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  1. Welcome Jason, I had the same dream of being a part of the Star Wars universe... and trust me, living that dream being a Sandtrooper is great.
  2. The prop builders probably put these together in a hurry and they were wonky and not very tidy with all those gaps... and then we painstakingly try to recreate all those flaws... isn't this crazy? Great work Thomas and a keen eye for all those little details.
  3. ABS slurry or sludge, as it's also called, is just a great way to repair stuff.
  4. Nice and tidy application and a great-looking trooper, well done Joe. Two easy changes and you'll be joining the ranks.
  5. ** APPROVED 19/01/2021 ** Björn, It is my honor to officially activate you as the first SWAT Officer of 2021. Your hard work and your attention to detail on your build has been carefully evaluated and inspected. You have met all the requirements to place you among the MEPD's Finest. Thank you for your patience throughout this process, I know that it was quite exhausting and nerve-wrecking for you but it was definitely worth it and you have set a new benchmark for this particular trooper. You can now take your place amongst the SWAT Troopers! Well done. Please submit a picture that you would like to use for your SWAT Profile to Luis (TD-5044 / "SANDMAN TIGUI") to help get you properly processed onto the SPECIAL WEAPONS and TACTICS Unit Members Page. Congratulations on successfully taking the next step as a proud member of the SANDTROOPER ELITE. Welcome aboard, SWAT OFFICER # 56 Hausi - ON BEHALF OF THE MEPD SWAT PANEL
  6. Hey Björn Thank you for approaching the required changes so quickly. I know that you are quite nervous about this and keen to see the next review but let me tell you that the MEPD´s SWAT program isn´t for the faint of heart as so many have experienced before you... So let´s get started with the second review… MEPD SWAT OFFICER: application review part 2 Name: Björn Dapper Legion ID#0: TD-82112 Forum Name: Doubledx Garrison: German Garrison ANH Sandtrooper selected: Alley Check Enlisted/private (black pauldron) Helmet: Green lenses: check Paint color on traps / tears: check Paint color and number of teeth: check Mic Tips: check Vocoder color: check Rank bar: check Brow: check Side Screws (ears): check Weathering: check **Additional Comments** The helmet still looks amazing and it´s sitting properly now on your head and low enough to look just like those screencaps. **Result on Helmet** CHECKED & CLEARED Armor / Suit Details: Canvas straps shoulder: check Neck Seal: check Black Undersuit: check Shoulder Bells: check Biceps: check Forearms: check Pauldron: check Chest / Back Plate: check Kidney / Butt plate: check Ab plate / Side Rivets / Cod: check Strapping: check Tighs: check Shins / Calves: check Sniper Plate: check Boots: check Gloves: check Hand plates / Guards: check Ammo Belt (waist) w/ correct angled edge: check Ammo Belt (right knee): check Canvas Belt: check Pouches: check Weathering: check **Additional Comments** Björn, you have done an amazing job on the weathering of your armor, I look at it and I can hardly tell the differences to the screencaps, bloody brilliant mate! I have to admit that that right shoulder bell still looks a little low for my liking but you are not the biggest of troopers and so I can understand it is quite difficult to achieve this desired look, so it´s good to go as it is. **Result on Armor** CHECKED & CLEARED BACKPACK Pack#2 Details: check Weathering: check **Additional Comments** Even if you might not have completely agreed on that tape on your pack´s upper box, you did a very good job emulating that screen-used look of the pack… and it certainly looks beautiful now. **Result on Pack** CHECKED & CLEARED WEAPON: Bapty E-11 Details: check Weathering: check **Additional Comments** Bapty E-11 still looks great, most iconic STAR WARS blaster of them all, full stop. **Result on Weapon** CHECKED & CLEARED So this was your second review Björn, please stand by for the staff´s/SWAT panel´s final review. This is probably the most nerve-wrecking moment for you, I feel with you mate. Cheers mate! Hausi – MEPD Deployment officer
  7. Hi Lars, welcome back and thanks for providing those new (and dirty) pics. We can now start the next and final round of reviewing. So here we go: Application Review: Part 2 Name: Lars Boller Legion ID: TD-90874 Forum Name: larsb Garrison: German Garrison Helmet a. Green lenses: check b. Paint color of traps / tears: check c. Correct number of teeth: check d. Mic tips: check e. Vocoder color: check f. Tube stripes: check g. Rank bar on ears: check h. Brow: check i. Side screws (ears): check j. Weathering: check k. no mesh behind teeth: check *additional comments* RESULT ON HELMET Checked & Cleared Armor details a. elastic straps shoulders: check b. neck seal: check c. black undersuit: check d. shoulder bells: check e. biceps: check f. forearms: check g. pauldron: check h. chest / back plate: check i. kidney / butt plate: check j. ab plate / side rivets / cod: check k. strapping system: check l. thighs: check m. shins / calves: check n. sniper plate: check o. boots: check p. gloves: check q. hand plates / guards: check r. ammo belt (waist): check s. ammo belt (right knee): check t. canvas belt: check u. pouches: check v. weathering: check *additional comments* RESULT ON ARMOR Checked & Cleared Backpack a. details: check b. weathering: check *additional comments* The pack is even better-looking with the added dirt and I appreciate that you have kept it subtle. Well done! RESULT ON BACKPACK Checked & Cleared Weapon:T-21 a. details: check b. weathering: check *additional comments* You know that we fight dirty and although a dirty blaster is probably more prone to get jammed, it somehow just looks more in line with the rest of your gear. RESULT ON WEAPON Checked & Cleared Lars, this was your second and final review. Your gear looks great and you are a worthy addition to the ranks of the MEPD´s finest (and the Rancor Hunters of course). Be proud of yourself! You have successfully followed the guidelines in regards to the MEPD CRL and have met all requirements. Please send the pic you want to use to Luis (Sandman Tigui) and we'll get you squared away. I will have your updated information uploaded into the MEPD system asap. Congratulations on becoming a Deployed Officer of the MEPD! Cheers mate!
  8. Congrats Luke, mission accomplished, great job!
  9. Hey Luke, Thomas will be taking care of your application but it's looking really good already! Shins might have taken a lot of work but look spot on. You're supposed to include some pics showing the sides of your armor with your arms raised... but you're a slim dude, so I guess that should be fine. The shoulder elastics are a tad bit brown but let's see what Thomas thinks about them. Keeping my fingers crossed for you mate.
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