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  1. Sonix Radio Dial & text

    I recently had one of my garrison member & fellow Sandtrooper 3d print me the Sonix radio faceplate for the pack I am building. I am currently building the enclosure for the Sonix but I am on the hunt for a good quality dial transfer/decal, Sonix label and a source for the lettering on the components. I have searched fleabay and I am aware of trooperbay's option but wondering if anyone else produces them here on MEPD
  2. My backpack frame is breaking

    I agree, I would disassemble and insert a wooden dowl for strength, countersink some screws either side to keep it in place, Bondo, paint and rebuild. I would advise RS but I don’t know what their response would be though.
  3. Duden15s RS Propmasters/TM Sandtrooper WIP

    Well done, congrats on the approval
  4. Dirty techniques

    I also used the liquatex acrylics and followed Pandatrooopers technique and was really happy with the result But I ran into trouble when this was knocked back for being to dark and not enough orange tones. So I cleaned it off and tried another technique the second time around. I made 2 washs from the liquatex acrylics, a red brown and a darker black brown. I dabbed the Red Brown on with different size brushes and then dabbed off again with a clean rag, then built this up over a number of passes. Once dry I did the same with the Black Brown and then finally added some pigments on my chest/ab piece
  5. TD-86557 "Volksjager" Tour of Duty

    2. RSPCA Million Paws Walk - 20/5/18 This is always a fun event. People can walk a number of set distances with their pets to raise money for the RSPCA. I love this photo's we got on the day!
  6. 1. May the 4th Stargazing at Perth Observatory - 4/5/18 Annual event held on May the 4th where visitors get dressed up in their best Star wars costumes (and we judge the winner) & get a tour of the observatory.
  7. TD build for my wife - Anovos conversion

    Well done, very nice work
  8. Measurements for pack build

    Would anyone have the exact measurements for the seed trays? Just trying to source them locally
  9. Duden15s RS Propmasters/TM Sandtrooper WIP

    Nice! I wear a Darman neck seal as well for my Sandy & my Tie and I love them.
  10. Measurements for pack build

    Now I am approved I am looking to build my pack so I can apply for Police Officer. As I have a black pauldron I am looking to build pack #4 and have approached a garrison member, and fellow Sandy, to 3D print some of the harder parts like the radio and cistern. I am really keen to build this myself but the problem I am having at the moment is measurements. I have been following and reading some builds have seen measurements for the frame and have been converting everything to metric but I am having trouble getting a proper size for the seed trays, bottles and the radar dish etc. Is there anywhere where I can find some of these measurements? Also while I am thinking about it Is there a required size for Say the frame or the seed trays for Police Officer?
  11. First TD Build

    Thanks everyone, really happy to be a Sandtrooper and part of the MEPD. I am talking to a garrison member about 3D printing some of the parts for the pack (syphon, radio faceplate etc) and I will build the rest. I am going though build threads and trying to get sizes.
  12. First TD Build

    Great news, got approved overnight! TD-86557 reporting in Now the next job is to start to build pack #4 for PO status.
  13. Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Approved as a TD overnight, requesting Sandtrooper access Jason Brash TD-86557 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=24574&costumeID=2
  14. First TD Build

    Been a busy week getting the weathering changed and doing a few minor upgrades. Before I started the torso again I installed the small screws on the return edge of my chest piece to simulate the bracket strapping system When I went for my first approval I was also told the ab piece sat a little high. I did feel this was happening so I decided to create a bracket & pin system on my kidney & ab pieces to keep them inline and help keep the ab down. Seems to work well and also keeps them together to keep the gap down I also took the oppertunity to cut down the thickness of my diamond knee plate as well. To weather my pouches & pauldron I used hairspray and some dirt I had which gave a little bit more to the pauldron/pouches but nothing overboard. So time to send in approval pics again
  15. First TD Build

    Also forgot to post I finished my E-11 last weekend, came out alright