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  1. weathering feedback

    had another go at some different methods today and ended up with this, i really like the look of this one, i need a bit more practise on it though, i ended up with a white line across the bottom of the ridge.
  2. weathering feedback

    first time weathering trying out acrylic paint and wiping off with an old rag, however i keep ending up with a spotty, painted look i have a few spare armor pieces to keep practising on but would also like some advice and feed back, trying out some different colour combinations with burnt umber and black.
  3. Bapty/tunisian e11

    I want to try to take my td build to swat and im not quite sure what bapty is and i need a bapty/tunisian style e11 could someone point me in the right direction?
  4. Are the mp40 hip pouches made from leather? Or is canvas also allowed, where can i buy the leather ones? Are there any makers here on the forums?