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  1. Good job with your armour, I would do more dirt on the canvas, it looks real white.
  2. There is a pinned post how to introduce your armour. Good luck trooper Btw only the SE ROTJ Sandies wear a binocular
  3. In mind of bigwams theory of a small TD I remember this offscene picture.. It was at the last sandtrooper scene when we see the falcon fly away from tatooine... Sadly this trooper isn't seen in the film then The chest contact the ammobelt, the buttplate overlaps the thighs and the codpiece is on the half of the thighs http://www.abload.de/img/q8k0m.jpg
  4. I like the paintjob of the helmet and the ears are also top notch I also would change the gio style bottle against a real gio style bottle or a replica bottle with the right shape. Keep on target
  5. This is the small spanish pouch, a Mauser pouch. The belt at the other picture should be on this position because a mistake.
  6. Back with this pictures Tha wide shape of the pouch looks to me like a cartridge box or a double pouch. Cartridge boxes have the closing rivet normally at the bottom. Not on the front, some double pouches have these but this pouch looks not like its splitted in two pouches. At the side to the backpack there is a rivet in the lid, at the side to the front there is no rivet. The side shape looks a bit like a triangle. I hope that helps to find the original pouch, sadly I think it's a overworked pouch... Best regards
  7. Thats a mix of photos, Is there actually the sticker on the shoulderbell and Wich pouch did you wear at your belt? looking good, I like it
  8. I would cut the brow rubber a bit more slim, it looks to high to me And I would shorten the strapping from Abdomen to the chest, maybe make the chest to back strapping a bit longer. And I would change the bottle against a giostyle or similare one. Do you have the 2 poppers in the butt-plate? Overall a nice build
  9. That was a quick one, congratulation Paul :)i like your armor much!
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