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  1. I have two extra sets of cam buckles (6 buckles per set) for the "bed roll" straps if anyone is in need.....shoot me a PM -david
  2. $82 is for 2 of them...if you can find someone else that needs one you can split the damage.... I am using my second for a "Solo" variant that the Mimban Stormtroopers seem to have. I also have an extra Norwegian grenade case that makes an excellent libation holder.
  3. Unfortunately, I haven't found a source in the US. I ordered a pair of NGT's through eBay. Shipping was more than the product but they are pretty cheap to begin with. I believe the total amount was £60....about $82. But you could sell the second one off to recoup some of your investment. -david
  4. Great, Just ordered a pair of them! Thanks Paul!
  5. I have already started on this pack and can't wait to start on a R1 TK/TD!
  6. Has anyone found a suitable replacement for the obsolete float fishing rod?