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  1. The last thing I did was spraying it white. Still need to go in to do details
  2. johaneggink

    R1 discussion topic on the FISD

    That is AWESOME! Kyber patrol for me then!
  3. johaneggink

    3D Files for Field Pack - 3D Printing

    This is great. Is there a picture of all the sizes of the parts that still need to be made? Like how big are the bottles and the boxes?
  4. johaneggink

    Starting my first build

    And fitting the strap. Still need to fill areas and paint. But I like the overall look
  5. johaneggink

    Starting my first build

    DLT all glued together except for the stands
  6. johaneggink

    New Users, introduce yourselves here!

  7. johaneggink

    Starting my first build

    I thought it was ABS so I stayed away from the acetone. Maybe it is a blend/ mixture. I also notice that in some 3D filament which are supposed to be 100% ABS or PLA. Anyway, I was able to fix it. Normally I would have done it with water but I used Vallejo earth texture and needed something stronger to remove it. It is cool stuff for mimicing desert dioramas, but didnt gave the effect on the lid I was hoping for.
  8. johaneggink

    Starting my first build

    Yes, I did it when I was fixing the cracks. I probably just want level 1. I saw a lot of helmets that filled ear gaps with weathering and filled it with sand. So I thought that would be good to fill it. I mean, like in these the gaps are filled with weathering. I love the top left one by the way Thanks for mentioning it though! I might get a better helmet if I will go for a screen accurate version
  9. johaneggink

    Starting my first build

  10. johaneggink

    Starting my first build

    Hi all, Starting my first built. Got all the white armor from the UK 3 weeks ago and started ith the helmet. Most of the soft goods will come from The Imperial Supply Depot from the UK. I started with the helmet. Top left picture the left helmet is a black series. I wanted to eather it using ashes and Valleyo desert sand: It didn't look very good. Too yellowish paint spotty. I used a grey black wash after (no picture) but that made it worse. So I cleaned it mostly off just now with cleaning sprit. that got off most but also reacted to the ears creating some cracks. I fixed it just now with milliput. I like the greyish leftover wash now actually. I have to redo all the painting.. Luckily I bought extra templates for the blue stripes. I am going to wait weathering the rest of the helmet when the rest of the white armor is done. I also started with my electrobinoculars. I still need to prime sand and paint them. And I started printing a DLT19. That is it for now
  11. johaneggink

    Captain - Orange Pauldron TD breakdown

    That helps! Thanks
  12. johaneggink

    Rogue One -- Jehda Patrols are "Sandtroopers"

    Maybe we will see more variants of Sandtroopers in the Han Solo film. I liked one of the posters opinions that a deployed/ dirty trooper could be a TD. I am building a TD but also love the grenade backpack.
  13. It is the candy version
  14. johaneggink

    No Rank - Pauldronless TD breakdown

    So this set up configuration could get me level 1 sandtrooper approval? I would like to get approved by the Dutch garrison .
  15. The 3d model I used was 11 euros I think on cgtrader.