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  1. SDB15

    TD 15115 is 10-41

    American Fork Diabetic Clinic Halloween Party. We arrested and interrogated the suspect, but decided to let him off with a warning.
  2. SDB15

    TD 15115 is 10-41

    1st Arrest: Diabetic Clinic Halloween Party, American Fork Hospital We were called out on a possible animal at large. Booking photos to follow.
  3. SDB15

    Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    TD-15115 requests access.
  4. SDB15

    Shoulder bell question

    They should be symmetrical as well as interchangeable. When in doubt, cut it too big and try it on until it matches a reference picture.
  5. SDB15

    TD in Progress

    I think I may be close. I'm not quite happy with the shoulder fit and may do some tinkering. I also need to do some work on the helmet interior. I set my phone to time lapse so I've got a lot of photos: https://goo.gl/photos/kVU2pNBJt6Bx4eAU9
  6. SDB15

    TD in Progress

    Ok, here is the first pass. I think I'm happy with how it all turned out. I may stop here or even go a little lighter on the legs.
  7. SDB15

    TD in Progress

    Thanks for the advice. I will keep it very light for my first pass and post photos before continuing.
  8. SDB15

    TD in Progress

    Ok, so partial success on my first attempt at weathering: The dark edge on the right side didn't work at all and the sanding on the flat surfaces looked terrible. This poor mask took some serious abuse in the name of experimentation. It wasn't all bad. I like the way the sanding under left eye turned out. My sand mix looks great and I'm getting the hang of getting the right consistency of paint (watering down using equal parts paint and water). I like the oil color (50-50 burnt umber and black with just a touch of ochre to lighten it) far less than the sand (40-60 burnt umber and ochre). I will use the oil mix sparingly and maybe only on the legs. The darkened edge didn't work very well, but the blaster burn is pretty cool. Things I learned: Weathering takes time and patience. The initial application of the paint does not matter very much, it is the wet paper towel pass that gives the texture. The paint needs longer to dry than you think before doing your dry paper towel (removal) pass. Sanding is highly technical and should be used very sparingly. You should use strokes in one direction only. Sanding on flat areas does not produce a good effect. The only places that should be sanded are the high exposed edges (see the left eye) and the recessed crevices where you want sand to build up (see the lower edge of the tears). Circular sanding motions do not look natural, even when a blaster burn is the intended effect. Sanded plastic will only take the first color that is applied. Subsequent passes won't do much. So here is my plan so far: Use the weathering approach from the left side as the first pass for the entire kit. Sand the left raised edge of the center of the chest plate using diagonal strokes from the corner, inward (same process as with the left eye). Use the dark oil mix on this area. Add an oil pass to the legs and work up with successively less on upper pieces. Do you see anything I'm missing? Any suggestions?
  9. SDB15

    TD in Progress

    Here's a link to the album while I troubleshoot: https://goo.gl/photos/kVU2pNBJt6Bx4eAU9 *Update: should be fixed now. Sometimes pictures will show up in the editor but the sharing settings aren't updated. I think I have the formula down now.
  10. SDB15

    TD in Progress

    I've made those changes, but haven't done another fitting. I also put a hard hat liner in the helmet and did some additional trimming to improve air flow. It is a new month, so I was able to buy paint. I'd like my weathering to be a combination of the following: To me, this is the perfect amount of weathering. It is dirty, but not overpowering or caked on. I bought yellow ocre and burnt umber. Do you think I'll be able to get this effect from those pigments? Or should I look for a tan as well? I really like what this guy did with the chest plate and pauldron. I'd like to add a couple of these grease spots, but I think I'll keep the grease off the helmet. I'm following the grease tutorial in the weathering board. I have a mask piece that was damaged in shipping, so I'm going to use it to experiment on. I started by hitting some of the raised edges with some sandpaper. I also went over the undersides of the eyes. Next, we'll see how the scratches pick up the paint (particularly, my grease spot pass). This isn't how I plan to do my actual helmet, but it'll hopefully give me an idea of how to get the result I want.
  11. SDB15

    TD in Progress

    Thanks! I see what you mean on the vocoder, but I'm not sure how to fix it at this point. Placing the rivet high made the belt look crooked. Should it have an angle on it?
  12. SDB15

    TD in Progress

    Based on those comments (thanks again) . . . To Do Raise thighs (reduce elastic 1/4", but save previous version) Round off ammo knee Taper right leg Add helmet chin strap Check tension on bicep elastic
  13. SDB15

    Junior MEPD badge stickers

    Let's try this again: https://photos.app.goo.gl/uJIaSaZQ0qcvppsp2
  14. SDB15

    TD in Progress

    I am way happier with the pauldron fit and foam padding in the forearms is helping keep them in place. The foam block on the back of the knee is helping with the thighs, but I may need even more padding. I also took the crown pad out of the helmet so it sits lower. Here's what I see (let me know if I'm headed in the right direction): Thighs need to come up a bit and need a bit more padding to keep them out of the way of the greaves. (as has been pointed out before, the right thigh may even need some additional trimming) Forearms may need to come up (less padding) (or should the biceps maybe come down? I like the mobility I have, I can touch the top of the helmet.) Left lens fog is bad. I bought some fans and have a USB power supply ready to go. Head mobility is very low (I know, you're shocked right? I thought I would be able to look down a little further. Thanks in advance for the feedback.
  15. SDB15

    TD in Progress

    New test fitting. I'll need help again identifying problems and then I'll put together my next ToDo list. Here's a comparison with last fitting.