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  1. Thanks Roger, unfortunately I don't have enough space to display my armor right now but may consider these options at a later date. Probably I'll just build such a stand myself.
  2. Very cool display Roger, where did you get the stands if I may ask, or are they self-built?
  3. There are some troopers in the movie that aren't wearing a pack, so if you decide to emulate one of these for SWAT, you won't need a pack. But to be able to apply for SWAT, you will have to have successfully applied for PO first and for PO, you have to have a pack.
  4. Hello Dave and welcome to the MEPD, it's just as Bigwam says. You will find the requirements for PO here, so you can build your armor to meet them from the very beginning : SWAT on the other hand is a completely different game. As there are troopers seen on screen with broken or even missing parts, you will have to emulate your chosen troopers characteristic features. Now for PO, the armor is supposed to look right, no broken or missing parts. So you will probably have to change a few thing after PO when running for SWAT. You can of course already try to get the characteristic weathering right from the start. Hope this helps.
  5. I have also ordered Paul's strapping kit and after some years of trooping, it still works great. Attach those snaps using E6000, it holds very well but can be undone if there was a mistake or in case you have to realign things.
  6. Hi mate, there were actually quite a few sandtroopers with a low brow as you can find in the above thread and picture. Furthermore it is quite likely that the brow has moved during filming, looking sligthly different in each shot as the helmets were bashed around. In the Cantina scene, there's even one sandtrooper outside the cantina, next to the shipwreck who has lost his brow.
  7. Nice work! That PVC frame is amazing,looks like the real deal. By the way, if everything else looks right too, this frame would be good for SWAT, just as the aluminium bars are, most people use them and as long as it's not really visible, it's fine. I have some on my SWAT pack#3 too. Just one minor detail, the curved support bar at the top isn't welded but only screwed into place on the original Karrimor frames.
  8. Welcome to the sandpit Matze, you look great in your armor.
  9. Hello Björn and welcome to the sandpit, great to have you here mate! You're off to a good start with all the research you have already done on the pack and kudos for going for SWAT, that's what I call enthusiasm. I really think Trevor's radio looks great and is the right way to go. As far as the box is concerned, it's difficult to say. In some shots it looks like a Brexton box, then again from a different angle, the edges seem rather sharp and not as rounded as on the Brextons. It seems to have some kind of lid as there's a visible lip where it's attached to the tray. Maybe someone else can shed more light on this. Looking forward to seeing your progress on #2. Cheers mate.
  10. Hi mate, I use the RWA Seedtrays but never measured them. Mortartube length varies from pack to pack, originally it was some rainwater pipe available in the UK, you find most of the original parts used as well as some measurements in this very informative thread : For the different backpack types, have a look at this: http://www.looksirdroids.com/backpacks.html Have fun researching mate!
  11. Hello Daniel and welcome. Writing such a list would take quite some time and I personally have gathered all the necessary tools over time, bit by bit, my collection grew larger with every project. I think getting everything at once is rather impossible. Always go for well-known brand, I've made the experience that the proverb is true: buy cheap, buy twice. Watching Ross Walmsley's YouTube armor building tutorials is a good idea too as he always explains which tools you will need for the job. Just take it slow and enjoy the ride, finally you will end up with a large collection of tools and useful gadgets.
  12. Amazing work Bryan, thumbs up and thanks for sharing.
  13. Hi Mario and welcome to the sand pit. You're definitely right here, so take your time to browse through all the interesting threads here and always feel free to ask questions. As far as helmet, armor assembly and strapping are concerned, check out Ross Walmsley's YouTube tutorials, they are truly useful. Have fun building, I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.
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