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  1. A Sandtrooper in the making...my WIP.

    I had to build my 3 button plate to. I used domed head car interior trim clips. When I built my Tie kit I needed to use 2 of them in the trident area and so I had 4 left. Cut the backs off and glue them to some styrene sheet, a bit of paint and all good
  2. First TD Build

    Thanks Steve. Yeah I know what you mean bout the pouches etc but it’s hard to capture the effect with pictures. In person it’s more noticeable. I have even been told my boots aren’t dirty enough but again in person they are better.
  3. First TD Build

    Progress has been slow and steady, just getting a lot of small things done before approval pics are sent in. I had a test fit the other night but wasn’t to happy with the height of the thighs but also with how they were supported so I spent a day building a custom belt/suspender system out of black webbing. Definitely happier with both the support and the heights but will post up a pic of this later on. While I am on the thighs I also cut out the backs of the knee’s for better mobility and finished off the weathering in this area plus added some foam to the outside half to take the pressure off. Also added my green lenses to the bucket and weathered my pauldron & pouches. I didn’t want to go overboard but wanted a dusty look and finally, I am still working away on my E-11. I finished my folding stock so decided to try the hammer finish, really happy so far. Just finishing the main body now and painting some detailed parts before the hammered finish goes on still got to add the screws on the return edge of my chest piece to simulate the brackets and then I think it’s going to be another test fit and possible submission pics if it all looks good. I would love to finish my E-11 first though but will decide when it happens
  4. Neck seal question

    I use a cloth neck seal as well. I wear one with my Tie pilot and we don’t have to, but I think it looks a lot better. So when it came to getting one for my TD I got a second one from Darman. Cloth is breathable and movement is good.
  5. Nice, would most defiantly be in for a kit!
  6. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    Not that I am a member yet (hopefully not long now though) but I have been watching this topic for a little but and I have to admit I do like that 2 tone cap posted above. Maybe a brown & tan colour with the MEPD shield attached to the front?
  7. First TD Build

    Just converting to metric, so about 130mm. The current plate is 3/4' or about 170mm at the moment. Hopefully I can get it off and cut it down tonight
  8. First TD Build

    Bugger! Ok so looks like the knee plate is coming off. How thick should it be. I couldn't find any reference on the CRL and looking at the plate I though I could see a cut line impression. What should it trim to? The plate might have been glued to the shin with E6000 but the internal's aren't
  9. First TD Build

    Got a bit achieved over the last couple of days. I trimmed up the sniper knee plate and attached it to my shin. Decided to fill in the plate with spare ABS and put a plate on the back before using a bit of E6000 to attach Once dry I can continue my weathering. I planned to get the shin & boots done and anything else If I had the time. Was really hard to dirty up brand new white boots but I am really happy with the result. Here is the boots with both shins As a bonus I also managed to get my belt and shoulder strapping weathered. I used the suggestion from Airborne Trooper and grabbed my rag I used for wiping my acrylic paint down from the weathering and wiped down the length of the belt. Got a great consistent colour and look. Also sewed up the hold left from the E-11 holster originally on the belt. Next job, to dust the pauldron and pouches, work out a strapping system for the shoulder holster as I won’t have a backpack straight away & fit my lenses to the helmet. After that I should be ready for test fitting and submission!
  10. First TD Build

    Look what finally arrived! Time to finish off my trooper!
  11. First TD Build

    Thanks guys! Glad I am on the right track with the build. As I am waiting for more parts to come in I decided to build my E-11 this weekend. As a Tie Pilot I carry a DL-44 but have always wanted to build a nice E-11 for trooping. I am starting with a Doopydoo's full resin kit but also purchased a T-Jay completion set to finish off the build. I like the kit, there are just some rough spots and I think I can iron a lot of it out. There will be no electronics in this one, might save that for my other project I have going as well I didn't take a lot of pics while I was building but here are some from last night. First pics are of both parts I mainly focused on. On the sterling I managed to get everything cleaned up attached the handle and mag port and I also drilled out the bottom set of holes along the barrel. Also drilled out the lumps of resin at the front of the barrel and replaced with proper hex head screws. I also worked on the folding stock. Though the majority of the work will be covered up when in position I am one of those people that just want to get everything looking right so I have cut out the molded rod on the inside and drilled out the frame holes on the bottom, cleaned up the front area to give a cleaner look, cut out certain area's to make them look like they are all separate parts, drilled out the rivets to install new more details ones and then finally used a bit of filler to recreate the connections at both ends on the rod. Still a work in progress as there is a little more to add yet
  12. *DONE* TD-92698 Requesting Deployment

    Well done, nice job!
  13. Duden15s RS Propmasters/TM Sandtrooper WIP

    Nice work, looks great
  14. First TD Build

    Many thanks, will give it a go. Didnt get a huge amount done in the last couple of days, just finishing the weathering, adding a little more on the bucket in certain areas, like around the ears, but that's about it. I did manage to get my latex handguards on last night though Just need to weather the gloves around the connection and I am set. Since I am still waiting on the pauldron/pouches/sniper plate I think this weekend will be devoted to preparing my E-11. Its a doopy's with the T-Jay completion kit. I am also working on a pipe build blaster and if it works, I will post the progress
  15. First TD Build

    Thanks guys! Really appreciate the comments. Got a little achieved last night but will take some pics later tonight of more progress. mikelbrierly: Thanks for the tip on the belt. I was thinking I would have to do something about the holes but I will definitely get onto it. Question while I am thinking about it. What did everyone use to weather there canvas part of the belt and shoulder bridges?