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  1. I have acrylic paints raw and burnt umber along with tan, mustard, grey and a fullers earth 3 pack from Trooperbay. I came across a thread here where a member used those acrylics to weather it better.
  2. Fully understand. The tweaking does not bother me and fully understood what's needed. Glad those tweaks were pointed out. The dirty part got me. I do not want to overdo the weathering or underdue. Thanks for your input. Well appreciated.
  3. Hi there. Unfortunately, the costume was not approved. 1. Needs to be more dirty and Sandy 2. A tweak in the sniper knee plate and few other things. 3. Also, would need a MP 40 pouch for my shoulder. Is What I have so far is fine for basic TD approval? I was looking to appeal the gml decision made if that's possible. Thanks
  4. 1.Gary Maxwell 2. 19729 3. JediMax 4. ECG Empire City Garrison
  5. Sorry for late response. Yes. On eBay it looked cheap and the seller was taken down. I had sent photos to my mentor. I was able to find one by one of the members here and very happy with the look and weight.
  6. Hi there. I recently saw a T 21 on eBay for $150. Not sure if the seller name was merc surply out in California. Would this be an ok but? Thank you
  7. Thanks Ian at Sandi comma for the radio. Awesome guy to work with!! Keeps you updated through the process. Looking forward to painting.
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