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  1. Bigwam is referring to the leather/pleather surround. You don't need the wire as you aren't emulating a specific pack for PO.
  2. Such cool pics, looks like you had a fun time making so many people happy. Keep up the great work
  3. No, unfortunately, they seem to have disappeared since the last forum update and I think Pandatrooper who has made them available isn't regularly visiting the forum anymore.
  4. Some really cool pics, Paul What a pity that we were at CC on different days.
  5. Well congrats! Time to build the pack and enter higher service!
  6. Looking forward to reading that review, cheers my friend.
  7. Then my friends and I had some fun trying to recreate the reference pics I´ll always show the reference pic first, followed by a picture of myself and finally a side-by-side comparison left side
  8. Finally I was able to have some pictures taken outside in the sun (this was important to me as the weathering looks really different in different lighting conditions: 360 degrees
  9. It depends on the shape of your body, I wear only a regular leather belt but many add suspenders to keep it in place.
  10. Hello Ben, welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming an MEPD deployed officer. I will be taking care of your application doing the review but before I can do so, please request Sandtrooper access and status here: You have done a good job in making your armor fit, I think it looks good and suits you well. However, Bigwam and DerGummo are right, first of all, you should be wearing a belt under your armor to which the elastics holding the thighs in place should be fixed. They definitely shouldn´t be fastened to your ammobelt mate. Please sort that out. I can already tell you that you will have to adjust a few things on your pack: the color should be bluish grey/battleship grey with a satin finish, the RAL code is 7031 but I suppose you guys in the US can´t use this, so please roam the other threads to find the correct color, e.g. this one in which the color used is called "lake blue": The bottles on your pack are too thin, I would suggest getting some with a larger diameter. Finally: Rubies or Hasbro toy blasters aren´t allowed anymore, your other (ETSY) blaster will be fine, just make it look used by drybrushing and/or weathering. Keep up the good work and keep those new pics coming. Cheers mate.
  11. okay... I have already done some adjustments : position of the shoulderpouch adjusted: Weathering on the backside of the right shoulderbell had to be more subtle:
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