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  1. This is some really great work. I love the details you put into it. The only criticism I have is that the bed roll still looks too puffy, and has a bit too many folds from too much fabric. I'm the CRL Model for the Jedha Trooper and I was going to do the other as well (as I have the crystal pack) but I just cant seem to get my helmet redesign off the ground. Good luck!
  2. Did anyone see any in Solo? I don't remember seeing any but I've only seen it a few times.
  3. The top two images are the only i could find, so if you have one feel free to send it my way. So the first thing i noticed (other than the black stock of course) was that the ribs start a little be further down the barrel as we are used to. After the second strip and not the first. I also noticed that other than the ribs it has no greebles. Its too blurry to see so i assume the flashlight is the standard one that we see on the E-11s. I think its interesting that the strap is attached to the top on what looks like both ends. The other image dosen't have a strap at all. With this image i noticed that the rear sight seems to have been taken off and filed down or changed to be more low profile. Also, i don't mean to get too critical but the main barrel seems to be thinner that some of our home made props.
  4. yoshix

    Writing the R1 TD CRL

    Ill have a little comparison over on the weapons forums shortly. Talking about what i have found
  5. Right now im experimenting with a strap connected to my back plate to simulate a backpack strap. Im a bit picky about positioning so i really hope this works out.
  6. yoshix

    trooperbay v trooper1

    I have three pauldrons from trooperbay and they are super quality! But when I do a side by side comparison with the screen caps, they seem to be a bit larger. It could also be that I am small in my armor. I'm suppressed no one has any photos comparing the two. I plan to order one from trooper1, especially after reading so many positive reviews here.
  7. yoshix

    Yosh's Hot Toys Build

    Just like a Jedi to stab you in the back, pack.
  8. yoshix

    Yosh's Hot Toys Build

    I forgot to mention, the straps that hold the bedroll on did not take to ether type of bye. I took a lighter to one of the ends and it melted together like plastic so I think I'll try again when I re-dye the alice pack. If after I'm still not happy I'll eventually buy new straps.
  9. yoshix

    Yosh's Hot Toys Build

    I took it out for a troop yesterday, I'm just waiting to get the pictures back to post them here. A few things I learned: Even after cutting the extra plastic off its still a little heavier than my HWT pack. When I did my test fit before the troop I was worried this would be a problem. Fortunately I didn't really nothing during the troop. I was really pleased with how the backpack preformed. I did have to duck a little going through door, kinda felt like a limbo party every time, but in armor. At this even there was an area under the main building that had a low clearance that I couldn't really enter. It was later explained that my antenna was about 4 inches too high and I would have been scraping the ceiling the hole time. But honestly, how often does that kind of situation arise. The other this is the pack is harder to get on and off than my HWT pack. I can do it on my own but the chance is mich higher that I was damage my shoulder bells or the conection straps. Luckily, I don't think I have ever trooped alone and most likely never will so there is always someone to help me. Another thing I did was rum an elastic strip from the chest to the sholder bell, as the backpack pushes the shoulder bells too far apart. This worked well for appearance but it limits my arm motion a bit. I have also decided to dye the alice pack to make it darker. I'm happy with the brown as it looks a lot like the hot toys figure, but it really should be a little more movie accurate. Hopefully I'll get to it next week. My fear is that after, it will be all black and I will loose that brown all together. Maybe by leaving it in the dye for a shorter amount of time I can achieve this. Another thing is my rubber antenna cord. First off I think it's just a little too thick. I may try to look for a thinner one. I know it looks fat next to the inaccurate rod but still. The other thing is (and I'd be curious to know if anyone else has had this problem) because the cord is rubber it has started to turn grey. I was thinking maybe some tier cleaner to make it not so dried out. I'm open to suggestions.
  10. yoshix

    Yosh's Hot Toys Build

    Please remember this is still a wip This is weird, in all the photos the alice pack looks much more of that original green than in real life. I darkened up the bottom photo ti give you a better idea of the color. Also, I was working with some plaster and I flung a little bit on it to give a dirty look. The straps are from the Swedish backpack and did not take to the poly iDiy so I just have them tied on for now. I'l try a natural diy this weekend. What can Brown do for you
  11. yoshix

    Yosh's Hot Toys Build

    This shows what I cut off of the sides. I also sprayed it with some dark grey to knock that green back a little. I just used an orange spray paint I had lying around to try to get a decent effect. I did tape it off and was hoping for a more squared look but that's ok. Hard to tell from the picture but I sanded down the hook so that it sits a little more downward. I wanted more of a hanging effect. I started on the bedroll. To get an even look I glued together some foam and used a ban saw to round over the edges some.
  12. yoshix

    Yosh's Hot Toys Build

    I'm sorry everyone, but I just couldn't justify spending $40-60 on a fishing rod that I'm just going to cut and use a third of. So I went to Walmart and pick up this 6' rod for $10 I had some of this aluminum wire lying around that I feed through the rubber tubing to help give it more of an even spiral and to help it hold its shape. I think it came out pretty well. Not the most accurate but that's OK with me for now. After you guys see what I did to my Alice pack, you'll know I'm not all that worried about an inaccurate antenna. Maybe one day I'll upgrade.
  13. yoshix

    Yosh's Hot Toys Build

    This is where I lose the purist. I noticed that the ammo box had a little bit of wight to it so I started cutting off un-needed plastic. I actually cut more off the side, I'll take a picture and show it later. I thought "why not" I have the other half to replace it if it doesn't work.
  14. yoshix

    Yosh's Hot Toys Build

    I cut off the old timey clips from the Swedish backpack. I hit everything with some aluminum black to knock the shin down and sanded them to give them a great used look
  15. yoshix

    Yosh's Hot Toys Build

    I got my frame and ammo case. Like I posted before, one of the clips that hold the bedroll on came in smaller as the others. I decided to go ahead and use it though.