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  1. Nice pics mate good to see some troops happening around the traps
  2. You tube is a great source of info to help people and yours will slot in very nicely. thanks for sharing
  3. Good to see you're making the move to the sandy side
  4. You're making some really good progress on this. well done and keep it up mate
  5. great to see you making progress on this. keep it up
  6. great news Lars. Congratulations and welcome to PO
  7. Great news Luke. Congratulations mate and welcome to the PO crew
  8. Arrest #0055 (of 80) , Astor Theatre - ESB 40th Anniversary, Dec 27th, 2020 Felt soooo good to get back out and troop again this year! ...and it still fits..... just!
  9. These look great Alex. Looking forward to seeing more
  10. Hey Cesar, Good to see you've been working on this. Age isn't really important in this game. Once you're under the bucket, you can be 13 again
  11. Congrats and belated welcome to the PO crew Brian
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