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  1. TD Knee Plate Placement

    Ah yes, the dreaded plate catcher. I'll get my thights properly strapped, and see how it is.
  2. TD Knee Plate Placement

    Thanks all. Speaking to Szen, we had to do a few more tweaks to get it to look correct on my skinny legs. I'm happy with how it looks now. Excuse the blinding whiteness, I've not jumped in a sand pit yet.
  3. TD Knee Plate Placement

    Just saw, thanks sven
  4. TD Knee Plate Placement

    I see what you mean, maybe I'll see how it looks when I'm wearing the thighs.
  5. TD Knee Plate Placement

    Perfect description. How does this look?
  6. TD Knee Plate Placement

    Thanks. Any measurement for how far down the knee plate should stop? Or should I just eyeball it from looking at photos?
  7. Hey guys, Sorry if this has been asked hundreds of times, but all the old threads I've been looking at have be ruined by Photobucket. What it the ideal placement of the Knee Plate? and would you recommend gluing tabs behind it?
  8. Field Packs Only....No BLASTERS Allowed

    Question, I've seen photo's of speakers and MP3 players/IPODS inside of trooper's backpacks? What are they used for? To play Cantina music as your walk around? To play general Sandtrooper Radio chatter? I'm intrigued.
  9. Need help to choose armor

    I have never built a kit, and I can barely make myself a tidy sandwich. But with the vast amount of guides, videos and people around to help, I've taken the plunge and ordered a RS kit. I'm fairly confident that I can build a Armor kit to at least basic approval. But also depends where you live to where you can get the best priced armor, as places like Anovos have expensive shipping fee's (Was £350-£400 just for UK delivery :().
  10. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Thanks officers.
  11. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Hi guys, My name is Tom from Swansea U.K., and I have recently ordered a RS Propmasters Sandtrooper kit, can't wait for it to arrive. This will be the first time I have ever done something like this so I'm a bit nervous, but I'll be OK as there's plenty of guides and help on the Internet. I have done a bit of research and I think the setup I will go with is a black pauldron, with an E-11 blaster (I basically want to look like some sort of rookie/new enlister). Regarding the backpacks, I have seen some reference pictures with it, and some without. So are they optional? As I would rather not wear one (for now), being the rookie I am, I accidentally dropped it into a Sarlaac pit.