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  1. im looking to make a cane/walking stick for a 501st member that has difficulty walking. I was originally thinking of a light saber handle on a lucite road but after contacting a couple of lucite makers im worried about flex in the rod. so im thinking of going in another direction if i cant find a suitable material . the cane needs to be adequate for up to 250lb
  2. im thinking it might make a good trading card
  3. i have a pack,just wasnt wearing it in this shot
  4. just playing around with photoshop a little
  5. tropped RTX in Austin on friday. had a great time putting fans in the bucket really did a good job of keeping me cool next up installing some kind of intercom system
  6. i cant post any replies to any of the threads in the supply depot if i try to post thru tapatalk it says im not authorized to reply to any threads in that forum
  7. just approved as a sandtropper td-62418
  8. requesting sandtrooper access ti-61418 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25179
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