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  1. Yosh's Build

    So the blue I have is just a little too bright, so I just barely hit it with some dark grey primer. In the photo it looks more grey than it actually is. Because the shake weight needs to sit up higher, I carved out a track in this piece of wood and screwed it to it. Then painted it black so you don't see it. Used the same white glossy paint for the canisters as I did for the armor. It is a great feeling to finally get this stuff attached. It looks really good! I hit the ends of the canisters with some brown because that's how the sixth scale fig looks, also some black weathering for the top blue cone. I am so happy with it!
  2. Yosh's Build

    So this started foe me when I got the 1/6 scale hot toys fig and just fell in love. I thought (and still do) that this pack is just the coolest. I debated for a little bit on making the crystal patrol pack but then decided to stay with my first love. I started out pulling measurements from the fig and making a moc up with cardboard just to get an idea of size. I hope everyone can see the photos. I knew the parts the attached the antenna would need to be solid so I made the out of 1/2 plywood. Again sizing up my parts
  3. Yosh's Build

    I drilled holes in the clips and counter sunk them just a little to try to hide the screws that will hold them on. They came with holes underneath to hold the grenades in but I couldn't get it to line up right. So my solution was to cover the holes with a piece of plastic. Then when I screwed them on they stay straight. After painting.
  4. Yosh's Build

    This is the size I'm looking forward. Those two aren't any good but I ran out of styrene so I'll have to wait to get some more in.
  5. Yosh's Build

    Unfortunately the small 3d printed boxes that go inside the large boxes and a bit too small so I'll have to remake them. To keep them light weight I'm going to try vacuum forming them. I made this from plywood then realized isn't too detailed to get a good imprint out of it, so I cut it in half.
  6. Yosh's Build

    I got the canisters sanded up and I didn't need to apply a second coat of resin, so that' a plus. Cut the ends off of the original canisters and glued them on the new ones After priming them they start to look like soup thermoses. Also started priming a few of the other parts. Sandy and priming a few time to try to get rid of the lines from the printing I don't remember if I took pictures of my frame before or not but here it is
  7. Yosh's Build

    So very close, I had hoped to be done by Sunday, but I've having to remake more of the backpack parts than I had hoped. So hopefully if the next two weeks Had a great test fit. Sorry for the blurry photo, the sun was going down and that was all the time I had yesterday. I learned a lot. I need to change some things
  8. Yosh's Build

    I was able to paint the thighs today and hopefully (with my wife's participation) I can get some pictures tomorrow. I started on the backpack. the first thing is the white canisters are too small so I'm remaking them using a poster tube I had lying around. I cut circles and glued them to the ends to seal them up. Then I resined them. It made some tiny bubble in some areas, if they don't sand out I'll have to add a second coat of resin.
  9. Yosh's Build

    I cut plastic strips for the bottoms of the thighs, glued them on and bondo in the gaps After sanding
  10. Yosh's Build

    I finished up the ab, and I'm pretty happy with it.
  11. Yosh's Build

    I'm just kidding, my wife loves me. She would never do that... Or would she
  12. Yosh's Build

    Lol thanks! Stupid money is right! If I don't post here for more than a week, call the cops. Tell them to dig holes in the backyard, it was probably my wife
  13. Yosh's Build

    Great news! The 3d printed parts for my pack are in! Because the backpack is supposed to be strapless I'll need to support the weight. I attached suspenders to the snaps underneath and that will hook onto the ab. Hopefully that will prevent the back from sliding down and pushing the chest up, choking me.
  14. Yosh's Build

    Gluing the details on. It occurred to me half way through this project that I could have contacted one of the other armor makers that make shoretroopers and asked to buy the ab only. It would have been easier to cut out that little middle extra top section and add buttons that to cut out all three details and remake them almost from scratch. Oh well
  15. Yosh's Build

    Finally got to work on the belt today. I cut 1/8 plywood and glued them in the backs of the boxes so I can screw into it. I predrilled the holes and counter sunk the other side so the screws sit somewhat in the holes. I have a snap in the middle of the belt. I'm debating if I want to do snaps for the sides or velcro. I definitely interested to do snaps for the sides of the back belt. Apparently I rushed one of the boxes so I had to remake it today. I should have the belt all done tomorrow
  16. Yosh's Build

    Thank you! I really hope it turns out as good as I'm imagining.
  17. Yosh's Build

    I haven't been able to do much in the last few days. I did get the knee plate on though. Also got the back of the thighs glued together.
  18. Yosh's Build

    It looks like a mess now, but after I clean it up and paint it it will blend right in I learned so so much from today's test fit. For one, that top area of the ab has to go. Another thing is the upper part of my under suit needs to be tailored to fit better. I was bulging out of the elbows and armpits.
  19. Yosh's Build

    This is one of the things I'm most proud of, vacuum forming my own belt boxes and drop boxes. Replacing the ridiculously large drop boxes was a must. Almost finished them
  20. Yosh's Build

    I put blue tape on the 1/6 scale figure and traced out the thigh pattern. Then I put the tape on paper and cut it out. Then I traced the pattern on graph paper. With that I could make it 1/6 larger, and cut out a real life pattern. Then I traced it on the thighs I cut out that back cover strip and I'll reattach it. I'll cut plastic to fill in the bottoms. In the end it should have the look it want.
  21. Yosh's Build

    Originally I used velcro to conect in the back, but after the test fit today I decided to go with snaps. More progress!
  22. Yosh's Build

    So this isn't the finished product, I've still got to do some sanding and filling but it's coming along nicely! Its thick enough that I could use screws to attach the shoulder straps. I wanted something that I could take on and off if there ever was a problem later on down the road.
  23. Yosh's Build

    Clips are moved down Ab is coming along nicely. I cut the details out and took 3/4 off the middle.
  24. Yosh's Build

    A few parts painted Happy with my chest and back conection. Still working on connecting the shoulder straps.