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  1. Chopper48104

    *done* TD-48104 Requesting Deployment

    Thanks everyone and thanks for the review and feedback, MEPD team!
  2. Alright, here we go... Name: Corey DiPietro 501st ID: TD-48104 501st Profile: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=25443&costumeID=2 MEPD Forum Name: Chopper48104 Garrison: Old Line Garrison
  3. Chopper48104

    Chopper's Alley Pack 4 Build

    Ok, so I lied. One small final tweak...look what a friend sent me from the UK! (Being a non-501st member, he was very confused as to why I wanted a set of plungers from the UK, but he humored my request)
  4. Chopper48104

    Chopper's Alley Pack 4 Build

    Well, after killing my vision looking at dim and blurry screenshots, here's my final pack build. The overhead light glare unfortunately washed out the weathering, but it's there. Up next -- working through the Police Officer checklist and get things ready for submission.
  5. Chopper48104

    Chopper's Alley Pack 4 Build

    Found both size tupperware radar dishes for pretty cheap. Which one is generally considered "correct"? The larger one measures 5.25 inches/13.33 cm the smaller measures 4.5 inches/11.43 cm. I'm guessing the smaller one based off of the screencaps?
  6. Chopper48104

    Chopper's Alley Pack 4 Build

    I found these bottles at Target. They measure *almost* 4 inches in diameter, which corresponds with what Strider stated in his "found part pack build" thread. Seems like a better match, yes? I'll work on painting and fitting them as weather permits.
  7. Chopper48104

    Chopper's Alley Pack 4 Build

    Did some rigging and attaching over the weekend. Here's where I'm at so far: Found a tupperware lid on ebay for only a few dollars, so I'm waiting on that to arrive for the radar dish. Do we know if this pack use the 4" or the 5.25" version? Also, for future updates and enhancements, what's considered the proper height and circumference of the bottles? If I'm going to walk around the drug store measuring shampoo bottles, I want to make sure I get the right one :)
  8. Chopper48104

    Chopper's Alley Pack 4 Build

    Thank you, Bigwam, for the clarification!
  9. Chopper48104

    Chopper's Alley Pack 4 Build

    For orientation, I was using this photo: I can move the radio up a bit, no prob at all. Thanks for that. Will the bottles still pass for Police Officer? I ask because several PO's have used Charlie's kit for deployment before?
  10. Chopper48104

    Chopper's Alley Pack 4 Build

    The trays are mounted. Just testing placement before bolting the big stuff in. Any feedback is welcome. Question -- should I trim down the mortar tube a bit? It seems long to me, but I know that angles and perspective can change how it appears on screen.
  11. Chopper48104

    Chopper's Alley Pack 4 Build

    Thanks everyone. One other detail I noticed while squinting at screenshots -- you can see the syphon rocking back and forth while the trooper is running. It must've only been affixed with a single bolt, leaving it free to move about? I'll likely affix mine more securely for trooping purposes, but I thought it was an interesting detail. I also noticed that there's no vertical tape on the other side of the lower seed tray. Interesting. Since my lab pipe has the smaller tubes glued into the ends, I'll likely end up sawing off the upper one to create the shorter pipe. Thanks for noting that detail, as well as the second piece of tape on the Sonix, @bigwam. The second piece of tape wasn't as clear in the screenshots. Now, off to the hardware store to buy more black paint!
  12. Chopper48104

    Chopper's Alley Pack 4 Build

    Hi everyone, so I've been slowly working on Charlie/Crashmann's Sandy Pack kit for a few months now. Fortunately, the holiday break and the weather have finally given me a chance to get some painting done. Here's where I'm at so far: Obviously, I haven't done a whole lot of assembly yet, outside of the Sonix and the Shires Syphon. I wear a black pauldron with my Sandy, so, before I submit my application for Police Officer, I was planning on making my pack into the "Pack 4" variety. Not just any Pack 4 though, I want to make the version seen in the alley, while the troopers are running to docking bay 94. This trooper: Reference images from alley door check, unfortunately poor lighting): Reference images from the docking back 94 fun run: I sorta love the twisted and junky looking piece of electrical tape holding the Sonix onto the seed tray. I also noticed a vertical piece of tape holding the lower trays together. Presumably there's one on the other side of the tray as well? I'm hoping to integrate these little details once assembly starts. More to come as the build progresses.
  13. Chopper48104

    TD-48104 "Chopper48104" Tour of Duty

    Troop #3 Date: 2018/12/02 Event: DC Candlelighters Pediatric Oncology Holiday Party Location: Inova Fairfax Hospital, VA
  14. My pack is still under construction, so I rigged up a shoulder sling that I wear under my armor. The pouch just attaches onto the sling.
  15. Chopper48104

    Rancor Hunters: New squad and arm bands

    That's a really clever ideas. I like it.