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  1. m4vrick

    Td22226 requesting deployment

    You got this! Here to give you some encouragement... we need more sandies. Let's see that pics without the backpack
  2. m4vrick

    TD-2190 Requesting Deployment

    Greetings from the sand Mark, Don't forget to add some pics of the six rivets on your left side, codpiece and buttplate rivets, as well as the male backside of the snap on the right side of your abdomen. Good luck sir !
  3. m4vrick

    My 3D printed DLT-19

    Awesome build. The craftsmanship & skill are evident. Great job trooper !
  4. Another Bapty... woah! And i'll never own real MG 34 parts... way to go!
  5. m4vrick

    Bapty from a real Sterling project

    I know who won it, and it wasn't you. I'll keep a watch out for you Scott... It will come, patience my friend.
  6. m4vrick

    Bapty from a real Sterling project

    Here’s one: good luck, MTFBWY ! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F292633483024
  7. m4vrick

    Bapty from a real Sterling project

    It will come Scott. It’ll pop up in eBay soon enough. Interesting that the M19s suddenly popped up more than the M38s these past few weeks tho... patience my friend
  8. m4vrick

    NEW Police Officer Deployed Card Background

    Looks bad *** Luis !
  9. m4vrick

    m4vrick Backpack Build *DONE*

    Why.. well, thank you sir. It’s sturdy ..
  10. m4vrick

    Bought this off a former Legionnaire...

    Value is all about expectations. With a few mods, it would be OK for PO. The canisters for one, like @lovemonkey mentioned. Vitamin or shampoo bottle would do.
  11. m4vrick

    Photobucket Nightmare Ends!

    For now, i'm comfortable with picload. I'll see what they'll offer...
  12. Another update to the armor: First, the skull mark on the chest. Wasn't happy how its right eye (left on viewer's point of view) is higher than the left. Eye adjustment it is. The mystery line is now further extended to the center. Might add a little less pronounced dirt onto these lines... Another revision to the right shoulder bell, something i previously wasn't quite happy about. From what i make, you can almost see another skull mark there. Thank you all, constructive criticisms welcomed. Updates to the backpack coming soon. Salute troopers!
  13. m4vrick

    Bapty from a real Sterling project

    Hey man, A real hengstler counter & real M38 just got sold 350€. And this was last week. Are you part of the "Star Wars Blaster Build Group" fb group? Sometimes people post vintage items for sale there. Check it out.
  14. m4vrick

    Weathering Feedback Appreciated

    Weathering is a matter of taste. @pandatrooper provided the "how" guide that a lot of us sandies follow. Doesn't mean you have to always follow that; and as to how much... the generally accepted notion here is: "less is more". I say: Keep on doing what you're doing. Looks good!
  15. m4vrick

    Bapty from a real Sterling project

    Awesome welding! You did a good job there. Envy you too...i will never be able to bring in a deactivated sterling to this part of the world.