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  1. congratulations and welcome to sand, heat and the best job in the galaxy...
  2. TD 6758 ''Darth_Ranger'' - Tour of Duty / Costa Rica

    some really great images... would love to have seen a video of Darth Vader doing Zumba...
  3. congrats on a good job, well done Trooper...
  4. Brilliant work Vincent, and congratulations on your approval
  5. Congratulations Bro and welcome
  6. congrats Chris, nice work on all your kit, and welcome to the Sandpit....
  7. good luck with he changes needed, which seem pretty simple to pull of considering the great work you have already gone to to get ready. 100% an easy approval here, great job mate..
  8. *DONE* TD-52232 Requesting Deployment

    cracking work and congratulations Trooper, welcome to the sandpit
  9. congratulations Jerome, great job on your kit...
  10. great Job Ben, and welcome to the best group in the 501st...
  11. *DONE* TD 71024 Requesting Deployment

    Awesome Bradley, great work and welcome to the stables.. now get shovelling there a ton of Dewback **** to move...
  12. TD90006 Trooping log

    Great Job Pawel, see you soon...
  13. TD-18969 (DarthStevius) Tour of Duty

    been a busy Sandie, great troops looking forward to seeing more
  14. great work Steve, I see you had a baby Dewback trying to steal your DLT, pesky little blighters when they are that big..
  15. Good job Sandie, welcome to the hottest ticket in the galaxy... oh and sand lots of sand...