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  1. jeddz

    New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Thanks for the feedback Steve
  2. jeddz

    New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Hi All, James here from Southern Cross Garrison, TK90673 i have also had my Sandtrooper 501st approved but have decided to get organised and get PO deployment. Can anyone point me in the process! do i have to apply for a TD number independantly of my TK number? I have the pics from my 501st submission, just need a few other shots and will request. Thanks all
  3. Hi All, i am currently on my second build, i ran 2 at once one TK and then ran a TD build parallel. Going through all the CRL's and points of making the Sandy just right. Thought what better place to post than on the forum where real troops are! LOL I love the Sandtrooper as to me that was my real introduction to the Star Wars story with the troops on the ground doing the dirty work! looking at the extra effort to get the armor right with weathering is just awesome! I will post some pics of build and process and as i get close to finish, want to go for SWAT eventually so any feedback and comments are welcomed. how does everyone post images on here, best method?
  4. jeddz

    Sandtrooper Ab plate

    thanks mate, big help what about the circle? is that just on via the weathering? or should i mold it in?
  5. jeddz

    Sandtrooper Ab plate

    Looking at the Sandtrooper ab plate compared to the standard stormtrooper ab plate you can see that they are different. Is there an ab plate needed to be bought for a sandtrooper ab or do you just leave the armor as is? I have to get a 3 button strip from somewhere but i have seen no mention or image for an ab plate for this armor? Any feedback would be great.
  6. jeddz


    What is the price of this?
  7. jeddz

    Striders Backpack build with found parts

    This is some great detail, its amazing how many difference of opinions and thoughts there are on backpacks. I am halfway through my build and color has been a contentious topic, in the original ANH the color was more of a battleship blue grey which i agree with but then after the recolor and re-release it magically went to a blue color? which is it? I say the grey like in original?
  8. jeddz


    This looks interesting, how would this be setup in the kit? the talkie wired to acker speaker and a mic from the talkie?
  9. jeddz

    Electronics Forum

    I am looking for feedback and advice on what other sandies use for voice comm setups and products. I am doing my build currently and am looking at the different options out there. I am heading down the icomm plus acker setup that seems to be very popular. Not keen on the iphone app options as dont want to get my phone involved in the kit and use. Thoughts? feedback? how others setups look would be great!
  10. Hi, I am building my pack currently and have almost finished, just considering options on the radio, intake tube and flask. Any suggestions on where to get these if i decide not to build myself?
  11. jeddz


    I am currently building my backpack while waiting for my kit to arrive, i will be changing the color of the blue to the now battleship grey color. I am also in 2 minds on do i tape or dont i tape? Looking at the references and different packs some guys put the black tape around the bottom box (seed trays) and some dont. Watching the film over and over i only see the tape on one pack in the road block scene, the rest seem to be without. I am building to the Cantina Captains specs but in this you dont really see his pack to make a call. Looking at submissions it also varies pack to pack so does not seem to impact the submission itself, feedback? Is it a matter of personnel choice? Will it pass submission?