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  1. Thanks guys! I sent pics to Luis (Sandman Tigui). but he has not got the message yet?
  2. Thanks guys, this make for a great Thursday!!! what is the easiest way to send pics to Luis (Sandman Tigui)?
  3. thanks for the heads up Phoenix. Looking forward to getting out dinner for Troop in the armor!
  4. So is it true that all new approvals are on hold till March? Till after the elections.
  5. update: I hope I got everything that you requested! fingers crossed.
  6. Thanks Felix, it looks like I have some work to do. I will spend the next few weeks on the commented items and resubmit the pics. Thanks for your info, this trooper has some work to do!
  7. Thanks Felix! The pic is of the requested side shims for the ad to back connection. I just need to weather them.
  8. This is a great kit for the price!!! it was a FUN project!!!
  9. thanks man!!! I have some plates made, just did not put them on for the pic.
  10. Name: Chance Sanderson Number: TD-6921 User name: Chance Garrison: Star Garrison (North Texas Squad)
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