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  1. Vendor for Mortar Tube Details

    Hey @henselmonster, i would go for @ross8008‘ mortar tube control panel. cheers..
  2. Stormtroopers Beyond the armor

    Interesting fact that i got from the book: while the Tatooine scenes were mostly shot in Tunisia, the alleyway scene (with garindan & troopers inquiring the droids) was shot in Elstree Studio. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Henselmonster Bapty Build

    Well done sir! Will ask you for tips some day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. Hello friends, please bear with me, this be my PO submission: Vincent William TD-17778 http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=23804 m4vrick Garuda Garrison Indonesia Pardon my non smiling picture.. been a long day NOTE: (RE-POST 3 Nov 2017): Sorry guys, i just had to toss away the previous pics and post these new ones, since my review hasn't started. I totally wasn't happy with the 1st one. To be honest, that was taken in a haste. So i hope these new pictures will make it easier on the reviewers. Two things that changed: 1. Corrected canvas pouches position on shoulder. 2. Corrected backpack (pulled higher) to align better. Was slanted at the beginning. 3. Pulled thighs inwards. They now look better. Backpack: Bucket: T-21: Attitude pose: Constructive criticisms always welcomed. I hope you enjoyed it.
  5. Kyber Pack Reference

    You are an asset for MEPD Shawn, always trying.. thumbs up Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. Canteen and mushroom caps

    But what you have is not Gio Style. It's Lion Star..
  7. Thank you guys ! [emoji120][emoji120] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. Airborne Trooper Troop Log

    Sandtroopers should be the one to teach young kids alphabets lol. Looks like you had fun.. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  9. It's coming soon bro... @J138, hang in there
  10. Electronics Forum

    Awesome. I used door hinges. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  11. My move a long replica suit

    Wow that sir... beauuuutiful .... May i know how you get your whole thing to shine up like that ?
  12. OK time is ripe for another project, in this case, the backpack. Took some time to assemble everything, especially in this part of the world. But everything is finally in place. I have to thank @Strider a lot because i did bombard him with tons of questions and he has been very patient to provide me all the necessary info. Backpack i will emulate here is the "Move along" #3 trooper's backpack. Warning: Not for the faint of heart: A lot of bondos, not pretty by sight (at least not yet), as this is pure DIYs and DIYs are not always pretty. The Frame (vintage karrimor). Measured it at 0.774 in diameter. I had to source the red canvas as what i got was definitely not red. Pre fitting, accurate seedtrays are i believe thanks to @Strider. Who had shared with the sandy community close-to-screen accurate seedtrays. (pardon the mess, i know) Attached the red fabric onto it, painted the frame black: Gio Style Canteen. Closely followed @Airborne Trooper on the proper way to mod the canteen. Again, a lot of bondos. As for the top, i used a 1/2" hose pipe, inserted a marker (fit nicely) to properly shape it nice and straight. SHORT COMMERCIAL BREAK: if you ever need a close match to the Giostyle canteen, look no further, i introduce to you its brother: Lionstar canteen. Made in Indonesia, and i happen to supply them. (1:1 scale) BACK: Ammo shells (this will be irregular in shape). Coloring the seedtrays: RAL7031 is what i use. I must admit, i didn't expect to find that specific of a color in this part of the world. But here it is: RAL7031, Jotun brand. Sonix Radio, i got from @woodman . Modded a lot of stuff on the inside, as i want it to open and close (yet sturdy). Electronic chatter will be installed in the future. WARNING: ugly image to follow. Bear with me please Siphon, i will use a vintage Shires siphon. It IS a Shires' siphon; not saying this is THE one, it should be very similar to what the screen used (no conclusive evidence & info on how many variations Shires produced their siphons then). But judging from their shape & length, this should be "close to accurate". Left: Shires Siphon, Right: Gordon's Last for now, my favorite, the water bottles. I sourced a lot of bottles but finally managed to settle on one type: 1500ml Loreal Shampoo. width should be +/- 9.5 cm . Mine: 9.6cm The height of the bottles, from end of the plunger, to the bottom of the bottles should be pretty near to +/- 20cm (might be shorter). I will have this cut to see how it'll match screen accurate wise. That's all for now. Constructive feedbacks are always welcomed. I hope i can wrap this up by the end of this week. Will post more. Thanks for watching.
  13. Thanks guys... gotta really thank @Felice and the command staff for your time. Sincerely thank you all for your time, you who do your dailies, and yet still spare your time to uphold MEPD's standard for our beloved hobby Star Wars, specifically Sandtroopers ! Salute!
  14. m4vrick Backpack Build *DONE*

    Hey guys, i only drilled the inner smaller circles, NOT the center-most one. I believe by doing this, i'll still have that muffled sound effect. @HansVader Woody's radio is beautiful all right... but the wear and tear look is part of being a sandie. As you can see the outer look of my radio is no longer that pretty. On some parts i over drilled... In the end i appreciate this radio more. So, just do it... lol
  15. m4vrick Backpack Build *DONE*

    Another upgrade to the backpack. This time it's for the Sonix radio: Happy...
  16. Thank you kind sirs... i’ve already done some preparations for the next level move along... move along
  17. Weathered my pack now. Please let me know if this suffice: Thanks
  18. Thank you fellas ! Pleasant surprise for me this Monday morning. Will get right on the corrections! Vincent
  19. Some more that i missed. I'll just post these now.. Thank you all!
  20. Thank you @hausi. Yes, i am trying emulate captain cantina. And thank you for the feedbacks. Will post all the necessary corrections together once the first review comes out.
  21. m4vrick Backpack Build *DONE*

    Thank you guys! Will work on my submission this weekend Your stuff is still on the way Charlie [emoji25] Forgive me. I feel it again.. the pull to the light..
  22. m4vrick Backpack Build *DONE*

    OK. I believe this is finally done! Constructive criticism always welcomed. I am still missing some minor details. Thanks for bearing with me. In this i learnt that not all things that you can conveniently buy are better. I have made many mistakes and definitely asked too many questions to some of you along the way. I sincerely thank you friends. This journey in building this backpack has been personally satisfying and rewarding. Now PO application awaits...
  23. m4vrick Backpack Build *DONE*

    Re-visited the frame and i think i have figured out the "bend" for the frame. Thanks to @Strider for pointing this out. Referencing this picture, the lower seed trays have to stick as close to the lower supporting part of the Karimor frame. So, a reshaping was done and i had to trim down the upper part of the frame as well as it shouldn't be that tall. Pardon the mess, this is pre-finishing. The behind the scenes: This is getting close to be done... i can smell it.
  24. m4vrick Backpack Build *DONE*

    My package of joy has arrived. This has been the hold up to the project. Now this is finally here, i can continue on. Got the correct thermal detonator control panel from @ross8008 , thanks to Mr. Vintage @RoCKo for pointing it out. Thermal Detonator: 75cm in total height, diameter approximately 2.5" Radar Dish: Tupperware lid, & used what's called a carriage bolt.