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  1. Don't forget to order two slings, I have made the mistake of ordering only one at first, just to realise that I need two attached to eachother.
  2. Nice work mate!
  3. Hey Gledde, nice to see you here Let's see the rest of the pics!
  4. Wow, you really put a lot of effort and precision work with the nylon thread into your build, awesome! I was thinking about doing that to my gun as well but I'm afraid of screwing it up. How did you attach the thread to the barrel? Spray glue?
  5. Congrats Bradley, well deserved! Great work!
  6. Hi Ben, that's a good-looking kit, I especially like your helmet, I guess it's a TM? They will probably ask you for some more pics showing the six rivets on the side of your armour and the backside of the male snap on the right side, same goes for the snaps in your codpiece and butt as well as the elastic shoulderstraps, so add some closeups. Don't forget to add the two missing screws on your ears. You seem to be a big guy, the gap between your backplate and the kidneyplate might be too big, I would suggest using longer elastic shoulder straps. Your shin armour also looks quite short, there are lots of armorers offering longer shins, but that might not be necessary so wait for the final review. Try to shorten the straps connecting your shoulder bells with the elastics a bit to move the shoulder bells closer to the chest plate. And get rid of that thermal detonator, we don't need that... we've got big guns! Your DLT looks ace! Good luck for your review!
  7. Cool idea, very inspiring, now I want to build one as well! Great work!
  8. Great picture!
  9. Yeah, that was such a nice surprise, I canĀ“t thank you enough for doing this!
  10. Looking really good now!! Well done mate
  11. Whether darkness or bright light.... you always look dirty brother! Nice pic!
  12. Congrats mate, Rock'n Roll!
  13. I think that the tape goes around the radio as well and the tape that goes across horizontally was applied prior to the vertical one and attaches to the left side of the tray. Due to the lack of space between the radio and siphon they obviously didn't attach it on the right side, this might also have lead to the radio comming loose during filming and hanging lower on the right side... and to me this would also explain why the vertical tape looks twisted in the middle of the radio and at the bottom where it has been attached to the tray. That's some proper research you're doing there Thomas, way to go!
  14. Thanks Olli and Kirk! Yeah, it's a pity that f... photobucket has shut down all my pics. At the moment I'm busy getting my armour and new helmet ready for swat and I'm somehow not really willing to spend so much time again reposting all the pictures that those retards at pb have taken down but might reconsider it;) If you should need any pics Olli, just pm me your email address and I will send those pics to you