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  1. Some awesome props to play with there. Very Jealous... Great pics!
  2. Hope you're winning some of those battles brother!
  3. Looking awesome there Juan, and well done reaching 50
  4. Requesting my review for the roughnecks 50 award please (completed in the same week as my 50th Birthday ) thank you
  5. Arrest´╗┐ #0050 (of 64) , Royal Melbourne Show, Sept 22nd, 2019 Completed in the same week as my 50th Birthday Leading the parade With the Parks Victoria mascot - a big Star Wars fan! and some of today's team (including @Dragon_a)
  6. Once you go dirty.... Congratulations on your first TD troop.
  7. congratulations Johan. great news and kit looks great.
  8. Excellent work Grant. congrats and welcome to the PO frat
  9. Arrest´╗┐ #0049 (of 61) , Connor's Run, Sept 15th, 2019 Cheering on the runners With obligatory TV appearance While contemplating the meaning of life
  10. Fantastic news mate. Congratulations
  11. Hi Adam, RS Props are a very reliable group to get a commissioned costume from. Many of us on here have (including myself). However, regardless where you buy, there is no guarantee it is approvable out of the box. Approval is all about how a costume fits your specific body shape. The RS kit will be pretty close, if not spot on for you. But there's no guarantee. Their Sandy comes with a very light weathering, so should be good enough for standard approval, but likely to need some additional weathering for Police Officer (which there are plenty of tips and trick available on this site). For SWAT, you will definitely need to do more weathering as you need to be screen accurate to a specific character (of your choice). The other piece from RS you are likely to need to alter will be the blue milk containers on the back-pack. Again, there is more detail on this site, but their shade of blue isn't quite right for Police Officer status. All that said, I personally can highly recommend their kit and customer service. If you go ahead with them, start a build thread on here, get some photo's up of yourself in the kit, and we can give you some guidance on what, if anything, may need changing for approval. Good Luck mate
  12. Definitely worth a comment - fun, awesome pics
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