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  1. They look great! I'm currently working on a pair a friend 3d printed for me, what finish of paint did you use, semi gloss, satin, or gloss? Thanks!
  2. TD 1636 Requesting Deployment

    Hey welcome aboard Mike! Your videos are top notch, I used them to build my TD and my son's TK. Awesome work!
  3. Tapatalk problem ?

    So is the MEPD completely off tapatalk right now? It's disappeared from the app.
  4. *Done* TD 7365 Requesting Deployment

    Well done Roddie, looking good brother!
  5. *Done* TD 7365 Requesting Deployment

    Looking good bro, love the pack!
  6. *DONE* TD-42074 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats! Well done!
  7. *DONE* TD 16103 Requesting Deployment

    Awesome! Glad to join the ranks, thank you!
  8. *DONE* TD 16103 Requesting Deployment

    Sorry, my bad...Here ya go...
  9. *DONE* TD 16103 Requesting Deployment

    Here are the requested changes, thanks!
  10. *DONE* TD 16103 Requesting Deployment

    Thanks for the comments, I already fixed the bottle on the pack. I’ll get on the other things and submit in a few days when I can get someone to help me take pics.
  11. *DONE* TD-10276 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats Markus! Looking good!
  12. *DONE* TD-10276 Requesting Deployment

    Good looking kit! You should be set, love the RT 97C! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. *DONE* TD 16103 Requesting Deployment

    Doh! Thanks man....! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk