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  1. Volksjager

    Type 4 Backpack

    I just finished my Pack 4 for my PO application. Here are a couple of the completed pack
  2. Very nice! Wish we had access to parts like this in Australia but the best we will ever get is resin or 3D print.
  3. Volksjager

    *done* TD-16317 Requesting Deployment

    Well done, congrats!
  4. Volksjager

    *DONE* TD-19916 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats, well done
  5. Volksjager

    *done* TD-86557 Requesting Deployment

    Excellent news! Thanks for the quick response and I am very happy to be deployed! You are right Bigwam, I will upgrade to the plunger cups for the bottles as well, will look even better.
  6. Volksjager

    *done* TD-86557 Requesting Deployment

    Bottles are done, now shorter and thicker than before. Both requested item’s have now been rectified. Please let me know if there is anything else you would like me to change.
  7. Volksjager

    *done* TD-86557 Requesting Deployment

    The radar dish is done Just working on the bottles now, will post overall pics of the pack once complete
  8. Volksjager

    Volksjager's #4 Pack Build

    Many thanks, glad a couple of you like it. To smooth the siphon I gave it a light sand, then used 2 layers of spray putty, sanding with 400 grade wet dry in between coats. After that I put on a coat primer filler, sand then the black colour. With the seed trays I found that pack 4 has a 3 rib tray for bottom set (picture pulled from my PO application, thanks Bigwam) Since the last update I have managed to build the corrugated section on the left side of the top tray. Was made from 30mm PVC pipe, same size I used for the lab pipe I also made my straps out of 50mm nylon strapping with size adjusters on both sides of the clip connector. Even put some clear plastic in the dial face of the sonix to simulate the lens Then fix the top tray in place and it was complete Then after a little weathering
  9. Volksjager

    *done* TD-86557 Requesting Deployment

    Thanks for the speedy review! I will make the changes and be back ASAP. I am glad you mentioned the no disc look as I though I had read that somewhere so I will remove my backing plate and will change the bottles.
  10. Jason Brash TD-86557 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=24574&costumeID=2 Volksjager Desert Scorpion Garrison
  11. Volksjager

    Volksjager's #4 Pack Build

    I have been working on this since I was approved as a TD earlier in the year and it's finally at a point where I would be happy to post here on MEPD. Since I wear a black pauldron and looking at emulating the ally door check trooper, I will be building pack #4. I want to build with as many local supplies as possible though I know I will have to out source some of the parts. I have a full build thread on my Garrison forums but will run through the progress I have made so far. If people want a full breakdown I am happy to do that as well So I started off building my frame from PVC & gas pipe fittings that were the same diameter I also found some seed trays that match the sizes I found here on MEPD pretty well. Downside was they had a rim around the outside edge so I would have to take that off and refinish the edge. Here were the trays when I got them And after a little bit of surgery And in place on the painted frame I purchased a Lionstar canteen from Vincent (many thank) and some tupperware pudding cups & a Stow 'n' Go locally. I converted the canteen following Airborne troopers guide and painted the parts up The hardest parts were always going to be radio & siphon. Luckily I was able to get a fellow Sandy and garrison member to 3d print them for me. Quality was great, just a bit of finishing to be done to them And here is the finished product To complete the Sonix, I had to build the enclosure. I will be running an Aker inside playing background chatter so it had to open. I built the frame from Aluminium angle, made the outer walls from black plastic sheet & added some hinges and a magnetic closer for the faceplate. From there I made the leather cover, added the feet and the dial decals from Trooperbay. I also made the bottles from some drinking bottles I had around the house, they have the right look in comparison to the pudding cups. Made sure I could screw them onto pack as well Now all the main components were here I started to build everything up. I bolted both the blue & black bottom trays to the frame Then started to attached the items to the top trays. Here is the top blue tray completed and attached the tray to pack. Starting to take shape and look like a pack From here I will work on the last part of the top tray, the straps and complete the weathering before trying for Police officer. I will keep the topic updated as much as possible.
  12. Volksjager

    A Sandtrooper in the making...my WIP.

    Congrats, well done on the approval
  13. Volksjager

    Belt Weathering

    Well my weathering technique for my armour was the Panda Trooper method of dabbing on the acrylic paint and wiping off with the damp rag. Once the rag was saturated with watered down paint I ran this along my fabric parts a few times till I was happy with the tone of the weathering. At least doing it this way applies the colour slowly and it much more controllable.
  14. Volksjager

    Bapty from a real Sterling project

    Looks awesome, nice work so far and looking forward to the next update