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    Wook's Docking Bay 94 Captain Build (AP)

    Beautiful work, your paint job looks very much like the real deal!
  2. Following in the footsteps of Jcalus (Jon) and Bigwam (Thomas), I wanted to have my own Bapty DLT built using original parts. I was lucky to source an original MG 34 cooling jacket, bipod and flashhider. I´ve build my own wooden back part on my first Bapty DLT, but unfortunately was too busy last month to do that again (as it is quite a lot of work and very messy) ...fortunately I have a good friend who has already quite a lot of experience building these part and he has again done a terrific job on mine, couldn´t be happier, thanks a lot, Martin (Heroma)! I have some replica grips from Latvia too, but dropped one of them and a part broke off... but as it only adds to the used look of the Bapty, I didn´t bother too much and used it anyway. As this build actually uses the same approach as those by Jon and Thomas, I will not include any pics of the building process but only of the finished Blaster. So this is what it is supposed to look like: And here it is: Also added the little wire around the triggerguard: original: mine:
  3. Hausi

    TK to TD Sergeant

    Well congrats, hope seeing you requesting deployment soon
  4. Hausi

    Infos about move along scene

    Yeah mate, pretty sure you are right, it was filmed in London at Elstree Studios.
  5. Hausi

    Move Along Helmet

    Hi guys, after seeing Rolf´s amazing Replica Build, I have decided to go a step further too. I have always loved my very first Sandtrooper helmet that I have used to achieve PO and it somehow still is my favourite helmet. You can see that helmet on the left: I have since build my Dockingbay 94 Tuck´n Roll Helmet (based on a DA HDPE helmet) and have achieved SWAT with it. WIth my very first helmet I have tried to emulate the infamous Move Along helmet but it´s more or less a pretty free interpretation of that helmet and I knew that I could do better, so I have ordered my first RS helmet kit when RS had its "May the 4th" sale and now I have started to build that helmet using starwarshelmets.com and Rolf´s gallery thread as my references ...and my bible. I know that the eyes should probably be cut out a little more, but hey, for me the Move Along helmet is somehow like a unicorn and larger than life so I thought why not exaggerate certain areas and one of them that I find remarkable and most noticeable is the sleepy look of this helmet. I can still sand it down some more, should I decide to keep it completely original. So here you can see what my new bucket looks like so far: Here are some comparison pictures: If I got my calculations right the brow should move up slightly further as soon as I attach the ears I am working on at the moment. WIth the teeth on the other hand I wanted to stick as much to the original as possible: Cheers mates! p.s. the RS bucket is awesome with all its little imperfections.
  6. Hausi

    Move Along Helmet

    Thanks guys!
  7. Honestly, don't worry too much about that transition mate, your blaster looks awesome!
  8. Hausi

    Merch Runs- MEPD still waiting?

    I couldn't agree more
  9. The greeblie you are holding in the last pic belongs on top of the barrel, the other one not seen in your pics belongs at the bottom. Furthermore you should reposition the gas plug as it is found further to the front of the real Lewis gun. This will also give you more room to attach the lower greeblie. I'm sure it won't be very difficult for you to adjust the back part where the receiver housing meets the buttstock. Keep up the good work Paul
  10. Nice work mate! Have a look at some real Lewis Guns to get all the details right. It seems you are having some difficulties with your picturehost, as they look quite grainy, try flickr, for me it has worked fine... so far.
  11. It was a lucky find in a Star Wars facebook group. I think it's a German maker's creation and the person selling it didn't have the time to finish it.
  12. When attending an event some time ago I saw some Jawas carrying around a C3PO head as some kind of trophy... and I really liked the idea ... and wanted to copy it. How great would it be to roam around as a Sandtrooper carrying around the greatest trophy one could imagine: the head of the droid we were indeed looking for So after doing some research I was lucky enough to find this: it´s made of Aluminium and seems pretty sturdy, I will probably add some wires hanging out of it, so it looks like it has just been ripped out viciously from the rest of the body of a poor astromech. Maybe also some kind of grip on the inside so it´s easier to carry around. And for those times when it´s not needed for trooping, my wife has allowed me to use it as a lamp above our dining table. That rules! Cheers mates
  13. Hausi

    Move Along Helmet

    And finally I attached the ears, mictips and the s-trim again and tried to get all the details right again And here is the (still very clean) almost final product And a few comparison pics And until the helmet is dirty: "Move along"
  14. Hausi

    Move Along Helmet

    Before spraypainting it white again, I assembled it, especially the ears are important to get the right look. After cleaning up some small mistakes on the tubestripes I went completely crazy with the white and tried to emulate the paint overspray on the areas where the ears preserved most of the HDPE colour: Also tried to stick as close as possible to the original paintscheme with all its characteristic flaws.
  15. Hausi

    Move Along Helmet

    So it´s almost done, I was just too lazy to post every little bit of progress. I wasn´t quite happy with the alignment so I changed a few things (very glad I had used screws instead of rivets ), and I can tell you, this was a nerve-racking process: the first problem is that the helmet looks very different from various angles, everybody know the high dome that is like the number one characteristic of this helmet but I have no idea how the prop guys on set assembling the helmets have achieved this effect... I tried different routes, a high forehead on the faceplate, screwing the ears in in a certain way... I have to admit, I cheated in the end... So first a few pics of the original helmet: high dome: from a different perspective suddenly not such a high dome: So I couldn´t just leave all material on the front of the cap´n back without trimming, here´s what I did: a simple screw... and it works well As you can see, I spraypainted the helmet in the typical HDPE "finshpond" colour. I used some fine grit sandpaper to roughen up the surface and also cleaned it with plastic cleaner, gave it a coat of plastic primer and then about 2-3 coats of Ral 7034 (HDPE olive, the colour of the original ANH Sandtrooperlids) and finally spraypainted the helmet white using Ral 9016, masking of the paint chips prior to painting.
  16. Hausi

    Wook's Docking Bay 94 Captain Build (AP)

    Your gear suits you very well, looks awesome, mate! As far as the ears are concerned, the gaps will have to be even larger, mine were large from the beginning and I had to make them even larger. In some scenes you can even see the light shining through those gaps. You already know my and M4vrick's SWAT threads.
  17. Hausi

    Wook's Docking Bay 94 Captain Build (AP)

    Helmet looks good already, nice job but I'll stick with one of my previous posts in this thread: there will have to be larger gaps on the ears.
  18. If you want to be "über-accurate", you should build the bucket, take it apart again, use some fine grit sandpaper to roughen up the surface, give it a coat of plastic primer and then about 2-3 coats of Ral 7034 (HDPE olive, the colour of the original ANH Sandtrooperlids) then add your paintdrips in Ral 9016 white and finally spraypaint the helmet white using Ral 9016, masking of the paint chips prior to painting. Wook1138's method works too of course, just depends on how much time and work you want to spend. No colour for the armor... except for the weathering
  19. Hausi

    TD-30571 "bigwams" Tour of Duty

    Really cool, as always
  20. Here are some comparison shots with my other Bapty DLT, which has a resin front end, the detail and look of the real thing is just so much more satisfying. Cheers mates
  21. Hausi

    TK to TD Sergeant

    Here´s a behind the screen shot of said trooper in which you can see that the pouch is somehow attached hanging from the belt: I have used snaps, I cut the belt open on the inside, attached the two snaps and closed it using E6000. I originally had a D-ring to hold the pouch to a loop with the snaps but the ring came off while trooping and a friend gave me a zip-tie to attach it again... and as it holds well enough, I stuck with it. Hope this helps!
  22. Hausi

    TD15169 (Koryu1212 Dan D) Tour of Duty Log

    Looking sharp, trooper! Nice work and thanks for sharing.
  23. Hausi

    TK to TD Sergeant

    I think it looks good and natural, well done. But keep in mind that the small Spanish pouches should be hanging from the belt (below the belt) , not directly be attached to it.
  24. Hausi

    TK to TD Sergeant

    Yeah, looks good! Keep up the great work.