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  1. Grunt

    Paint question for side rivets.

    I used white nailpolish.
  2. Grunt

    Deployed rockers

    So I seen some Deployed rockers pass by online. Are there some to get anywhere? And now that I am deployed myself I'd like me some MEPD patches aswell.
  3. Thanks Gordon, I ordered a coin (in the coin thread)
  4. Thank you guys! Thank you Bigwam for the review. I'm very proud to make it to PO. Making the streets on Tatooine a little saver!
  5. Looking good brother! Good luck!
  6. Oh, I was tickled how the white on the shoes came out. Painting this fabric kind of elastic is a headache. It soaks any kind of paint right up. I made a little mixture of liquid latex and acrylic paint. Same as how I dit the latex for my handguards. That works perfect. It stays pretty flexible.
  7. Ok here we are again! The light was a bit harsh, so there are a few hard shadows. But it'll have to do. And it's not for fashion anyway Shoes Shins And belt Thanks again
  8. Best of luck mate! Come on with those pictures. I switched to Imgur for posting. Works fine.
  9. Thank you guys! I don't know yet what I like best. Compliments about my armour or my beard haha. I'm almost done btw. So making a few extra photo's pretty soon. I want that deployment!!
  10. Thank you brothers for the good luck wishes. Thank you Bigwam for the first review. I'll get on these issues asap.
  11. TD-22438 Reporting in. Paul Molendijk. TD-22438 https://www.501st.com/members/searchresults.php Grunt Dutch Garrison Detail shots. Bucket. Backpack. When the photo's cam in I noticed the mortarpipe wasn't straight enough. So I corrected it afterwarts. E-11 Blaster Thank you very much.