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  1. Hey mate, the thing on the left is originally a Sonix Victory 75 radio, you can find replicas done by the following makers: Sandiecomms or Sonixworld (contact via FB), the Syphon was originally a Shires toilet syphon, Ross from RWA creations makes nice vacformed replicas of those (contact via FB).
  2. Come on Thomas, attach those scopes to the MG... and don't forget to put your Northstar radio on your pack! Go for it mate!
  3. Congrats on your deployment, good things are worth waiting for.
  4. I think that color should be fine, still I recommend having a look at this thread where the colors available in the states are discussed, as it seems to be rather difficult to get those colors from the ral color chart that are available to us European and UK troopers, I think you can find your color on the last page:
  5. Taking the texture off wouldn't have been necessary but will not hinder your deployment in any way.
  6. This is great Johan, just two minor adjustments and you're good to go
  7. Hi Johan, this is a great application, really tidy and well presented, I think your kit looks great too. Best of luck!
  8. Payment sent for another 2 sets. Thanks Gordon.
  9. That Weird Al gig was fun I guess, great pics.
  10. Thank you Roger and first and foremost, thank you Thomas for helping me getting my gear up to snuff for S. W. A. T #2, working with you is always a pleasure. I am really happy!
  11. David, your thorough research is already SWAT-worthy, I salute youand I really like it, keep up the great work, I'm really interested in seeing this come together.
  12. That would be interesting, you would have to lend a helping hand, as well as provide the reference pics. Until I saw your references and behind the scenes pics, I thought these troopers were computer generated.
  13. The armor is prone to cracking in certain areas, e.g. the chest or butt plate, where there is a lot of movements and stress. There are many different ways of repairing such cracks, some people use a t-shirt superglued to the back of the armor and then fill the crack, head on over to whitearmor.net to find out more, that is the stormtrooper detachment. I personally use leftover scrap ABS from trimming, cut into little pieces and then put into a jar with acetone: the little pieces will melt in the acetone and you will finally have a paste of ABS. I then use this to back up the crack from the inside by gluing a larger solid piece of ABS on with that ABS paste and I finally fill in the crack from the outside, then you just sand it smooth again. Now if you buy a complete commission, you won´t have any leftovers from trimming which means you would have to ask RS to send you the leftovers too.
  14. Hey mate, have a look at this thread, it should help you to post the pictures here directly, so we can see them: I think you are on a good way as your weathering is concerned but just as Bigwam has pointed out, I would highly recommend painting the tubestripes first before weathering the helmet. Your trapezoids should be handpainted and extend a little further: just as you can see with the original helmets: I also think that the brow is sitting too low, most Sandtroopers had a rather high brow and a somehow surprised look
  15. Looks good Just the grip seems a little too boxy, maybe it can be sanded down too have a more rounded appearance. I would also suggest having a real metal scoperail and triggerguard. ...and adding a piece of wood in the magazine, that really sells it.
  16. Have fun building David! I have to admit that I'm not such a big fan of the SE Sandtroopers but that is probably because I am too old my first experience was the unaltered version of ANH. However, I think the enthusiasm you show for this trooper is amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!
  17. Whether you can reach basic approval with the RS complete commission unaltered also depends on your local garrison's GMO, she/he will decide if your costume is good enough. Afterwards you come here and go for level 2/PO. Here are our requirements: The colour we usually recommend for the bluish grey backpack parts is ral 7031 in a satin finish (definitely not glossy)
  18. You are right, I have noticed this too, the problem was that the threading was too close to the edge of the leash, so the belt couldn´t simply slide under. but as the thread was already coming loose, I just cut it and took it out. I used a screw to reposition the little leash. I didn´t put on the whole armor again, just the parts to show what it looks like now and I am happy with the result. I hope you are too, Thomas
  19. I have moved the topic over here as the SWAT section is reserved for applications. Should you really decide to go for SWAT, you are welcome to start a new topic in the SWAT-Hurtlocker section and ask question there.
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