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  1. Hey, that's a great find, especially as it came with the correct red support straps, congrats! As you have already written, you will have to cut it to length and reposition the upper bar but that's quite easy to do. Have fun building!
  2. Hi Kevin, well, RS Propmaster's armor is one of the best out there and they always keep updating their stuff which I really appreciate. Seems like they also quite regularly check our MEPD forums here. If it suits you well, it should be good for level 2/ Police Officer here. However,that's never guaranteed, each applicant will have to apply for this level of screen accuracy after getting basic 501st approval with his local garrison.
  3. All the kids look happy, great job! And cool pics as well, thanks for sharing!
  4. Hi Kevin, welcome to the sandpit! Good to have you here with us and also congrats on choosing the most awesome costume out there, sandies rule. I hope you have lots of fun here on the forums and even more fun when your gear from RS finally arrives and you will be putting smiles on people's faces and giving high-fives to the kids. Cheers mate
  5. Hi Daniel, thank you for your interest in joining the elite and submitting your request for SWAT OFFICER activation. It really looks like you have put a lot of time and effort into getting your chosen trooper as screenaccurate as possible and I really like your attention to detail, especially how you tried to recreate the screen caps and have already incorporated the right (wrong ) set of handguards, very well done my friend. Your gear is on spot and your emulated trooper is immediately recognizable. But each new SWAT candidate gets looked at even more so from the previous trooper and the bar gets raised even higher. Bigwam/Thomas and I will be taking care of your application together and we have already started studying all available reference material. I know that you have looked at TD-Sharp´s threads which can be found here: We have done the same and while you are definitely on the right track, we will need some additional pictures to complete your application. You have already done a terrific job at creating a very tidy application but we will also have to ask for the following pictures: -one helmet-off pic of you in your armor -360 pics with and without your backpack -pics of your codpiece with all the buttons/snap fasteners -detailed pictures of your backpack Still we always emphasize patience during this process as we pay more and more attention to fine tuning with each new SWAT applicant and your chosen trooper is especially interesting since we think to have found new details with higher resolution pictures available nowadays. Some details may definitely be missed and re-checked, but we will try to catch them on every pass given until you are cleared and ready to join the Special Weapons & Tactics Team, mate! I am looking forward to seeing the added pictures and continuing your review.
  6. Hi Logan, sorry for the late reply, your armor looks good already but if I may give you some advice: I would suggest pulling up the whole torso by cutting out the neck opening in your chest further and maybe also shortening the shoulder pieces. This will also give you more overall freedom of movement. As far as your weathering is concerned, I would suggest toning it down, too many dark spots all over,also on the helmet. It would look a lot better if you just had some dark sport remaining but overall a light sand-weathering which I always achieve by giving my armor several washes with a watered-down mixture of acrylic paint (Vallejo game color earth) and dabbing most of it off again using paper towels. That way you would look much more in line with what we see on-screen. I know that weathering is also about personal preference so if you get your basic approval with this weathering, everything's fine. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  7. Thanks for sharing those pics. Have fun at Celebration!
  8. Looking good there, Trooper, even with the elastics being worn out, not noticeable. The Imperial Army trooper is new to me, never seen that one before but looks cool... and quite comfy as a costume, I assume.
  9. Hi Wolf and welcome to the sandpit... although in your case it's probably more of a mudpit. Have fun building and keep us posted on your progress.
  10. Hey Björn, what an amazing picture, love it! Although... I'm missing the sand.
  11. Hey, that's cool! Spanish Dewback Patrol rocks!
  12. Hey Sammy, good choice, welcome to the sandpit and have fun building!
  13. Hi Mark, welcome and thank you for your interest in joining the ranks of the MEPD's finest. I have had a look at your pics in the link you have provided and I can already say that your gear looks great, suits you well and I like the weathering. However, as with all previous applications, we will need you to post your pictures here directly. You can do so by chosing a picture hosting website of your choice, uploading the pics there and then clicking on "embed direct link for forums". I would also like to ask you for some more high resolution pictures of the following details: -the sides of your kidney armor, especially the shims that you have added -the screws at the bottom of your chest armor -the two snaps in the butt piece of your armor -separate pictures of your E-11 -some more pictures of your backpack, especially the radio, showing the requested details like the antenna and the little feet at the bottom. I am looking forward to seeing those pics here in your application thread. Cheers mate
  14. In this screencap, you can see that the so-called "bee-stinger" on pack #3 is a quite short but thick (in diameter) tube: hope this helps.
  15. Hey Charlie, yes, actually about that little tube at the bottom end of the canteen. I'll upload a pic of the screenused pack that shows this detail later today.
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