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  1. Let's Talk Fans

    Very cool, Kman. I like that bracket set up. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Let's Talk Fans

    I thought I would start a conversation here about helmet fans. So do you use them? How many, 1 or 2? Kit or DIY? Or just your general thoughts. Please feel free to add a picture of your bucket. Cheers
  3. Llama's TD build

    Yup, that's what I did. I bought the kit from Trooper Bay. I think my elastic is much shorter than those shown in Mr No Stripes instructions.
  4. Llama's TD build

    So yeah, totally didn't fit. I'm guessing I need to lose about two inches. My question is do I remove material from the abdomen or the chest? I feel like trimming the abd is the best move because it is covered by the chest. Think I'll pause on the front and move on to some arms.
  5. Llama's TD build

    I made some progress with my armor today. I started working on the abdomen and chest piece. I'm not entirely happy with the strapping system. It doesn't seem to line up at all and the fit is off. I do like how the abd rivets and snap turned out. Any input on the strapping system? I'm thinking of lengthening the elastic to try to increase the overlap along with repositioning the brackets to line up better.
  6. Electronics Forum

    Thanks for adding this section. I enjoy seeing all the different setups people come up with.
  7. Llama's TD build

    Little panic attack causing there, dutchy! Thanks for bringing that up. I just did a real quick check and they seem to be very close. Especially after some dirtiness is added. Looking forward to the electronics section to see everyone's setups.
  8. Llama's TD build

    My new Bucket arrived today. It's a RS Prop Masters Sandtrooper Commision. I'm very happy with it. Now I need to add some fans, wireless mic , new lenses and a good coat of Plasti Dip.
  9. Llama's TD build

    My package has arrived from the Imperial Armor Factory! Lord Vader demands my immediate action to this task. I am told that there are rumors of a teddy bear invasion of Mos Eisley and new recruits are expected to suit up ASAP! But first a picture: Wish me well.
  10. Llama's TD build

    UPS tells me today is Big Brown Box day! Feels like December 24th as a little kid. Every truck that drives by the house gets my attention. I swear FedEx is doing laps in the neighborhood to torment me. Standby for pictures of boxes and white plastic.
  11. Llama's TD build

    Good news everybody! My armor has shipped, should arrive on Wednesday. I'm excited to get started. Steve
  12. Llama's TD build

    Making progress with what I have on hand. Did some weathering on my Pauldron. And my gloves
  13. Llama's TD build

    I'm a little short for a Stormtrooper, 5'8" and a few inches to big around the belly. Sounds like AM may be the way to go. Thanks for the input.
  14. Llama's TD build

    Ok let's try a couple of pics:
  15. Llama's TD build

    So after you guys talking about the chemical gloves being sweaty, I wore mine around the house. Kinda clammy in there. The Gorilla Grip gloves fit my hands so much better, no odd lumps and folds. I think I'll follow the lead of having both available. I'll add another set of latex hand guards to my next order. Kirk, I have not yet ordered my armor. I have narrowed it down to a WTF Kit or an AM kit. I was very close to going with a RS Props kit, but decided to go with a less expensive option. I hope to order within the next week or two. Come on IRS pay up! In other news, I "finished" my Rubies E11 blaster. I think it turned out pretty decent. Pics to follow.