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  1. Thanks guys, much appreciated! Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  2. The title says it all I built my first Bapty during the last 2 weeks and I'm really proud of the final product! I used a DoopyDoos-Kit but sadly I didn't take pictures during the built. I was too excited So there are only some Show-off-Pics of my Bapty. Thanks again to the members of my Patrol for helping me during this built Thanks for looking Any tips on how to further improve this are welcome!
  3. Speyer, Technik Musem
  4. Congrats!!! TD 31037 reporting in!!
  5. 26.08.2017 FARK Landsweiler Reden
  6. Congrats!!! TD 31037 reporting in!!
  7. I use It's really easy to use and free. I like it TD 31037 reporting in!!
  8. 19.08.2017 - Power of the Force Convention Oberhasusen I had the honour of supporting Anthony Forest's photoshoot. A really nice convention which I highly recommend for alls of you in the nearby area Me and my wife
  9. Nice built Gledde! Good work so far
  10. I agree. That's why I have them everywhere although I don't have the original Strapping system. Just looks more like the real Deal with screws everywhere! But they are indeed only required in the chest for PO and SWAT.
  11. Your Weathering looks good, I really like it! Only thing I would change (and that's only my personal preference): Give it a wash with a lighter color, a little bit more yellow overall. I used that one first 062 Earth Vallejo Game Color 17ml After that, I applied the heavier Weathering and the darker colors. But as stated above: That's just my personal preference, it needn't be your way [emoji6] Cheers and keep up the good work! TD 31037 reporting in!!
  12. Good job so far Martin! I really like your (and your father's) attitude towards crafting things in your own. TD 31037 reporting in!!
  13. Good job, brother(s)!! TD 31037 reporting in!!
  14. You can compare PO more with Centurion over at FISD. Just look at what you need for Lvl2 here and Lvl3 at FISD. The criterias are almost identical. When I was still shiny (I converted my TK to TD) I thought about aiming for EIB and Cent, but would have to buy another chestplate for Centurion as AM chests are not acceptable. So the answer to your question would be: Yes, the screws are essential for PO. And yes, you would have to buy a new Chestplate if it isn't possible with yours. TD 31037 reporting in!!
  15. 05.08.2017 Laternenfest B├╝desheim Not the best picture (taken in the dark)