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  1. Try not to let your new found fame go to your head... Don't forget about us Nice pics
  2. What a great idea. Well done mate. Love it!
  3. Hey James, there's a number of options for this. Most use a photo hosting site like Imgur or Flikr. Not much between them by all accounts so probably comes down to personal preference. Just don't bother with Photobucket
  4. Worked ok for me. Well done for your first effort brother
  5. nice idea. What's the weight difference between the original and your foam version?
  6. Personally, I think it might risk getting too confusing and we should keep to PO and SWAT. Who knows where the franchise will go and how many other costumes/locations we might get. If we had a different naming convention for each it wouldn't feel very joined up.
  7. nice pics Bro!
  8. Arrest #0015 (of 17) , Scienceworks Astrolight festival - September 23rd 2017 Came out of stasis better than the other guy, ready for my patrol of their space exhibition Photo opps didn't all quite go according to plan...
  9. Looking really good Thomas, doing the team proud over there
  10. Great job Flash, they look awesome. I don't use an E11, but well done.
  11. Well done Paul. I had to double take then. I thought you found a droid and the real John Wick
  12. It does seem about time that you did this The skills must be fully honed by now so you should be able to knock this out the park... no pressure! Good luck. I'm looking forward to following this closely.
  13. phew! Sounds like some well deserved good news. Well done for hanging in there
  14. EPIC news Well done brother!
  15. very nice pics and memories brother