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  1. Can anybody say what's the name of the spanish pouches is? the small one is the Spanish mauser (maybe 1896 rifle ) but when I search with the keyword Spanish pouch, I only get hits for the small one or links to the MEPD forum. so could it be that they aren't Spanish ones? Also they aren't for the same rifle I think because the magazines or loading strips would not fit in the 1896 rifle. Could be for a MG or MP What do you think...
  2. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    *done* TD-48104 Requesting Deployment

    Wow great paintjob!
  3. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    *ACTIVATED* TD-29185 Requesting Deployment #53

    Congratulations Andi
  4. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    *IN PROGRESS* TD-41233 Requesting Deployment

    I think you can overwork your strapping in a few points. Depending on the overall look then... Maybe the Abdominal, butt and kidney can be move a bit mor upwards, the chest and OII backplate then also. Handcuffs are for TKs, TDs don't make prisoners. What maker are the chest and backplate? Fingers crossed
  5. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    PO & SWAT Pics for Artwork

  6. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel


  7. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel


    Looking top notch! Fingers crossed for you mate
  8. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    Name of the Spanish pouches

    For now I have only figured out that the spanish Legion wear traditional a similar builded pouch at parades. Sadly this one is also wrong because to thick.. The spanish Legion was born 1920 and has use the typical weapons like the Spanish Army at this time. The search will go on
  9. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    Mystery pouch

    Not bad because of the stitches on the front but it could be a other version/other maker of this pouch. Or on screen we don't see the stitches. Do you have any measurements of the pouch you have find?
  10. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    *DONE* TD-77520 Requesting Deployment

    Looking good to me,the cable on the backpack doesn't match. Can you turn it to the other side so the cable and hole in the box is hidden? The soles of your shoes looks a bit thick. Do you have a close up picture of your tubestripes? Are there a strapping from the backplate to the chest at the sides? Your weathering is awesome and the Armour fits perfectly
  11. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    *done* Td22226 requesting deployment

    Well done officer!
  12. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    Help promote the MEPD!

    My thigh is squeaking and the jawa at the library felt a bit disturbed by it.
  13. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    *DONE* TD-16473 Requesting Deployment

    Looking realy good. Only the mesh inside the helmet could be wrong. I like the weathering overall and paintjob on your helmet
  14. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    Mystery pouch

    I had also the idea that it's not a simple pouch, it could be a double pouch with one lid like the bandolier here.
  15. Maybe I am wrong, I had search a lot these days for the origin of pouches and Bandolier. Sometimes the overview get lost..... Thanks for the hint
  16. Here is another close pic from a other scene. I think I have seen a similar one from the US army ww2 era... Maybe not. Haha...
  17. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    Mystery pouch

    Here is another picture who shows the pouch from a bit other angle. I had also searched a few days intense after it. Can't find it, but one day! I think the origin are the pre Ww1 era. Maybe a type of pouch, called cartridge box. There are some other thinks in ANH with that origin, like many jawa bandolier, holsters, waterbottles, all things that weren't custom build but some of them are real rare.
  18. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    Clearance Proceedures

    Hey dude, keep cool, make this few pictures and all will be fine. No need to be dramaqueen
  19. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    Clearance Proceedures

    Can't find your request for PO, can you link it please?
  20. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    Rancor Hunters: New squad and arm bands

    Looking good dude Hope I can wear mine soon with you all.
  21. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    *DONE* TD-34575 Requesting Deployment

    Hi Greg, well done! Nice presentation of your armour, solid work!
  22. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    *done* Td22226 requesting deployment

    Looking good :)some minor changes and you are on spot
  23. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    *DONE* TD-29185 Requesting Deployment

    Well done Andy! Congratulation and welcome to the dusty planet.
  24. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    MEPD Photo Gallery Reference Guide

    A bit messy with many double pictures but with little changes in contrast for showing something better. Feel free to use for ur armorbuild weathering. Best to use when you download all because the preview pictures online are cutting of the half picture. little-trooper.de/galerie/#15234802948000
  25. Markus ' tiny ' Zeitvogel

    *DONE* TD-29185 Requesting Deployment

    Hi Andi, The tubestripes are to low / to far out on the tubes. Do you shorten the plastic under the brow trim? I believe putting the faceplate in a steeper angle would be a better way for the high brow look, but your helmet is good anyway. The chest could be overlap the abdominal a little bit more. On the last pictures after the helmet in detail, the armor is on a puppet or else, right? I would bring down the chest a little bit, not to much. And a piece of elastic sticks out under your chest The gap on your right, how big it is? Can you put your forearms a little bit up to the biceps, so there will not be so much black anymore? I miss a pouch on your shoulder, I believe there should be one if you carry a backpack. What type of Syphon is this? Overall the armourbuild is pretty cool. I like the weathering