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  1. Hi Urs, Thank you for the review. I’ve changed all the points you raised on the weathering, hopefully I’m finally across the line!
  2. Felix has asked me to tone down the chest weathering a bit more so I’ve did that Here is a comparison before and after hope this is okay
  3. Pic of the rear as requested...
  4. Okay, so hopefully these are my final submission pictures on my SWAT journey. I’ve completed all of the modifications as requested and I hope my kit is good enough for SWAT
  5. Thanks dude. I’m just in the process of dirtying up my pristine pack
  6. The reason I’m confused is because I haven’t seen anyone else posting pics of the rear of their armour when their trooper is a pack wearer. It seems silly to try and emulate screen accuracy when it isn’t ever seen on screen... You didn’t post pics of the rear of yours and I don’t recall any other pack wearer being asked to post pics of theirs
  7. I’m confused... are there reference pics of the rear? My Sandie wears a pack
  8. A picture of the back of the armour without the pack?
  9. Ok so I’ve made the requested mods to the weathering. I’ve toned it right down and made it less solid. All of the helmet mods were completed earlier in the thread My pack is scratch built and is also fully detailed in this thread Feedback invited, hopefully I’m close...
  10. Circular disc added to DLT 19 and weathered
  11. I’ve got 2 lengths of 68mm pipe left they’re 34” each allowing enough excess to chop them down to 29.5” one of them is going to Henselmonster, if anyone wants the other, drop me a pm. No charge, just cover the postage
  12. I’ve been fine tuning my weathering. I’ve removed a fair amount and tried to emulate the reference pics and the recently cleared SWAT guys. Shoulder bells -front shoulder bells - rear Thighs Shins Biceps and forearms Weathered bottom edge of tool box
  13. In all seriousness, if I can help anyone out by sharing this, drop me a pm
  14. I’ve got lots left, if I ever build another pack