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  1. OK, thanks for the clarification. I will buy my 2 pouches to be sure I am safe.
  2. I've got my armor kit and am getting other parts together, so I wanted to clarify this. The replies above make it sound like you need the shoulder pouch no matter what. The CRL says: The standard configuration calls for a minimum of two pouches: one pouch on the left shoulder and one on the right hip. A third worn on the opposite hip is allowed. Option: If choosing to replicate a screen used configuration of equipment, the number of pouches may be altered. See the MEPD SWAT page for more details. Note: Screen used configurations also include specific color Pauldrons and individual backpacks styles. So, this reads like I don't need the shoulder pouch without the backpack if replicating Roadblock Captain, or one of the two Docking Bay 94 Captains. Is that correct? And does it only apply if I'm going for Level 3, or is it valid for Level 1? Thanks for the clarification. PS: I like the suggestion of using magnets to attach the pouch without the pack!
  3. TanRu

    New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Hey guys - I've been trooping a Gunner since July, and am nearly done with my TIE pilot (just need to finish helmet), so I'm looking toward my next costume. A guy in my garrison had an Anovos TK kit he never touched and I got it at a very reasonable price. Now I'm leaning toward making it into a TD. I'm trying not to start do anything to the kit until I'm 100% on my TI and can really focus. I've read through a couple of the Anovos threads and I'm putting together a list of parts I'll need to do the conversion. I'm guessing I'll do a backpack-less configuration to start with and see how it goes. No strong feelings about pauldron color or weapon/pouch setup at the moment. Mike
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    Mike Yacullo TI-47877 Requesting 501st Access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21887