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  1. Fantastic work! I love the attention to detail! I've been thinking about building an 850AW kit, after I said some negative things about Jimmy's first wave. So I'm very curious how yours turns out.
  2. Thats funny, I've been trying to tell people about the bubblehead effect.
  3. I felt that it was a bit too gray and looked dried so when I went back and put a thick layer of clear coat over it I got more of a muddy look to it. My first troop with it I was really happy with how it did. The cape is just so cool!
  4. I finally took the plunge and weather the whole costume. For my application photos I forgot to shorten the cape. But no one really noticed.
  5. The helmet is mine, the armor is jimmys kit heavily modified.
  6. I didn't go crazy on details because I knew I was going to cover most of it up with paint. I used this dark grey mixed with water and plaster of Paris first. As it was wet, it was perfect. The perfect color and consistency. But when it dried, it came out way too light. So I added the black and waited a bit to let it thicken up before I applied it. I'm pretty happy with the results. I'm not quite finished yet, there are a few areas I want to touch up again and I may need to apply a top coat to seal it in when I'm ready. Also I made a few streaks I need to try to get out, Windex maybe? I might do some browns and tans to give it a more earth look and less grey. Haven't quite decided yet.
  7. My opinion is that its really caked on and that for the most part only the edges are scuffed up to show details. Understandably that its different lighting and a different camera. Because the OT sandtroopers must have a pack for getting deployment even if there are sandtroopers in the film on Mos Eisley that dont wear a backpack. As you know because you're deployed. I really look forward to seeing how this thread progresses, it will help me out in my build.
  8. Hi Scott! Not too shabby! I will most likely be going mimban soon myself. If I could throw in my two cents. I would actually say to go thinker on the mud. You may need a flash light on your E-11 and the 4 ammo pouch. Also I'm of the opinion that you will need a backpack but then again, that might be saved for swat. Best of luck to you!
  9. Getting some work done on the helmet!
  10. I've got to say, I'm definitely a fan of the cape now. I just put it on to see how it fits and feels. My wife thinks its really cool and its hard for me to impress her.
  11. Thank you so much! I am very proud to be the first R1 sandy in the legion but definitely won't be the last. I sure soon there will be many more as the crystal patrol CRL is almost finished. Vielen vielen dank!
  12. M38 Scope is on Color has been changed. It looks a little darker in person than I thought it would but definitely less blue and more grey now. I should be able to take some new full body photos and action photos this weekend, I was just really excited and wanted to post as soon as possible.
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