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  1. To be honest originally I wasn't going to include this detail however the 3D printed parts are taking longer than expected so I had some more time to work on it. Krookknight told me the parts will be shipping nxt week. He says his printers are down so he's going to Outsource the remaining parts
  2. Glad to hear. I like the leather look much better, looks more professional. I just don' want it to get in the way of my approval, then have to buy another. My theory behind it (other than the blurry photo) was that we know the under the orange pauldrons is white fabric. It would be easier for the prop guy to just flip it over than make separate white ones. Coupled with the fact that it'sthe first and only pauldron to have a solid color going across it.
  3. I contacted Krookknight to see if he would 3d print just the parts inside the boxes as it would save me a ton of time and be more lite weight than what I could do, and probably look better in the end. Here I was just starting to get the boxes together. Again, plywood to support the weight Here you can see I've got the corners rounded
  4. Antenne is pretty much rapped up I wanted the boxes to be as lite as I could get them so I when with a 3/8 thick polystyrene core with a paper outside
  5. Also knew I wanted the top of the antenna to come off for easy transport I used bondo to get some of the angels I wanted. Finally taking shape
  6. So this started foe me when I got the 1/6 scale hot toys fig and just fell in love. I thought (and still do) that this pack is just the coolest. I debated for a little bit on making the crystal patrol pack but then decided to stay with my first love. I started out pulling measurements from the fig and making a moc up with cardboard just to get an idea of size. I hope everyone can see the photos. I knew the parts the attached the antenna would need to be solid so I made the out of 1/2 plywood. Again sizing up my parts
  7. I sure hope so, I just ordered one from trooperbay
  8. I have a question concerning the pauldron. In the photo the white pauldron looks like just a normal pauldron flipped over to show the white cotton underside on top. However the hot toys 1/6 scale is leather. I was really close to getting a leather one made, then I thought I'd ask first. So what is it, leather or normal cloth?
  9. I'm almost done with the hard pack, just waiting on some 3d printed parts to come in. I'm sure it is the most accurate you will find right now. As far as modeling it, I'm ordering my kit now so it will be a little bit. I see a lot more people have completed the soft pack so looks like that will be the model photo
  10. I ordered parts and am looking forward to starting this building. I'm a big fan of how this pack looks
  11. Are there any other sandy related events for Celebration planed?
  12. Johan Warden requesting access for the 501st section TK-42131 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=19164