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  1. Yeah bro, you did it, good luck!
  2. Wow, great work and I love the idea of making it work as a diorama with those Lego figures!
  3. Thanks mate, I will! I just have to be careful that my armor still fits when I come home with all the delicious food over here
  4. Well done Ben!
  5. Hi my dirty brothers and sisters, as the title says, I'm in the states right now, first three days in Seattle, after that almost three weeks in Bellingham, WA. If any fellow sandies from around that area are interested in meeting, having a cold brew and just having a chat, I would be delighted!
  6. backpack

    This is an awesome build! Fun to watch! Would be interested in your shire syphon source as well pm me if you like got a resin replica but way too heavy...
  7. I used a dremel to cut small grooves into the t-strips on my DLT. They keep the wire in position.
  8. Hi Fred, looks spot on to me, nice work, I would only suggest getting rid of the mesh behind the teeth, not accurate for Sandtroopers, but brobably nothing to hinder your deployment. I assume that's a hyperfirm DLT? Good luck mate!
  9. Nice work, weathering looks good too
  10. Nice mate go for it and have fun!
  11. Wow, these look amazingly realistic, nice work mate!
  12. Yes
  13. Nice one mate!
  14. Cool, thanks!
  15. That's great and it's in amazing condition! Where did you find it? I'm also looking for one but no luck so far. Looking forward to seeing pics of it on your Bapty!