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  1. MrSnrub

    Backpack pain

    Did a troop in my sandy for the first time, was only a 2 hour troop collecting for charity, however at the end of it my shoulders were very sore and aching, the straps and just canvas, i also get the backplate digging into my upper shoulder blades, i saw a thread where someone had added a chest strap too the backpack too but the photos were deleted, i also wondered if i could just buy a backpack, cut and e6000 them onto the canvas for comfort, thanks for reading and all help appreciated
  2. MrSnrub

    BAck pack shoulder straps.

    i have this same question, i can only last about 2 hours in my pack bfore sore shoulders, i just have a piece of canvas that came on the pack, non removable so was wondering if i could just e6000 some proper straps on to help my shoulders.
  3. MrSnrub

    weathering feedback

    been a while and i was not happy with my weathering, it was much too heavy i wiped off and had another go, im a lot happier with it and i dont turn orange/brown in the sun now! https://imgur.com/a/xXVvM also i have since redone my chest weathering as i did not realise what it looked like! LOL and i got approved!, so going for PO this weekend
  4. MrSnrub

    weathering feedback

    redoing weathering as too heavy
  5. MrSnrub

    weathering feedback

    Thats exactly what i thought, i figured out abetter weathering method as i just finished the legs, im definatly going re apply the weathering on the legs.will post some more photos after some changes are made
  6. MrSnrub

    weathering feedback

    Well i finished weathering and i think i went a bit overboard, i will have a go at removing some of it next weekend as i seem to turn an orangy brown in the sun, i was using themove along trooper for reference https://imgur.com/gallery/yZVXn
  7. MrSnrub

    field-pack question

    when suiting up at what stage do you put the pack on? after all the arms are on or before the arms?
  8. MrSnrub

    weathering feedback

    Will keep that in mind thanks dutchy, will report back when weathering is complete!
  9. MrSnrub

    weathering feedback

    thanks, that leg piece was a quick job to test the method i will try to improve to get a more natural look, and play around with the colours, i think i will be ready to weather the armour this weekend!
  10. MrSnrub

    weathering feedback

    had another go at some different methods today and ended up with this, i really like the look of this one, i need a bit more practise on it though, i ended up with a white line across the bottom of the ridge.
  11. MrSnrub

    weathering feedback

    Thanks for the feedback, i will keep practicing on spare bits and trying different things before i even go near my real armor,
  12. MrSnrub

    weathering feedback

    first time weathering trying out acrylic paint and wiping off with an old rag, however i keep ending up with a spotty, painted look i have a few spare armor pieces to keep practising on but would also like some advice and feed back, trying out some different colour combinations with burnt umber and black.
  13. MrSnrub

    Bapty/tunisian e11

    I want to try to take my td build to swat and im not quite sure what bapty is and i need a bapty/tunisian style e11 could someone point me in the right direction?
  14. Are the mp40 hip pouches made from leather? Or is canvas also allowed, where can i buy the leather ones? Are there any makers here on the forums?