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  1. Thanks very much for getting back to me, I have now passed that information across to our prospective member so she can prepare her kit. All the best for the forthcoming birth :-) Best, Grant/TD-27090
  2. @Lady_Curtis17 - just noticed this thread as I am assisting a prospective female member of our Outpost to get kitted up as a TD (I am GML of the UAE Outpost). Has your kit received approval since April? You mention that a friend has made mods to the armour to suit you. Our future member is approximately the same height as you - are you able to describe what specific parts were adjusted to suit? Was it a matter of shortening the strapping system or were more serious (trims perhaps) made to the armour to help make it fit? Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Grant/TD-27090
  3. Thanks very much for the prompt approval @bigwam, much appreciated! I have just sent my pic across to Luis, so if you need any further information to update my details please let me know. Cheers, Grant / TD-27090
  4. @bigwam - apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Please see below photos of the two required kit modifications (change of pouch from MP-40 to small Spanish pouch and repaint of the bottles and seed tray on the field pack) Please advise when all in order - many thanks! Grant Dyson / TD-27090
  5. Thanks Thomas - is that to say that this type of pouch is not acceptable? With the exception of the brass stud it is virtually the same. Please advise. While I do not mind making modest changes to meet the updated CRL since the date of my initial application, sourcing an item such as the "Small Spanish Mauser Pouch" on Trooperbay is likely to around 80 Euros (incl overseas shipping) so a sensible and cost-efficient option is sought. Regards, Grant.
  6. Thanks again Thomas. 1. Apologies, I mistyped the colour reference to the shoulder pouch - it is in fact black canvas as shown in the posted photos. I have managed to source a small black leather ammo pouch (see link below) which appears equivalent to the small Spanish pouch - before I commit to buy it, can you confirm if this would be acceptable please? 2. I am on it, will revert asap. 3. Ditto. 4. Noted. Cheers, Grant. https://www.flickr.com/photos/163341804@N08/32960660318/in/dateposted-public/
  7. Thanks @bigwamfor the prompt follow-up and inspection. I have four quick points for clarification please: 1. Replacement pouch - I plan on buying the (below) black leather MP-40 three magazine ammo pouch to replace the belt-mounted ammo pouch - before I commit to buying this, please confirm if this colour/style is acceptable? I take it then that the brown shoulder-mounted canvas pouch is acceptable and can remain in place? Please confirm if this is the case; 2. Painting parts of the survival pack: understood - the two seed trays and the two bottles are to be re-painted blue/grey. Please confirm if the blue funnel which sits directly below the radio (see my pack pic) also needs the blue portion to be blue/grey as well? 3. Action pic - yes, noted. I will upload a different (and far more interesting) action photo shortly - this I expect should not delay approval of the kit in the meantime - please confirm; 4. Re-submit pics: can I simply re-post the photos of just the replacement parts for approval/inspection? In this case, the pouch will be slipped on the belt and photographed flat on the floor and I will provide a fresh picture of the complete backpack once re-painted. By way of heads-up, as much as I would like these items changed, sourcing the items from abroad will take some time as I live in the Middle East, but I will respond as soon as the work is done. Looking forward to your replies so I can ordering. Thanks, Grant.
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