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  1. Holy cow! Did your trooper get curb-stomped by a bantha?
  2. Awesome work, absolutely beautiful. I'm trying to decide on either an R1 TD or ANH TD, but I love the "clean" lines of the newer troopers & gear. Any Idea on the weight of that pack?
  3. Any updates? I'm curious as to how this is playing out.
  4. Hey thanks guys. As I'm a manly man I generally avoid facebutt. I did apply for access using my wife's account so I guess I'll hafta spend a little time there. S'ok, I got plenty of man-points to spare.
  5. Hey All, Its probably me, but I'm having a hard time finding/ getting ahold of Walt from WTF. Looking to start a TD build. I've been to his Facebook page (sort of) & asked for permission to join (its a "closed group"?). I don't Facebook so that stuff is gibberish to me. Is there another way to contact him? Also tried searching his name here with no luck. Web search gives me a closed page. He no likey the interwebs? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the info gentlemen. I hadn't realized the scope & counter were in the wrong position. I will look into a bapty build.
  7. Hey all, New to the forum, wanting to get an armor build going. What are your thoughts on this Airsoft E-11 replica? http://www.evike.com/products/61969/ This is not entirely new as the sterling has been around for some time. I know some dimensions (grip) are off as well. Just curious if this would work for trooping & approval. Thanks!
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