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  1. *DONE* TD 41274 requesting deployment

    Thank you sir ! So proud !
  2. *DONE* TD 41274 requesting deployment

    Thanks. It felt awkward since I didn't earn it. I pm'd Felice to let him know but thanks for solving this. J.
  3. *DONE* TD 41274 requesting deployment

    Thanks ! this is great news. Glad I went all the way Thanks to my fellow troopers for their advice. J.
  4. *DONE* TD 41274 requesting deployment

    Yeah, I see that now... Thanks for all the insights Jason !
  5. *DONE* TD 41274 requesting deployment

    Hi, Change made on the mortar Tube. Thanks Airborne Trooper for the ref pic, it was a great help. Let me know if you need anything else.
  6. *DONE* TD 41274 requesting deployment

    OK, Thanks. I'll wait for their review then and see if I need to shorten the mortar tube. It's feasible but a little bit tricky so I want to be sure. Thanks. J.
  7. *DONE* TD 41274 requesting deployment

    Thanks. A little lost here ? are those comments a requirement for my deployment or just suggestions ? the length of the mortar tube was not in the first debrief and I already trimmed the bottom of the thermal det plate like demanded. Should I do it more ? thanks for your feedback. J.
  8. *DONE* TD 41274 requesting deployment

    Hi, Here are (at last) the new pictures. Hope it's right this time.
  9. *DONE* TD 41274 requesting deployment

    Hi, Well, I'm sorry for the Delay. I didn't find time to take pictures before leaving for my hollydays, so I'll make them when I get back in late august. Sorry about that. J.
  10. *DONE* TD 41274 requesting deployment

    Ok, Here is the adapted upper backpack I'll try to take pictures in full armor in the next couple of days.
  11. *DONE* TD 41274 requesting deployment

    Ok everything is done. Just need to find some time to get pictures !
  12. *DONE* TD 41274 requesting deployment

    Hi. Thanks for the review. Bee stinger is shortened, I'll post pics later. For the two other comments on the backpack, just to be sure labpipe is the tube that pops out on top of the toolbox And for the TD panel I have to cut 1-2 cm on the bottom right ? Forearms shouldn't be a problem, I don't know why the left one turned on one picture I'll get on it as soon as possible and good job on the accents ;-) J.
  13. *DONE* TD 41274 requesting deployment

    OK, thanks. I bought them as small spanish pouches though... I'll think about changing them if I decide to go SWAT but then I think I'll have to redo all of my weathering... Thanks.
  14. *DONE* TD 41274 requesting deployment

    Hi, Thanks. I can easily change the thread if needed. Might do it anyway... As for the forearms, I can put them higher also. The pouches are small spanish pouches. I'm going for Docking Bay 94v1 Sergeant.