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  1. Well all the parts seem to be there. As Urs says, it just has to look right on your body shape. Those hand guards look quite chunky. It may just be the angle, but they may need trimming a little, and I didn't see any gloves. It'll need some weathering too by the looks of the pic. Pity they don't have a backpack for you too
  2. Super quick. Well done mate, and welcome to the PO gang
  3. Not too many around, but I know of this one https://archive.org/details/GonkDroidStockSoundCLEAN
  4. Congratulation lads and lass - excellent to see some recognition for the desert foxes
  5. Arrest´╗┐ #0054 (of 79) , Disney Australian Open, Jan 25th, 2020
  6. Not sure if some coding has been changed or if it's just me, but the option to show "condensed" or "expanded" topics doesn't seem to work suddenly. both views show exactly the same expanded view. Not a major issue, but thought it may warrant checking. Screen shot attached if it helps.
  7. Hey there Mario, good luck with the build brother. Lots of help here to get you there mate
  8. Good luck James. Pleeeeeeeeenty of resources and info on here to help you hit 100% accuracy. Our SWAT members can attest to the effort that goes into that level of attention to detail. Looking forward to see you get started mate
  9. we're always the one's doing all the work! Well done private
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