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  1. m4vrick


    hairspray for the win!
  2. m4vrick

    HappyTrooper's Mission Journal - 50 Troops

    Grats Damon, 50 is a monumental number. HUGE! Congrats!
  3. m4vrick

    Shires Siphon types

    wow this... which UPs are these ? Screen used are both UP 90 & UP 100 ... Lucky you!
  4. m4vrick

    Koryu1212(Dan D) Crook Knights Pack #3 build

    It’s been a while for a build like this.. following with interest ! Great skill...
  5. m4vrick

    TD41873 Requesting Deployment

    You are almost there Jason. Please follow the guideline (what pictures to show), like what our Deployment Officer asked... and you're ready for the review. Hang in there
  6. m4vrick

    TD41873 Requesting Deployment

    Jason, you're not supposed to upload any pictures to the forum. Most of us upload to 3rd party online storage and post them here as links. I use flickr and abload.net Hope this helps
  7. m4vrick

    Red fabric on pack #3

    Red fabric is screen accurate and is in pack #3... move along, move along. Share your build Dan
  8. Congrats Kainan! You persevered, well done and congrats! Stand proud SWAT #54
  9. m4vrick

    Star Wars Celebration Chicago.

    Heard of the snow. Some couldn't turn up, bummer. Great pictures, and most importantly, you had fun
  10. m4vrick

    Celebration Galactic March

    do us proud jeff! @Harenatrooper
  11. m4vrick

    Shotgun shell lucky discovery?

    I dunno about the "rounded edges" part. For me it's pretty cylindrical, with pointy things attached to the end. Like what Mr. Vintage @RoCKo shows, only longer. Also, from the seedtray height, the length of em should be approximately around 5 - 6 cm long. Any info on the length of these noxie tubes?
  12. Don't forget to look out for the dude @Airborne Trooper. Envy
  13. Attention MEPD, our very own Sandtrooper meet up is set! WHEN: Sunday, April 14th @ 9.30 AM (immediately after the main 501st group photo @ 9.00 AM). WHERE: Outside Gate 41 west building WHAT: 2019 Star Wars Celebration Chicago @Airborne Trooper will be the sole Command Staff representative at the celebration. Do check out the main topic in 501st forum as it may change from time to time. https://www.501st.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=215&t=102127 Have fun! And move along... move along..
  14. m4vrick

    Giostyle alternative

    Hello John, what you see is exactly like what @dutchy has. There have been other alternatives. Check this one out from Indonesia: the Lion Star. The generally accepted "accurate" ones are definitely the Gio Style from Italy.
  15. Good luck Paul! I love your weathering, not excessive.