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  1. Thanks bigwam have found a site to cut them back, have done the helmet and weapon parts, am working on pack and Armour now, thanks mate
  2. Weapon *additional comments* - is there a wire on the T-Tracks? I can not see them - is the DLT weathered? RESULT ON WEAPONS pending Wire on the t-tracks & weathering
  3. Hi All, Question, how does everyone get images to fit in these posts? i am trying to put updated images and changes in but constantly getting size issues and problems. I dont want to make images so small you cant see them but fit? Any suggestions or advice on how everyone else has managed this would be great.
  4. Thanks for the clarification, i can get this done quickly and ticked off, appreciate the feedback and images.
  5. Sorry for not highlighting which pack but you are right with pack #3, thanks for the clarification will do wire, thanks again. jeddz
  6. Hi All, Just a quick question just making some tweaks to my pack for approval and have been asked to put leather strap around radio. Looking at other pics and builds looks like most do a wire, can i get some feedback on which is correct, thanks all.
  7. Hey All, Simple question, am finishing up my DLT build and have to add the wire on the barrel. Is the wire black or left silver? and positioning is on both ends of the t-tracks on both sections, feedback is appreciated want to get this right.
  8. Hi Bigwan, I will post the changes and updates you have asked for as each is done *additional comments* - no mesh is allowed - please show me a deatiled pic, that i can see, the tube stripes are hand painted. No mesh Hand painted stripes
  9. Thanks Bigwam, Will make the needed changes and take additional pics and post soon Jeddz
  10. Hi, I have managed to get the pack pics in the thread above so all pictures should be there now for you to look at, let me know if i missed anything or if you require anymore detail or information, thanks.
  11. Hi Bigwan,, I have edited and changed the pics above over and over, i have done everything possible to get the images together but keep getting error of allowable file size. The only pics i have left to add is of the back pack front and both sides. will try doing this today in a separate post but getting file size error.
  12. Thanks Bigwan I have gone through each pic as you listed and added heading to align with requirement, hopefully this is better. I will add pics of backpack all angles and snaps and buttons this weekend Appreciate the help
  13. TK90673 requesting access, had done this before but been asked to do again Southern Cross Garrison
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