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  1. Arrest #0018 (of 20) , Ronald McDonald House Christmas Party - December 3rd 2017 I seem to have a thing for firetrucks! Arguing with the wife over which was the right button to push - I'll let you decide who won that discussion
  2. Nice pic Noah. Congrats on your first parade. Next level prop building... I hope you got flight path clearance !?
  3. Isn't EVERY troop fun [emoji12] ? Weathering is all Acrylic paint, so I've actually been able to be in the rain on a couple of troops and not had any issues - so far... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  4. Arrest #0017 (of 19) , Sap's Family fun day - November 26th 2017 Looking for Droids sir, honest! I'm sure this must be a droid. There's no driver! Maybe we can flood them out of hiding!?
  5. Arrest #0016 (of 18) , Rick James Bricks 1yr Anniversary - October 15th 2017 Soooo much Lego!
  6. maybe they'll even have it shipping prior to the next trilogy!!
  7. As long as you started the topic, you should be able to "edit" your first post in that topic and the title is then editable. it only works in the first post though.
  8. Great new Eliot, congratulations Brother! And welcome to the PO team
  9. Yay! Another PO! well done Vincent
  10. If only he was likely to travel this far... I may have to live with me visiting HIS neck of the woods to stand a chance of a chat
  11. Great Job @Madman welcome to the ranks
  12. I WANT A SANDING TABLE!!! If I say it loud enough it will happen. Or maybe I'll just add it to my Santa's list for Christmas.
  13. Do you already have any elastic on the shoulder bell ? If not, maybe this can help. So create a loop of elastic between the front of the bell and the back for you arm to slide into. You can then use the loop under your bicep to pull the bell in a little tighter. Hopefully I've explained that well enough without pictures?
  14. Try not to let your new found fame go to your head... Don't forget about us Nice pics
  15. What a great idea. Well done mate. Love it!