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  1. *DONE* TD 41274 requesting deployment

    Great work trooper! Welcome to the sandpit
  2. *DONE* TD 71024 Requesting Deployment

    Congratulations trooper!! Welcome to the sandpit

    Nice one trooper! Another UKG Sandy Welcome to the sandpit
  4. Great job trooper, always nice to have another UKG Sandy!! Welcome to the sandpit
  5. *DONE* TD-11250 Requesting Deployment

    Well done trooper! Welcome to the sandpit
  6. *DONE* TD-40803 Requesting Deployment

    Awesome job Trooper, I'll be honoured to troop with you in the UK. Welcome to the sandpit!!
  7. *DONE* TD-10062 Requesting Deployment.

    Great work trooper, well done! Welcome to the sandpit!
  8. *DONE* TD31037 Requesting Deployment

    Awesome job trooper, welcome to the ranks!
  9. *DONE* TD21804 requesting deployment

    Well done trooper! Welcome to the sandpit
  10. *DONE* TD-52232 Requesting Deployment

    Great work trooper! Congratulations!
  11. *DONE* TD-77277 Requesting Deployment

    Great job trooper! Congratulations
  12. *DONE* TD-33667 Requesting Deployment

    Congratulations trooper!! Well done
  13. *DONE* TD 21027 requesting deployment

    Great job Trooper, welcome to the sandpit!
  14. *DONE* TD-34221 Requesting Deployment

    Awesome job! Welcome to the sandpit
  15. *DONE* TD-19630 Requesting Deployment

    Awesome!! Great job trooper