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  1. 2018 Election Results

    Congratulations boss @dutchy for this 2nd term. Let’s have a good year folks
  2. Battleship grey

    Hey, you’re in US? Home Depot should have it. The one brand the community use a lot is rust-oleum. You can even find it in amazon. Another spot on color is color code RAL7031. (European color code, doesnt matter what brand) You basically need to find any paint shops, ones with automated color mixing machine and have them mix it with that color code. i am from Jakarta, and one i use is Jotun (brand). hope this helps
  3. Thank you fellas, won't be possible without you guys! This application is not finished without some nicer pictures. Looking back, from my 501st application, to this SWAT now, i learnt a great deal about weathering, collecting vintage stuff, and most importantly friendship. From the start, sandtroopers have always intrigue me. There's just that "vintageness", in building a sandtrooper set. Fine example: the journey in building my backpack. Boy, i've never been happier in getting a vintage toilet part, the siphon & i still am on the look out. Friendship wise, I was lucky enough to meet someone in MEPD few months ago and i really look forward to meeting more of MEPDs in the future. I'd like to also say, while there's that "wait" in getting my application approved, i really think that "wait" should always be a part of every SWAT review process. The anxiety, the excitement, & happiness in reading that next review is an experience every sandtroopers should have. If i were asked "would i want to go through this again?"... "**** YEA!" Note: I have since toned down the shoes weathering.. My favorite.... Thank you all, move along... move along...
  4. YEASSSSSSS !!!!!! This part here... this one right here is .... HAPPINESS ! i thank you brothers and sisters of MEPD for this. Special thanks to guidance from @Hausi & @Strider. Their constructive advices truly justify the end ! I promise to uphold this SWAT standard status that is bestowed to me by the community. Won't let you all down. & icing to the cake, i was just made the GML for my garrison, Garuda Garrison Indonesia. SWAT will be a title that i will hold high ! Salute brothers & sisters of MEPD
  5. This is finally happening isn't it ?? (crossing my fingers)
  6. Backpack build by Storm56

    Interesting thread. And i see Mr. Vintage @RoCKo always on the prowl for Vintageness ... I'm in for one of those seed trays if anyone is willing to arrange for this.
  7. Thank you boss.. hope i get the OK soon. Good luck with the election
  8. Totally agree Jason. If it's coming from our very Intelligence officer, it's legit
  9. Thanks guys, but not just yet! I think i need to add this mystery line onto the ab. To be honest, i couldn't understand the picture at all; but to me, this is a paint line, a mysterious one indeed. What do you guys think? I added it in anyways. Apparently i need to lower the crown on the knee as well: and TAKE 3: This time i brought my T-21 along. Do note, i understand this is a Captain Cantina application. I brought it along for illustration purpose only Thanks for viewing!
  10. And this, coming from our new DO, i'll take it! And thank you Urs !!
  11. OK another re-weathering: Changes: 1. lightened the "skull mark", its right (left on viewer's perspective) is lighter than the left's eye 2. re-shaped the center part, and i call this the hammer.. 3. Added a "V" shape on the upper part of the skull mark 4. more dirt details based on the scene Finally, this is a TAKE 2, based on the new, lighter chest weathering. Hoping i nailed it this time. Thanks for viewing guys! Move along... move along...
  12. SWAT program truly isn't for the faint of heart. i think i have figured out the toning down part now, i will try to de-solidify those parts. I will be back for more.
  13. OK another update, another dremel run to fix the gap of the left ear so that it's more obvious. And this, pardon my shameless attempt to replicate some scenes: Some updates that i did over the weekend: - Lighter chest weathering - Added weathering details on the abs - Added weathering detail on the right thigh - Fixed gap on the right ear Added that detail on the crown Some details based on the cantina scene.
  14. Re-visited my DLT-19, i know mine was cleared but i want to be accurate about it and as somebody pointed out, the wires on my DLT-19 were in the wrong places, there should be indents to hold the wires on the t-tracks. So, time to visit my dremel: More updates coming up....
  15. The Command Staff members

    Congrats to both of you @bigwam & @Hausi, you guys will do great. Special thanks to @Felice, and like i've said to you, you are a sandtrooper legend and i really mean that.