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  1. Fieldmarshall Build

  2. Fieldmarshall Build

    Just got tons stocks
  3. Fieldmarshall Build

    Some frame progress,,,
  4. Fieldmarshall Build

    Rear cap retaining ring completed http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/37883-fieldmarshall-build/page-1 ebay http://www.ebay.com/usr/vmusicstore http://www.warmachinepaintball.com/ http://www.warmachinepaintball.com/online-store-replicas/ http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=267831
  5. Fieldmarshall Build

    Check with the atf about any problems,,,, it will be alum not steel... Ill keep you updated on this...
  6. Fieldmarshall Build

    My newest scope m19 ,, i make a machined m38 also Currently casting it too
  7. Fieldmarshall Build

    Ive spent alot of time in the rpf and whitearmor ,,, this one is newer to me ill try to keep you guys up on what im doing.... The e11, hengstler ,dl44, m19 and the m38 have been my focus.... Now Henry/slyfox has got me obsessed with the deathtropper build.... Your input and help are always welcomed ..........
  8. Fieldmarshall Build

  9. Fieldmarshall Build

    Back cap,,, one of the toughest parts Cast in aluminum
  10. Fieldmarshall Build

  11. Fieldmarshall Build

    got most of the stock assembly completed...
  12. Fieldmarshall Build

  13. Fieldmarshall Build

    Been a while since i posted here,,, ill try to catch up,,,, I getting close to completing the e11 alum build ... Sept /oct
  14. Fieldmarshall Build

    Thanks a lot Felice, I like the concept here! You do a lot of work in this forum? I love the details , if you have been following me in the other forum you know that! Im new to the MEPD Is there anything I should know ? I'm still going thru a lot of the posts learning what is going on.
  15. Fieldmarshall Build

    New tube parts coming out tooo....