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  1. m4vrick

    Forum support

    I believe you're talking about this here: But new one has not been initiated ? Or has it ? @Gordonator
  2. m4vrick

    Tunisian Bapty DTL19 Plans?

    Would like to know this as well... perhaps someone who had built, i believe 2 of them, like @bigwam be kind enough to give the measurements
  3. m4vrick

    Road Block Pack 1 Build

    Great details.. i did count how many pipes should be in. Yours should be about right. Watching with interest....
  4. m4vrick

    Command Staff 2019

    Thank you guys! Hoping i can bring great contributions for MEPD
  5. m4vrick

    Move Along Pouch

    This will leave many with headaches John... great observation..
  6. m4vrick

    Detachment Leader 2019

    grats @dutchy !
  7. m4vrick

    Duden15 Backpack Build (Pack 3)

    I won't worry so much about the canteen's numbering, no reference for that, just sand it down. Don't forget to trim the length of the top part of the karrimor frame. Also the 5 ribs seedtrays need to open up a little. Well done on the bend btw!
  8. m4vrick

    Sonix Radio Conversion

    Great find John, another of the Sonix's sister. You know, if it's the same length, you can use the upper part of Woody's, which leaves you to design just the lower part that will fit the DYN.
  9. m4vrick

    hello from Td-8821

    Watching this space. Welcome back!
  10. Many congratulations Andi, the SWAT bar has again been raised. Look at that chest weathering... First SWAT of 2019, congrats! Salute!
  11. m4vrick

    New information about Sonix Victory 75 radio

    So, you’re the nice guy @RicarduZonta 1. “Unusable battery pack” ? LOL. The battery pack was restored, radio’s now functional. Soooooo easy to do, no biggie.. 2. Usemark .. rather “battleworn” thank you very much. 3. “Missing port”? Yours look like it has an “extra” socket. So,buyers beware 4. And look.. what a curious looking antenna. Very nice of you to feel the need to “heap praises” on other’s to sell yours at higher price huh?
  12. m4vrick

    Happy holidays troopers of the MEPD!

    Justus, & fellow Sandtroopers, i wish you all a happy christmas and may it be a merry one. Sincerely, your friend from Jakarta, Indonesia m4vrick
  13. German garrison again. The one country with no desert (i believe). Tsk tsk... awesome. Good luck !
  14. I demand FULL coverage of both of the builds! lol ... share the build mate
  15. I think it’s great that this similarity (extremely, very) leaves the community with choices. So it’s not a definite must that the Sonix is the one to hunt for. Thanks for this comparison Thomas