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  1. Looks spot on, beautiful helmet and great work Thomas.
  2. Spell it Sandie Comms and you will find it.
  3. Spot on with all those details, amazing work Wayne! I bet you can't wait to put on the armor and take that baby for a stroll.
  4. This is going to be great, looking forward to seeing your progress.
  5. List of components: "shotgunshells"/"capacitors" mortartube radardish backing plate radardish greyish-blue bottle toilet plunger cap made of rubber (it´s also possible to use a vacformed cap, it just has to look the same and shouldn´t appear too shiny.
  6. List of components: "shotgunshells"/"capacitors" mortartube radardish backing plate radardish greyish-blue bottle If you look at the screen references you may notice that the lower bottle looks slightly wider in diameter that the upper bottle. Such bottles are easy to find, I always source them from my local diy store in the car section, mine are bottles containing dashboard wipes. In the following picture you can see the lower bottle with the larger diameter on the left and the upper bottle on the right. These bottles should look rather grey than blue, I recommend using RAL 7031 in a satin finish to paint them, in the states you should be able to find some battleship grey colour. Note that the right one has already been weathered, thus the difference in colour.
  7. List of components: "shotgunshells"/"capacitors" mortartube radardish backing plate radardish: Lid from Pitcher, Mod. 874 (Tupperware) - transparent In the following picture, you can see the transparent one on the right and the white one on the left. close-up
  8. Wow, that looks amazing Wayne! Great eye for all the details.
  9. Okay, thanks for replying so quickly. To post pics in this forum you will have to upload them to a picture hosting website of your choice, for example Flickr, Directupload or similar. As soon as the pic has been uploaded you copy the address into your thread here.
  10. Hello Jack, it seems a little strange to me that I've heard from people sending you private messages and not getting any replies from you... If you really have these syphons, please open a new thread in the for sale section and post real pictures and prices as well.
  11. List of components: "shotgunshells"/"capacitors" mortartube radardish backing plate: this part is easy to make yourself, I just took a 3mm sheet of black ABS, used a CD as my template and cut it out. The bolt which is used to attach the whole assembly to the mortartube could look like the one I´ve used. It´s also possible that it was one without those ridges for the screwdriver but it´s very hard to tell from screen references.
  12. List of components: "shotgunshells"/"capacitors" mortartube: this part is originally a black plastic drain pipe for rainwater, the outside diameter is about 6,9 cm and the wall thickness is about 2mm. They are easy to source in the UK but hard to find in other countries, e.g. Germany. On my personal pack#3 the mortartube has a length of 75 cm. The white ABS details are the same as you find them on the thermal detonator of the regular stormtroopers, pack #3 has two endcaps and the detail. While the original plastic drain pipe is shiny, the ones on the screen-used packs seem to be painted black with a satin finish. Details: there should be some glue residue or paint runs, the Thermal Detonator detail is cut very crudely and there is supposed to be a hole just underneath the top endcap, probably it was used to secure the mortartube to the frame in the same position were the horizontal bar is. Also note that the endcaps are quite thick. This is what these details look like on my own pack:
  13. List of components: "shotgunshells"/"capacitors": the source of this particular greeblie isn´t completely clear yet, however, as long as it looks right, it will work, this can easily be self-built, you just need some kind of plastic tube - with a diameter of around 2cm - and fill it with epoxy or putty adding a little "antenna" at the front, for this you can use wire. Here are some screen references. and this is what mine look like: there´s obviously a black plastic plate between these shells and the seedtray, it was probably easier for the prop department to attach them this way.
  14. So here are two pictures showing the components of this pack: In the next post you will find the list of components.
  15. These pictures are outdated and horribly wrong, I am trying to get them updated but so far we have started the informationthreads in the Fieldpack section on the forum, they are still under construction but already offer some great information: http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/forum/4-field-backpack/ The frames used for the packs were mainly Karrimor Totem Backpack frames as you can see in the threads. So your black frame on the left is the one to choose.
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