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  1. I agree with Rocko here, practice before you hit the armour with your weathering. I did mine via the paint route and the more I tested the better I got at it. What I like about the paint weathering is it’s durability, mine still looks great 2 years on and it’s worn and scratched organically while I have been trooping, looks better each time I put it on.
  2. Nice work, looking really good. As you said it’s a great option for people that don’t have the space or time to do the wood work. I also like the idea of being able to swap out the bapty parts for the regular parts on the fly.
  3. I also love my Darman neck seal but I do also wish my bib was a little longer. Will be interested to see where this goes, might also be keen to pick one up
  4. As the others have said, plenty of weathering techniques out there so take your time, try a few methods and see what works for you. Also try to match the look of others in your garrison. When your all together at a troop you want to look like you all come from the same place.
  5. Hiya Mario, welcome to our little home here. Any questions you have just ask, tons of information and help to be had here. Looking forward to seeing how you build comes along
  6. 26. Zoochella - Perth Zoo - 31/12/2019 A New Years Eve kids festival at the Perth Zoo, always a fun event. Great way to round out a good year of trooping.
  7. I have IB Sandy boots and I love them. I agree with the above statement, Patience you must have
  8. TD86557 reporting in for his Emperor's Roughnecks 25 Award. The link to my tour is here:
  9. 25. Event Cinema's Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Midnight screening - Innaloo - 18/12/19 into 19/12/19
  10. 24. Star Wars under the stars - Perth CBD - 16/12/19 With the The Rise of Skywalker around the corner, we were invited by Disney to attend the opening night of a special Star Wars show being played on the big screens. Some great pics and some surprised kids!
  11. 23. Christmas @ Leeming Cricket Club - Leeming - 14/12/19 Small fund raiser for the club coming into Christmas for the following year. We got to escort Santa while he gave out gifts
  12. Fantastic work Hausi, really really well done. The outdoor shots are great
  13. Thanks Hausi, really enjoy the holidays where we can mix it up a bit 22. Perth Channel 7 Christmas Pageant - Perth City - 7/12/19 One of the biggest troops for us, its a 2km walk though the city with 83 other floats and groups to entertain the huge turnout. Hard for us to take pics but here are a few as we are waiting to walk. The other Sandtrooper's in attendance: TD-84000 @DARTH TROOPER TD-84001 @Tahlzy TD-71976 TD-59226 The star of the show! & a couple of small vids
  14. 21. Armadale Christmas Parade & Carols - Armadale - 07/12/19 A local parade for the suburb many of us live in. We do this one every year & is always a day before the main Perth parade.
  15. 20. Surprise Birthday - Perth CBD - 06/12/19 Our job today was to surprise a mad Star Wars fan. Organised by his staff we escorted him down to the festivities and helped make his birthday special
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