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  1. Wooooooohooooooo! Thanks everyone for the help!!!!
  2. @SCRIBBLER Here is the other side of the DLT. I have ordered a new leather pouch for the belt. I'll post once I receive. Thanks! https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0z5n8hH4n8l7P
  3. @SCRIBBLER So just to be clear: My pouches are canvas and that's NOT ok for SWAT status? The armor was made and weathered by RS Prop Masters as the "move along" sand trooper. So they are not wearing canvas pouches in the movie? I just watched the "move along" scene again and can definitely see leather pouches on the belts. Still unsure about the shoulder pouches. Are people making their own leather pouches or buying them somewhere?
  4. Yes, I have a rubber RS DLT. Doesn't seem to be much weathering on it right now. The E-11 is also RS but hard plastic and has weathering. My son dropped it the other day and some of the little pieces of the sight broke off. I can't really fix them because I can't find the pieces. Anyway, I'll have pictures up soon. Thanks!
  5. Guys, For some reason I couldn't get that many photos up due to the size limit even though I exported my photos very small with lots of compression. I have uploaded all the photos you see here plus more at a much higher rez HERE. https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0z5n8hH4n8l7P Please check them out and let me know if you need other shots. Thanks!!!! - eliot
  6. Eliot Ferguson TD-42074 - 501st Profile MEPD: eltrooper Empire City Garrison
  7. I know I know. I would have done it too but I didn't have the time. The $300 was for assembly + weathering. Anyway it's a kick *** rig.
  8. If you want it weathered (which I did), they have to assemble it. It comes as a complete kit. I think it's an extra $300. I tried to get them to weather it and send it to me as a kit but they wouldn't do that. If you get it as a kit you have to weather it yourself.
  9. Thanks guys, I'll try another boot first as these seem way to big. TKboots.com looks good!
  10. No, I didn't have to modify anything. They give you a sheet to fill out with all your measurements so it all seems to be custom fit.
  11. I just received my fully assembled, fully weathered Sandtrooper kit from RS. It is simply amazing. Yes it is expensive and yes it is more rewarding to build your own but I simply did not have the time. I was trying to get mine before the opening of Rogue One. They delivered it on time. Yes it is expensive but worth every penny.
  12. Hello all! I'm new to all this. I am currently getting my kit ready for 501st approval and then I can try for the MEPD. I am having trouble getting my boots to stay under my shin armor. I can squish the boots and make them narrower and tuck them under the shin plates but as soon as I walk they just pop out. I thought about getting different boots like white Dr. Martins but I know they are not correct. Is anyone else having this issue? Are there Chelsea boots around that hug your ankle very tight and would not cause the issue I am having? Check out the attached pic for a visual of the problem. Many thanks.
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