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  1. Awesome Will do thanks again everyone. Will try to get some photos up tonight
  2. Ill look into his just in case but this is all black leather and already partially weathered by age and use hahaha. are the pauldrons and TD knee from trooperbay acceptable?
  3. I have a three pouch black leather MP40 pouch that also has the small tool pouch attached to it. is that acceptable? Ok so i can get white, orange, or black correct? those are the accepted colors for MEPD. Are their three levels of approval? Basic 501st? Police Officer and Swat?
  4. Hello everyone i just got approval for the forum and I'm looking forward to keeping you all up to date on my TD build. A couple of notes: Its mainly made up of an Anovos TK, Was originally planning to just go the TK route but i changed my mind. A couple of questions: Do i need a pauldron and backpack for basic approval? Does anyone know a good armor maker for slightly larger troopers, i could use a new set of shoulders and thighs to better fit my physique. Other than those things i am well on my way to completion. I will post photos after work. I have actually worn the armor a number of times as an unfinished TK for a few non 501st events. So much of the build is done. I still need to finish Calves, Thighs, Shoulder Straps, and weathering. Thanks in advance for all your help! Floyd
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