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  1. RS Propmasters Sandtrooper

    Sorry mate I don't remember. Everything that comes to my office is signed for by our mail room on my behalf
  2. RS Propmasters Sandtrooper

    I ended up not getting any progress pics with mine, so heaven only know WHEN it started being built. that said, the six to eight wks was accurate and once they notified me it was on its way it arrived (in Australia) within 48 hours. my understanding is they will cycle through each of their builds. So a batch of Sandies, a batch of pilots, a batch of tree huggers etc. depending on where they are in that cycle when your order gets confirmed will determine when they start building it. they're a good company so I'm confident your patience will be rewarded tip: keep an eye on their facebook page. That gives you an idea of what costume they're working on.
  3. congratulations sir! Excellent work
  4. *DONE* TD 16103 Requesting Deployment

    Congratulations Mike. Welcome to the PO crew
  5. Depends if they need to be canon or not. I picked some up from Etsy which do the trick nicely when we have no weapons events.
  6. TD-18542 "LoveMonkey" Tour of Duty

    Great pics mate! that little girl looks in awe. Future trooper.....
  7. RS Propmasters Sandtrooper

    Hey Michael and welcome to the forum. RS do rightly have a good reputation. I have one of their kits and several others on here do to. A year ago their turnaround was about 8wks and communication was great throughout that time. I'm not sure if they're still taking the same sort of time. Maybe some more recent purchasers will chip in. for basic approval, the only real tweaks tend to be adding some additionaly 'weathering' and possibly changing the colour of the two bottles on their packs to a slightly greyer blue than they provide. Assuming the measurements have translated correctly into your kit and it fits as expected once you're wearing it, then there shouldn't be much more needed. If you end up levelling up later (PO or SWAT) then you will need further adjustments, but for basic approval there's not usually anything more needed. It's not really anything you can prepare for until we see you in pictures wearing it... For sound, there could be a number of factors that the trooper in question was experiencing (mic placement, system settings, volume settings, etc.) so can't talk to their set up. But most of the good setups you'll see recommended on here should be adequate enough to be louder than the troopers own voice. I use TRamp, but others in my Garrison use TKtalkie with no issues. There are others. good luck, and look forward to seeing you kitted up and trooping
  8. *DONE* TD-10276 Requesting Deployment

    Well done Markus and welcome to the PO's
  9. My Magmatrooper Build/Finished build

    Well done Tom. Great news mate.
  10. The Command Staff members

    Urs and Thomas - congratulations gents. well deserved.
  11. Ducktapemanequin for armour display

    Lucky you got cut out! Could've been awkward... love the idea though. Much more personal than a standard mannequin. Well done!
  12. quick tip on Flikr @Knockerbot... (are you using PC or your phone app?) On your PC if you open the photo you want the link for, you'll then see four symbols in the bottom right corner. Click on the large arrow to "share" (second symbol from the right) . In the pop-up box that comes up, select the BBCode option at the top. Then select the size of pic you want to share from the drop down box (I normally pick a medium option). Then copy the code that you can see. Paste this code directly into your thread on here. Follow that process for each photo you want to share, then click submit. Feel free to drop me a PM if you're still having trouble.
  13. Help promote the MEPD!

    I think I'll stick with my paint and brush method thanks!
  14. Page load time

    It doesn't quite seem worth a new thread, but anyway... Is anyone else noticing really slow load times for every page on here at the moment ? Is something going on ? Even the main mepd.net is taking forever, let alone getting into the forum. I'm pretty sure it's not me as everything else is loading really well and MEPD is a lot slower for me than it used to be. I'm experiencing similar with the SLD forum which I remember reading somewhere uses the same server as us ? (forgive me if thats the wrong terminology)
  15. tiny┬┤s dune patrol

    Well done Markus. Great memories