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  1. I always use Vallejo Game Color Earth, it's a sand color acrylic paint and I water it down, about 1/4 paint and 3/4 water, then I brush it all over the armor and almost immediately dab it all off again with paper towels, repeat the process until you are happy with the level of dirt. It looks very natural too and is still subtle. But that is just the way I do it, pretty sure there are also other ways to accomplish the task.
  2. Hey Gary, as your armor looks too shiny and white, just give it a wash with some earth/sand colored paint. You don't have to overdo it.
  3. I am sorry to hear that your costume wasn't approved but I think those requested changes aren't that difficult and will definitely improve your gear. It's your GML's decision and we will not interfere with it.
  4. Hausi

    Koryu1212(Dan D) Crook Knights Pack #3 build

    Your pack suits you very well mate and I like the subtle weathering. I´m also in the midst of completely reworking my own pack and I have considerably toned down my initial weathering. Nice work!
  5. Hausi

    Koryu1212(Dan D) Crook Knights Pack #3 build

    No, that pack is perfectly good for PO, don't worry mate. You can still upgrade later but I do still highly recommend such an upgrade. How much does your pack weigh?
  6. Hausi

    Koryu1212(Dan D) Crook Knights Pack #3 build

    Pack looks pretty cool already, neat idea with the display stand! I would stro0ngly suggest getting another more accurate canteen though. The Lionstar canteens found in the sale section here are so much cooler anpd lightweight too.
  7. Hi Gary, welcome and thank you for your interest in joining the ranks of the deployed officers. If you are an approved Sandtrooper, please request Sandtrooper status and access here: To apply for Police Officer (level 2), you will first and foremost need a backpack. Should you later on - after being deployed as a PO - decide you want to take it to the next level, you can apply for SWAT(Level 3). In this case it is possible to emulate a trooper who was seen on screen without a pack. Please also read this thread which shows you what we need to see in your application: Cheers mate.
  8. Hausi

    New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Welcome to all new Sandies and future dirty dudes! @Carcharoth many here (myself included) haven't had a TK and have directly build their Sandtrooper gear. I for one have posted my build thread on my local garrison forum and have only later joined this detachment to apply for higher level certification and I could assume that that was the case with many other TDs here as well. However, you are very welcome to post your build thread here and ask for advice. Have fun building mate!
  9. Hausi

    TD41873 Requesting Deployment

    Nice Bapty! Sewing those snaps to the elastic is really no big deal.
  10. Hausi

    Koryu1212(Dan D) Crook Knights Pack #3 build

    Some great ideas and some serious engineering you have put into the construction of your pack, I guess it will be very sturdy but I'm also afraid that it will end up being quite heavy. The bottles seem too long though and slightly too small in diameter.
  11. Hausi

    TD 48107 requesting deployment

    This part is called the syphon and you are right, it has to be on the pack and it can be found on all different variants of OT packs. There are quite a few people who offer these as 3D prints or in kit form, e.g. rwacreations from the UK, you can find him on FB. This is what his kit looks like when finished:
  12. Hausi

    TD 48107 requesting deployment

    You can actually just edit your original post and add all the additional pics.
  13. Hausi

    TD 48107 requesting deployment

    Hi Joshua and welcome to the MEPD. To become a deployed Police Officer, you will need a backpack.
  14. Very cool pics, fun to look at
  15. Hausi

    TD41873 Requesting Deployment

    Hi Jason and welcome to the MEPD! You have to upload the pictures on one of the suggested hosting sites and then you can copy and paste them into your application thread here.