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  1. if we tell you, then you’ll miss out on the fun in the treasure hunt. Plus the research is part of it. I used shampoo bottles for bottles.
  2. Hello Stewart, it’s hard to understand the parts you’re saying without pictures. As far as i know, there’s no need for any prying. Have you made sure you followed the guide like what was in here?
  3. absolutely awesome Andrew.. it’s like a summary of it all.
  4. Well done David, well deserved! Grats on the Emperor Roughneck
  5. Lol...puhleaseeeeeee far from “fake” Urs, it’s “replica”. Stay awesome my man !
  6. Hi Steve, The person you looking for is @ross8008. He has the droid you're looking for, accurate ones. Hope this helps.
  7. +1 to what Hausi said. this is what he meant by the screw at the top, note hole is visible. the other, bottom part, was not visible. thus it’s to your creativity how you want to put it. Lottsa reading to do my friend, and that’s part of the sandtrooper journey: the research.
  8. Thank you for the trust @Punisha, i won't let MEPD down
  9. Didn’t follow this thread, i am now! Great skills!
  10. It always good to have a fresh pair of eyes; ones with enthusiasm and great motivation. Trevor’s radio look good, and the box part no one knows for certain. From my end, i could see perhaps a hole on it?? Again, not certain. welcome Bjorn i will follow this thread with interest as this will certainly make a good research.
  11. Congratulations Chris! Hope you like #theriseofskywalker. You're now featured in insta
  12. Great stuff, Mimban trooper. Congrats on your Emperor Roughneck !
  13. Thank you for this 25th troop Steve, you're featured on IG. Congrats! Salute!
  14. Thank you Marina for representing us all these while. This Emperor Roughneck 50 is deserving. Salute trooper!!
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