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  1. Painting of Storage Box for armor

    I like this! Was thinking about something similar, but not just to add weathering but first to paint it in silver, than in black again. But not sure is it worth it[emoji23] Wysłane z iPhone za pomocą Tapatalk
  2. Guys, I’m wondering if you could share how you painted or modify you storage box for armor. I’m not sure if I want to go for sandy colors of the box... maybe kind of old, scratched container box? Will be grateful if you can share some pictures of yours:) Cheers! Wysłane z iPhone za pomocą Tapatalk
  3. MEPD Instagram account

    Thanks guys! I already started tagging:) @rostwortrooper Wysłane z iPhone za pomocą Tapatalk
  4. MEPD Instagram account

    I don't know if it's a right place, but i would like to ask about MEPD Instagram account? FB page is active, but insta looks dead.. I'm not sure who is taking care of it but it would be nice to make it alive:) JRS they are posting nice, members pictures.
  5. TD90006 Trooping log

    Thanks guys! I enjoy a lot! That was small event, but very nice to start our season. Summer is too hot (even for sandys) here. This time I was the only silent trooper, but I'm waiting for TRamp, so next time will make some noise:D
  6. TD90006 Trooping log

    TD90006 Checking in! My first official trooping with UAE Outpost during ExpactWoman forum event in Dubai Marina Address Hotel. Can't wait for the next one! Trooping Squad: TD90006 SL10700 TK84700 TD27090 TI40001 TK61973 DZ17744
  7. right leg ammo belt?

    I'm not very tall (184). I just want to trim my armor to look better
  8. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Can't wait for first photoshooting with other guys from our outpost! you can check mine on Instagram @rostwortrooper
  9. right leg ammo belt?

    guys, this belt should be parallel to the ground or it can slightly going up? I want to trim my armor. I'm 184cm and would like to make whole thigh longer, not to have big gap on my knee between thigh and calf. I was checking pictures from Mos Eisley and the belt is not even fully covering front connection of thight (blue mark), but in most of the armors which I've seen belt is covering that. (hope it is understandable, what I was trying to say )
  10. Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    TD90006 requesting access for Sandtroopers http://501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=25187&costumeID=2
  11. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    I would like to say Hello to everybody once again, but this time under TD90006 name:) I hope this password will allowed me to be a proper MEPD member! I already started working on my armor, because it needs some adjustment and need to change weathering, but this is fun part of this game:D
  12. *IN PROGRESS* TD-27090 Requesting Deployment

    Well done Grant! Hope soon we will have our small sandy squad with two captains and one Dewback's **** barista[emoji23] Wysłane z iPhone za pomocą Tapatalk
  13. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Hi, my name is Pawel from Poland but based in Dubai. Still waiting for my first TD armor, and cant wait to receive it!!! Till now just playing with my Hasbro helmet as a #rostwortrooper Hope to become PO soon!
  14. Rogue One -- Jehda Patrols are "Sandtroopers"

    Thank you dutchy!:) I'm not in 501st yet, because I'm still waiting for my armor... but soon, hope to be MEPD sergant, because there are to many captains:p will be waiting for Your news regarding Jedah troopers:)
  15. Rogue One -- Jehda Patrols are "Sandtroopers"

    From my understanding R1 sandtroopers are not yet approved, right? But I hope they will be soon, and than we could chose if we want to have Tatooine or Jedah backpack to join MEPD. I'm new here and still waiting for my first armor. Unfortunately without backpack I cannot join MEPD, so I'm wondering, should I wait for R1 TD to be approved?