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  1. Which backpack?

    Thank you Sir! I can indeed recognize the shells on this photo.
  2. Which backpack?

    Hi guys, I have been searching here and elsewhere but I am still not sure. What would be the right backpack for "Look Sir droids" Davin Felth? If I look at SWAT approval here for those who have the sergeant with the his weathering, there is a backpack #3 (as explained here http://www.looksirdroids.com/backpacks.html) CRL for the desert sergeant also states the same backpack. Since this is the look I'm going for I would go and follow this. But the looksirdroids website says different. http://www.looksirdroids.com/davin_backpack.htm Who can shed some light on this, and what does this mean considdering approval all the way up to SWAT? Thanks
  3. E-11 build

    If there is any doubt I will change the mount.
  4. E-11 build

    Hey guys, For my scratchbuild E-11 I put the D-ring on there like this. https://goo.gl/photos/RZUce4EJpbPSTMXe8 (I hope this works with the photo) Is this alright or is the other mount better? Thnx
  5. Hi from Holland

    Hi Guys, Just joined this week and thought I'd say hi right quick. My name is Paul and I'm from the Netherlands.You could say I'm somewhat of a late bloomer. Trooper fan since 1977 (40 years already ) but only recently able to go and start my own armour. Of course a sandtrooper. I like to make things myself as much as possible and I already saw a lot of info here on MEPD. See how far I can take it. But I'll be aiming for SWAT!