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  1. It's always good to cut out less in the first go, you can still work on the details using some model maker files, that's the way I always do it.
  2. Yep, completely agree with RoCKo, did the same for my latest SWAT pack, as I think the dome nut looks too bulky for the #3 pack. I am not sure about the other packs right now, would have to have a look at references again, quite possibly they used different fixing solutions.
  3. I would recommend trying armor all dashboard wipes, they also come in different sizes, I have them on my pack.
  4. After watching the movie again, I agree with you, troopers without pack are a more common sight, so it makes sense that the pack is not a requirement for PO.
  5. Nice progress Christian and a good idea with the small pieces of wood and the insert nuts. My shoulder straps are the same colour as yours and I have just spraypainted them matt black, it holds on pretty well and where the paint comes off it just looks like natural wear and tear weathering. Once a year I give them a fresh coat of matt black.
  6. Hi Scott, thank you for your application and your interest in becoming the MEPD´s first Mimban PO... the dirtiest of our dirty bunch! As already stated elsewhere, I really dig your weathering, as it´s not overdone and still somehow subtile if that term can be applied for one of these troopers. Overall yours is a great build and suits you well. I´ve had a look at the CRL and there are certain things we/I have to have a closer look at and just learn more about this trooper. You know that we are known to be nitpickers. I will definitely be watching "Solo" again and taking some screenshots. I know that there are troopers in the movie without a backpack but I am asking myself if this trooper should be wearing a backpack to remain in line with the requirements for all other troopers here at the MEPD, what do you think, Scott?
  7. Thank you Chris, that is very kind of you. Thomas is right about the length, it's best to wait until you have received all parts, first and foremost the frame, and then you can just lay them together to get an estimate for the length of the mortartube. I can measure my mortartube when I'm back home.
  8. Hey Paul, nice work. That cut in the left ear is an easy fix, apart from this, the alignment is perfect, the overhang at the bottom looks great. The alignment of the trap and the eye on the right side looks good too but now the distance between the ear and the tear seems a little too small to me.
  9. The mortartube has an outside diameter of 66mm and Ross's endcaps fit that perfectly. Strangely that kind of pipe in that size is not available in Germany but Ross was so kind to get some and send it to me. Those plunger caps look good too. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!
  10. Maybe the paint was old? It also looks to be a rather matt finish, was that on purpose or did it just turn out that way? Hope this all turns out well and you can achieve a satisfying result in the end. One other thing though... should you consider selling the RS HDPE lid which might just be collecting dust in your basement, let me know.
  11. I think it looks great now, I'm excited to see it with the ears on, keep up the great work Paul! @welshchris77, sadly Paul is right, RS hasn't done any more of those helmets... I would have given quite a lot to get an RS HDPE helmet.
  12. Hi Paul, the allignment looks almost perfect now and I know how hard it can be to get this right. I don´t want to be a pain in the ... and I know that I´m a bit fussy about this but have a look at these comparisons: in these pics you can see that the front trap overlaps the eye quite a bit while the ear is set back a little further, so it doesn´t meet the the line I have drawn from the trap at the top in the middle which is actually the case with your ear: I think taking everything apart again and making a new allignment will be quite difficult now, especially as the trap and eye allignment on the other side is good, so I don´t know if I would suggest that. I think it looks good the way you´ve built it.
  13. Looks amazing, great work! Is it sturdy enough for trooping?
  14. Hi Chris, the UP80 you already have looks cool too, especially knowing that you got it from your parents' old house, that's great! The UP85 should be okay, most important thing is that it looks right with all the other elements of the pack, e.g. the height of the radio, but I guess the difference to the UP90 will be rather small. 50 Dollars posted seems a fair price, considering that UP 90 and 100 are sold for premium prices nowadays.
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