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  1. Filthy Pierre

    Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Peter Flockton TD98311 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=18131&costumeID=124 Requesting access sir.
  2. Filthy Pierre

    Sandtrooper Weathering feedback.

    Burnt Umber being the richer colour of Raw Umber that I used when I researched the colour. I have a better understanding of what is needed now. Test samples of my current attempt I've sent to my GML which I got good feedback on. Just need my approval photos taken again. Its good that my GML wants the consistency in the Garrison as it makes it more uniform that we operate in the same area. Hope the higher levels of PO and SWAT like the weathering so we still match if and when we progress to a higher rank.
  3. Filthy Pierre

    Sandtrooper Weathering feedback.

    I used raw umber initially on my second attempt. Burnt umber is more intense reddish brown and I'm guessing that's what is needed. Thanks Glenn for the feedback. I was worried I was going to be annoying going for constant approval which is why I came here to get it right to limit me taking up your time. :-) Just need to get more photos taken. Not sure how long that will be. Kids can't take a decent photo. LOL
  4. Filthy Pierre

    Sandtrooper Weathering feedback.

    Thank you. It wasn't good for my GML. I have to add orange to the weathering to meet GML approval. I'm going for my 4th attempt when I can get new photos done.
  5. Filthy Pierre


    I'm interested in a DLT-19. Is there any updates to this thread in regards to pricing. etc
  6. Filthy Pierre

    Sandtrooper Weathering feedback.

    G'day everyone. had 3 attempts at weathering and all no good for basic approval. Would like to know what exactly I need to do. This is my 2nd attempt at weathering. This is my 3rd attempt at weathering, This is the colours I was basing it off Would like to know what I need to do to get basic approval. Thank you.