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  1. I only count 6 "cut out" teeth: This was my reference pic.
  2. Heroma97

    Help promote the MEPD!

    This is the Droid i´m looking for .. (TD-22997) Martin Herodek on Facebook
  3. Thank you guys. I´m Feeling great
  4. Hi Jason, the spots on the upper thigh I wanted to make them better, like Felix said. I have the patches reworked and tried to compare them through the filters, as in the black / white picture. I just want you to compare them better. I can not photograph black / white, therefore the black/white filter
  5. Some Pictures from the modified weathering:
  6. Here a pic from today, some minutes before the troop begins. So you can see, it Looks not so hard like the pic before the White wall. A other trooper said the same, in nature, it Looks not so strong.
  7. Hello Felix, i modiyied my weathering in the last days. Here are new pics. You are right, it Looks very better with some black dry brush work. Note, it looks differently strong, with different Backgrounds. It Looks harder by the White wall and softer (and more real) before the Brown wall. I make different Pics, with different Backgrounds. I hope - you like it better now.
  8. Thanks Felix, i will work on it!
  9. Ok, today - i worked on the weathering. So, let me Show you the result: First, i removed the spots: Point 1 and 4 on Felix´ list. Then i weathered the left leg more the the right: Point two on Felix´ list And i weathered the Pauldron more, with the Spots, he said: Point 3 on the list. The Spot on the thight, i made him slightly brighter. And at last - i shortened the Cover stripes on the forearms, like you said. Here are the new pics:
  10. Thank you Felix for the Review. I am happy that there are no more points for critic I will do the weathering details next week, after the Speyer Event. Thank you!
  11. Thanks for your opinions! Now i´m really nervous and waiting for the first review.
  12. Thank you Jason. Today I have changed this detail against an accurate one. I got it today. And now: lean back and wait ...