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  1. A Sandtrooper in the making...my WIP.

    I'm enjoying following this Brad, keep up the good work. You're making great progress.
  2. Well done John. Worth all the hard work mate
  3. First TD Build

    This is looking great Jason. I know you wanted to go dusty for your pouches and pauldron, but I wonder if you need to go a little heavier? (it could just be my crappy ipad)
  4. *DONE* TD-92698 Requesting Deployment

    Very nice Scott. Congratulations Bro
  5. How's this for dedication?

    You were so close to greatness Either way, nice touch!
  6. SOLO - Mimban Trooper CRL Development

    In some of those pics it looks like FO undersuits maybe too! an odd combination if thats the case (although it could just be that's because it's an action figure)
  7. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    That's what I'm thinking yes.
  8. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    What about a bandana instead of a cap? I'm sure they make them pre-formed so you don't have to try and tie it every time - maybe elasticated, but then it might look more like a shower cap which is not a good look! It could still have patches attached, but can also be worn under the bucket (as some troopers do already). That way it's already in place when you take your bucket off, without worrying about keeping it on you as a separate piece of uniform.
  9. *DONE* TD-23272 Requesting Deployment

    Congratulations Rick. Welcome to the PO crew
  10. TD-80123 Tour of Duty log

    Great pics mate. well done
  11. *Done* TD 7365 Requesting Deployment

    well done dude. congratulations
  12. Aussie New Recruit

    Welcome to the forum Brett. Whereabouts in Aus are you? I'll let others chip in with their pointers on boots and pouches as my kit came as one and there are several options for both. I know Blaster 8266 makes some pouches (try this thread here )
  13. *DONE* TD 93905 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats bro. Well done!
  14. First build - Weathering my Sandtrooper

    It looks like you've sandied the lenses too? It looks nice and Sandy, but with already limited visibility, you may want to keep them clean, just so you can see...
  15. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    This should get you there if you haven't found it already