -- feedback and guidance is appreciated Obviously the tops of the thighs need to be trimmed and I've just got them taped on, so they're wonkily rotated a bit in the back. I also haven't attached the crotch strap yet, so some parts are just flopping around. I assume I should start by just taking the top edge down an inch and see how that fits? Is there a standard for how much gap there can be between the ab armor and the thigh? Now, I'm not a big person, so the chest plate seems huge on me. I can try re-shaping it a bit with hot water/heat if you think that's a good idea. The biggest issue for me is the kidney armor/ab armor overlap. It's about 3/4" and covers the part the extends on the kidney, above the L-shaped cut-out. Where am I allowed to trim on the sides of the ab armor/kidney armor? Here's a detail shot: Thanks for all of your assistance.
  10. Hah, yeah I wasn't planning on doing a SE trooper, more in line with what DarthStevius said about having an accessory for no-blaster events. That and it'd be something cool to have lying out during table time at cons. I actually talked to the garrison-mate that Charlie referenced and he's gonna try to print it for me. Thanks all for your suggestions
  11. Doopydoos has been out of stock on their binocs for a long long time. Does anyone have any other recommendations on where to find a decent set? I know the files are on thingverse, but I don't have a 3D printer. jcalus mentioned trooper 'Gattaca' casts some out of rubber resin, or at least he did back in Oct '17? 501st member 'Ollie' has a set in his etsy shop? Any others recommendations on the best place to go? Thank you!
  12. Chopper's TD Build Thread

    Thanks Hausi! More questions -- So, I put together my bicep armor. The right bicep (on the left side of the photo) fits together pretty cleanly. The left bicep piece seems mutated like a bad potato. I can get the left one to fit together sorta ok, but the odd angles don't make a flat surface for the cover strip. Do other folks just sand it down and throw a cover strip over it?
  13. Chopper's TD Build Thread

    So, I haven't made huge amounts of progress, mostly due to the cold weather. But a few things have been coming along -- With the exception of the tube stripes, the helmet is painted. My arm parts are mostly trimmed and glued on the top half of the arm. I had some questions though, before I did anything else -- Right now, the bottom portion is affixed with gaffers tape. Do I need to make the gap between my arm and the armor smaller? I don't have super huge arms, so I just wanted to check before I cut and glued anything else. Thanks!
  14. Chopper's TD Build Thread

    Hey, I appreciate the advice, since this was exactly the sort of guidance I was looking for. I ended up putting in an order with Trooper1 and blaster8266, so those are a few more items to check off of my build list. Thanks man, I may try this is the future, once I get more of my full build assembled. In other news, I've started trimming my arm and bicep armor and cutting cover strips for both. Seemed like the easiest place to start.
  15. Chopper's TD Build Thread

    Thanks Deckard and LoveMonkey for giving me some alternates to trooperbay. Much appreciated. I'll talk to Darman and blaster8266 for the neck seal and pouches. Happy holidays!