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  1. Thank you for this 25th troop Steve, you're featured on IG. Congrats! Salute!
  2. Thank you Marina for representing us all these while. This Emperor Roughneck 50 is deserving. Salute trooper!!
  3. Wow Gordon you fabulous man. Ill get one set of course!
  4. Thank you Prozent for representing us this far. Expecting many more to come from you. Salute !
  5. Congrats @DarthStevius! Thanks for representing MEPD all these while. Salute trooper
  6. Many congratulations Johan, our CRL model & first R1 sandy! As soon as we get your PO picture from Luis, we'll make sure you get featured in our social medias !
  7. Ah, have answered you in pm. I demand your WIP pictures once you get the parts! good luck buddy
  8. Many thanks for these Thomas... kind of you
  9. yupe, chiming in.. go with Ross' seed trays
  10. Another submission for Andi, WOW... Mmm on a first glance, i already saw some things that you might need to work on, but nothing you can't handle. Good luck Andi ! We're rooting for you
  11. beautifulll Thomas. Btw, what kind of enfield scope is that? as in specific type? the single point looks so pristine. Awesome!
  12. My 3rd congratulations for Urs, i'm truly happy for you friend. You stand tall in the Sandtrooper hall of fame. Incredible achievement!
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