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  1. Nice! ...except for the Jedi
  2. Impressive pic with the star destroyer, awesome!
  3. Great pics, Death Trooper looks badass too. No-weapons-troop? Always good to have the binoculars
  4. As I already said on FB: amazing work, love it, really cool mate!
  5. As far as the s-trim is concerned, I just tried and then found out that one way it was just a better fit, but I think nobody's really going to have such a close look at it that it would hinder your approval. For the tube stripes, buy some vinyl sticker sheet, it's way better than the tape you have in the above picture, you really want to pay attention that it's a tight fit so there won't be any paint running beneathe it. For clean up work I used tooth picks instead of Q-tips. Both will work. Have fun
  6. Some really cool pics, looks like it was fun... hope you didn't get too close to the water to wash of your weathering
  7. There are so many better options from much more reliable sellers and makers out there...
  8. That was a lot of fun again!
  9. Thanks mate... but too expensive.
  10. Really cool pics mate, nice Jabba setpiece, but I also like the ones with Bibo... man it has been a long time since I've seen that bird
  11. Congratulations mate, well done and welcome
  12. Thanks mate Really amazing!
  13. Wow, love it! Great work and attention to detail. Who did you get your kit from?