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  1. Congrats, bro! Great job!! Have to work on mine but sidetracking first by building a DLT.
  2. PNE's Toytopia, Vancouver, BC Sep. 2, 2017 I finally found the droid I'm looking for!!! ZOMBIE WALK, Vancouver, BC (not a 501st event) August 26, 2017
  3. Thanks all!! Still lots of work ahead to apply for SWAT. @Sandman Tigui Just curious if you got my message with the profile pic? Also, another pic for you to enjoy. Don't know if it's SWAT worthy. Not a 501st event but I participated at Vancouver's Zombie Walk as a zombie Pantoran trooper last weekend. It's possible that one of the races under the helmet is Pantoran but I don't think they would agree to work as a Sandtrooper.
  4. Thanks Michael! I'll probably go with "Slick" as a call sign since it's easier to pronounce that "Dyops". I'll also send a pic to Luis.
  5. Here is the pack a bit higher than the previous pictures. I moved to an apartment so I apologize for the poor lighting. I may stick to one of the BB8 pic for the profile pic since the lighting is bad at our place.
  6. Thanks, Michael! I will take pictures when I get home. I'll also try to get a cool pose for the profile while I'm at it. I'm not satisfied with my current pics. Is BB8 ok for the profile? My point of the pic with him is that he wasn't the droid we're looking for... since he wasn't made yet. I'll take more than 1 profile pic just in case.
  7. Again, no worries. It's summer! You have to admit, badges look cool with the title. I'm even tempted to wear it to work or at least to the Starbucks near work as our office is beside a police building.
  8. I mean no disrespect in my last comment and I'm sorry if I offended anyone. I was just excited about being deployed. I started this thread on July 19. I assumed in 1 month's time that I would be able to pass. If I had to make any modifications, I would try my best to fix my armor right away. I was even worried that my review would be done while I was away on vacation during the 1st 2 weeks of August. If I had to fix my armor, I wouldn't be able to as I didn't have access to it during my time off. Name Badge orders are usually taken on the 1st half of the month at the 501st site and delivered at the end of the month. I took the gamble of ordering mine in the beginning of August in hopes I would get approved before my badge is delivered. I understand people are busy that's why I didn't not say anything and patiently waited. My comment above was more like "asking permission" if I could wear the badge last night even if I'm not deployed yet. So no rush for the review as I want this done right. I don't have to wear my badge anytime soon. It was just that 1 event last night. But it's my motivation to get deployed as a police officer or else I wasted money on a useless name badge.
  9. Just curious if my review will be started soon? I ordered my basic 501st name badge in the beginning of August and I kinda put "MEPD Police Officer" instead of just "Sandtrooper" on it thinking I would be deployed by the time the badges were mailed out at the end of this month. Today I got my badge and was hoping to use it tonight at an ILM Studio showing of Force Awakens here in Vancouver where the 501st members were invited to watch. No costumes but this is the only way I can prove I'm part of the legion as I haven't received my shirts and other swag yet.
  10. No worries! You have your priorities which sounds very important! I'm just itching to grab some swags like the gold coin, name badge (which I hope to put "MEPD Police Officer"), shirts, etc.
  11. No worries, Michael! Darn rebels!
  12. *DONE* TD 71024 Requesting Deployment

    Pictures are ok! Good luck!