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  1. Home made backdrop too ? going the extra mile...
  2. Doesn't matter. You've started. which is more than many get to do. Shout with any questions as you go, there's plenty of help on here. I can access the link perfectly, but you might get more input if you can paste the URL links to each photo in your thread (for those you want people to see) and they should automaitcally display here in your thread. Good luck
  3. Clearly more patience than I would have. Full credit for effort and result. Most impressive.
  4. Any pics yet Bro? that can sometimes help pick up on any points you've missed. Even if not fully together yet.
  5. RS do continue to make a good kit. the one likely change you'll need for PO is to replace the two bottles on your backpack. RS provide what was originally believed to be accurate, but since discovered to be ones that are too long. Typically the best guide is a computer monitor wipe tub from your local office supplies retailer. (mine is RS and had to make the same change myself )
  6. Niiiice! congratulations brother
  7. Well done on your first go at this. I'm not sure how your local GML will see it, but I would've thought this will be ok for basic approval. If you are heading for PO, which I hope you do, you may want to tone down some of the darkness aswell as adding a lighter shade to compliment. My personal view is some of your rolling has ended up looking like wiping rather than the effect I think you were going for - if that makes sense. I found 'dabbing' the paint off with a damp fluffy towel produced a more realistic sand effect (and bearing in mind I took a couple of attempts to get it right, stripping back the weathering completely on both occassions before being happier with it). it's a journey, but you're well on the way. Good luck with your approval.
  8. Love seeing these types of buld. looks great so far
  9. Any progress pics to share?
  10. Haha! Walking awkwardly is what we do you need to be reasonably comfortable though so I would get yourself approved, trim a little, wear it for a troop and then tweak again as necessary. some of the squad on here are still tweaking bits years after their approval
  11. Haha! That could explain so many things I've not seen so many of those pics before. Thanks Juan
  12. Great idea Shawn. watching this...
  13. Glad you managed to fix your pouch. One less thing to think about while trooping, and the pics look great
  14. woohoo! congratulations brother!