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  1. *DONE* TD-29057 Requesting deployment

    Keep up the great work. Looks awesome.
  2. Looks great! Congratulations!!
  3. Requesting a forum Name Change

    Thanks. Sorry about that.
  4. Requesting a forum Name Change

    Thankyou. Done. I wasn't sure if it had to go through coammamd staff first, ya know... thanks for the help.
  5. Requesting a forum Name Change

    I hope this is the correct forum for this topic. I've been navigating through the site and this is all I could find. change forum name to "Ten Fingers".
  6. *DONE* TD-70281 Requesting Deployment

    Whaaaaaaaat!!!! Thankyou for the approval!!!!!! I'll get a pic ready and get it sent soon. TD-70281 MEPD, Ready to Torch Some Jawas ....ASAP!!!
  7. *DONE* TD-70281 Requesting Deployment

    Here are some some pics where I removed a lot of the original weathering I did, especially on the back of the armor....more of a sandy partical appearance, now.
  8. *DONE* TD-70281 Requesting Deployment

    You're correct. The belt was too high in the back. It could have been avoided. I strapped it on myself. Very easy fix. And thanks for the info On the kidney shim. I'm always open to any opinions/ concerns/ ideas. Thanks again! TD-70281 Standing By.