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  1. Marching with my brothers and sisters in my first parade. @ Richmond Virginia Dominion Christmas parade. The Empire always has the best floats. Crowed interaction was outstanding, so many high fives and smiles. It was a 3 mile march however, it went by quick.
  2. This trooper here is currently deployed with this exact pack. Sean, your work is top notch. I'm trying to get better pics taken, like action shots with my brother who is a photographer. What drew me to this pack is how it reminded me of the old radio packs the troops used in WW2; the grunt look which in my opinion what the trooper is all about. As well as my love for Rogue One. Hit Sean up if you need a pack guys
  3. Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    I got my TD approved today! TD44579 awaiting orders. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=23997&costumeID=2
  4. Yep, going to separate them tomorrow actually. Thank you all for the advice. Helped a lot
  5. Hello, I'm Noah from Garrison Tyranus, and have been getting together a kit over the past few months with the local help of some garrison mates. Here is my progress so far (pics below; helm and armor) * I still need to file the eye ports down some The kit is WTF. My biggest debate is determining the harness system which will hold everything in place. I'm 165-170lbs, 6'1". All I really care about is the armor staying on my body and not falling off; is there a preferred harness system? I plan to use velcro mainly (I have the industrial stuff from Lowes) , I'm not really attracted to snap buttons much at the moment. Any direction on where to go or recommendations would be appreciated.
  6. Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Noah Tye ID: 44579 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=23997&costumeID=23 Requesting 501st access
  7. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    BH44579 from Garrison Tyranus, working on TD kit currently. ~85% finished