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  1. While I appreciate the compliment the build itself was sold off as mentioned in the previous post. But I figured I stop by and at least cap the end of the thread. ( Or at least until I decide to lose a lil more weight and begin with a WTF or ATA kit this time.)
  2. It was an extreme shame that I sold all but the helmet on that unfinished kit. I truly did want to become a sandtrooper. But alas the only finished kit I have is my Mandalorian. Let it be known I did use things I learned here to apply it to that kit.
  3. Hopefully within the upcoming weeks I can find an armor party and get this build finally finished.
  4. Ah I may try that then. Thank you for the suggestion.
  5. Ah so it came to my attention that I cannot make a template from the sticker. Tubestripe stickers it is. Thanks for getting back to me so quick. I'll probably also adjust the weathering a little more.
  6. Luckily this morning I actually found the tube stickers that wtf sent with the helmet. Which means I can either try to use the sticker outline as a template orrrrr just put the stickers on it. However if memory serves for level 2 certification they need to be painted right? Also that aside did the rest of the helmet look good enough for level 2?
  7. Oops. So I may have been a bit distracted working on repairing and upgrading a old Don Post scout helmet. Good news is it's almost up to par. Moving along I got tired of looking at a unpainted lid. So I went ahead and painted and weathered my sandtrooper helmet. As far as I'm concerned it is finished. Also for the life of me I did my best on the stripes. Be gentle. Anyways what do you guys think? I know that weathering is mostly a person opinion thing. Hit me with what ya think.
  8. Sounds good to me! Thank you for the input.
  9. Finished the helmet. Now I have a question for the peanut gallery. Firstly yes I know the exact colors to use and even the numbers in humbrol paint. However I have like $35 in acrylic paint from previous projects. Now in your opinions is there anything that makes humbrol brand better? Or is it just used since it is accurate to what was used on screen? With that being asked here is my new abs helmet from WTF.
  10. Ok so a few classes got in the way of working on my armor, but I should be good now in them. Moving along. I decided to go ahead and work one the other helmets while I angrily stare at the useless thighs. Made decent progress on the left ears tonight as well. Also yes I will put the rivet in later. I was too lazy to go out to the shop to grab the riveter.
  11. So about the biceps...I was gonna put the clips in, but since I sorta made them a tad on the small side I can keep them up with my bicep.
  12. Actually had a question about the bells. They seem to sit away from my body a little ways. Did I put the strap in the wrong area? (As shown in the last post?)
  13. Ok so forearms are done and so are shoulder bells. Also as you can see I have 50+ snaps and I got 25 yards worth of 2 inch webbing. No more playing around with single snap points. Everything shall have two to ensure zero failings of the snaps. Now I just need someone to help make sure everthing sits correctly.
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