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  1. So, I have this tank assault game with the doopydoos conversion kit. I still have some holes and cracks to fill...and it seems like the Rustoleum made some of the resin parts a little worse...it's my first time working with resin. Seemed like I was done with filling and sanding after my second coat of primer, but it didn't work out that way. Anyway, the real question is how do I make this sandy with flat paint? I've seen quite a few of the video and photo techniques on this site and I'm concerned that traditional methods of throwing a wash on it and then ragging off won't work because the flat paint is going to retain the color. I'm thinking that I need to go with some model techniques and sponge on the weathering. Thanks in advance.
  2. Started to gather parts. Snagged one of Gordonator's last remaining cisterns.
  3. Thanks. I'm going to have to practice this a few times before I try it on a blaster because I'm afraid I'll rub right through the base layer.
  4. TD42115, Would you mind elaborating on the paints/thinners you used? Thanks, Rand
  5. I know this is an odd question and I wasn't sure where to post it. How do you paint the inside of the barrel of a blaster? I was going to go with satin black finish as it would look like the inside of the barrel of a real gun having been cleaned and oiled properly. But, due to Luke mentioning "carbon scoring" in the scene in ANH when he's trying to clean up R2....I thought maybe flat black...especially since we're not talking bullets, but blaster bolts. Is there a consensus on this or is it just a do as you please type thing? Whatever looks good? Thanks.
  6. Hello, I recently got my IC approved. My next project is going to be a TI, but I figured that I might as well get a jump start on my TD, as well. The TD is going to be a long term project. I've done some research and I've decided that, due to my unique form of OCD, that there are certain things I can live with and a few I cannot. For instance, I can look at and tolerate the hand painted (or decals replicating hand painted) details on the helmet, but if I make my helmet with an off-center ****-eyed brow piece I'm going to want to rip it off and straighten it every time I look at it. I'm assuming that these little things will disqualify me for SWAT. I'm ok with that, at least for now. I'm going to go with the Docking Bay 94 V2 Tuck and Roll Captain. I have a tank assault game with a DoopyDoo's Macrobinocular conversion kit that is almost complete. Still needs a bit of filling and sanding and paint. I understand that these were approved for trooping in the 501st at one point; don't know if they still are. If I make it sandy, would it be ok to troop with? I'm sure I'll have more questions and I'll try to research before I ask, but I'm sure you'll get more from me. Thanks, Rand
  7. Request 501st access, IC-50710 http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=23336
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