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  1. Many congratulations Johan, our CRL model & first R1 sandy! As soon as we get your PO picture from Luis, we'll make sure you get featured in our social medias !
  2. Ah, have answered you in pm. I demand your WIP pictures once you get the parts! good luck buddy
  3. Many thanks for these Thomas... kind of you
  4. yupe, chiming in.. go with Ross' seed trays
  5. Another submission for Andi, WOW... Mmm on a first glance, i already saw some things that you might need to work on, but nothing you can't handle. Good luck Andi ! We're rooting for you
  6. beautifulll Thomas. Btw, what kind of enfield scope is that? as in specific type? the single point looks so pristine. Awesome!
  7. My 3rd congratulations for Urs, i'm truly happy for you friend. You stand tall in the Sandtrooper hall of fame. Incredible achievement!
  8. Ah... i misunderstood myself. Leather strap & leather ... covering? Yes, do show your radio here.
  9. James, First of all, there are 6 kinds of backpacks for sandtroopers: http://www.looksirdroids.com/backpacks.html I assume you are doing the commonly made backpack? #3 Move along? Again, from reference, what i circled on the top will show you the Sonix's strap is actually taken off. Circled on the bottom will show you that silverish wire. So yes, wire is used.
  10. Hello James, Commonly used reference for the DLT19 is this one (attached). I believe (don't quote me on this) that the wires reference on the DLT19 has been from this stormtrooper ANH death star scene. So it should be dark, black it is. Hope this helps
  11. Hello Robert, last i know of the status: The guys are still working on the CRL. Model was chosen, pictures were taken. Expect to see further development soon
  12. btw Kainan, have you talked to @Sandman Tigui about getting your SWAT artwork picture? you've certainly earned it and we'd like to feature you sir.
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