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  1. That. Is. Awesome!! I love it Can‘t wait to Legoland now! TD 31037 reporting in!!
  2. Oi Chris! Welcome Keep up that good work! TD 31037 reporting in!!
  3. As always Thomas: Good work! I‘m looking forward to see this one in action TD 31037 reporting in!!
  4. Good job Markus! Looking forward to you being Police Officer TD 31037 reporting in!!
  5. Merry Christmas!! TD 31037 reporting in!!
  6. THAT is an awesome looking Sandtrooper!!! TD 31037 reporting in!!
  7. I don't want to be rude (and I know our Deployment Officers have to do their real life first!)....But what's the hold-up here? Chris has been waiting some time now [emoji6] TD 31037 reporting in!!
  8. Interesting thing for sure, Manuel. Hopefully some of the more experienced members here can shed some light on this TD 31037 reporting in!!
  9. Finally! Good luck Brother TD 31037 reporting in!!
  10. Thanks guys, much appreciated! Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  11. The title says it all I built my first Bapty during the last 2 weeks and I'm really proud of the final product! I used a DoopyDoos-Kit but sadly I didn't take pictures during the built. I was too excited So there are only some Show-off-Pics of my Bapty. Thanks again to the members of my Patrol for helping me during this built Thanks for looking Any tips on how to further improve this are welcome!
  12. Congrats Brother! Well deserved, one more SWAT-Officer for our Patrol. TD 31037 reporting in!!
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